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Springtime Funtime!: The Rifle Range Part 3 by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
Springtime Funtime!: The Rifle Range Part 3
The third part of the Rifle Range...yeah this thing is real big, it's no lake but it is one of the biggest puddles I've ever seen.
Springtime Funtime!: The Rifle Range Part 2 by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
Springtime Funtime!: The Rifle Range Part 2
Another picture of the flooded Rifle Range, this time showing a bit that's to the right of the first picture.
Springtime Funtime!: The Rifle Range Part 1 by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
Springtime Funtime!: The Rifle Range Part 1
Spring is here, after months of waiting, and with it we've got the snow finally melting, as it was melting I decided to start my campaign to take a massive amount of pictures and here's one of them, which my friend :iconveterilu: reccombended I post up here.
The picture before you is of the Rifle Range, which you may have seen in a previous picture, what you see before you is the result of the snow melting, as a result the great plain of sand has for the time being been turned into a small pond, filled up with water...I particularly liked looking over at this massive puddle, so I wanted to share it you guys :) Enjoy!
Goosezilla Raids Again by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
Goosezilla Raids Again
She's alive! Despite being hit by a truck, Goosezilla has been able to heal herself rather well, this is a picture I took a couple days ago, seems she can not only stand under her own power well now, but as I learned to today, she has began to walk around, granted she doesn't walk for long but she can walk well enough...she's getting better, and soon enough she might even make a full recovery, she'll make it, we just have to wait a bit longer.
Name: Marie Rotwang

Bio: Marie Rotwang is a young robot teenager, a friend of Gagnesh and Kira…and a few screws short of a toaster…but she’s still not insane and is pretty trustworthy.
Her life began when she was conceived (yes you read that right…robots can get pregnant in this series, and if your mind is blown by this revelation, wait until you see Winston’s reaction to learning this) by her parents (which come to think of it, is why we’re here, but that’s not important), her father a fifties Raygun Gothic esque robot (in terms of design) and her mother a robot of the same line created by terrorist mad scientist from the thirties, Dr. Carl A. Rotwang, which he developed after his first attempt to destroy a German metropolis ended with something that would have killed him if he didn’t invent robot doubles meant to act like him…this robot line however ended up developing sentience and after Rotwang joined forces with Hitler they all had a change of heart and fled to America to get as far away from him as they fucking could.
Now then, her father was a Hetelville native who met her mother (who herself lived in New York at first) in college years prior, when they first met they were friends but over time developed a relationship, which ended up resulting in marriage and then the birth of Marie and her two sisters.
Marie herself was the first born child, and as a child she was able to learn alright…though she never really showed a great amount of intelligence.
She grew up as a moron when she was a child; she was an idiot though not a ludicrously huge one. This lack of sense was often taken advantage of by less than ethical classmates and bullies who used this to trick her into giving them her stuff, most especially her money…until she met a young mutant named Jacob Young.
Jacob had been transferred to her classroom after Marie’s teacher had realized that she wasn’t actually able to teach her, and realizing Jacob was much smarter than anyone else in the school, that he might be able to tutor her; in spite of his own immense irritation with fools and idiots, he reluctantly agreed and decided to help her.
The two wound up becoming friends, even though Marie was an idiot, he would often act as her brains when others would try to take advantage of her naiveté, among those who would manipulate her being the bully Chantal Talapus. In the end Jacob actually was able to help her learn…a bit, she was still a moron but he decided to just accept smaller victories where he could get them and was glad to achieve what he could.
Marie and Jacob first met Gagnesh and Kira after Marie attempted to (against Jacob’s protests) take a magic course even though she had absolutely no talent for it, and Jacob seeked out Kira to help her learn it...all the experience amounted to though was her dad’s chair turning into a tree, and ultimately she changed her mind about learning magic, but the robot and the kitsune wound up becoming friends, and they began to hang out, which led to her and Jacob being part of their group of friends, the two even joining them on their numerous adventures.
While friends at first, like Marie’s parents she wound up developing feelings for her best friend and they basically started dating when they were twelve.
Marie is still many nails short of a barn, but over time she has developed a dream to one day get a job as a hair stylist, as working with hair is one of the few things she’s actually fairly smart at doing (another, to a lesser extent, is fighting but that’s more due to experience), and in spite of the challenges that she has to face due to being a bit of a fool, she’s still willing to face her foolish nature…when she’s not being distracted with something, but nobody’s perfect.
At present, she’s just content with her life, hanging out with her friends and joining them on adventures like she has in the past.

Personality and mannerisms: Marie Rotwang is a young fembot, quite warm, bubbly and friendly…though she’s also a colossal moron.
For reasons unknown, she seems to have a huge lack of sense, she can speak quite well and has alright social skills, but she’s quite stupid and very clueless about a lot of topics, her memory is alright though.
She also is a bit oblivious, and doesn’t pay attention to detail too well…for example, if she were to wear a particularly skimpy bikini she’d be totally oblivious to the guys drooling over her.
While an idiot, she’s not a dumb as dirt blond, and does know several things. She isn’t very savvy with most academic subjects, but does have a substantial knowledge of such subjects as fashion and in cosmetics, also unlike most her friends she’s surprisingly skilled on how to navigate the popularity food chain in school.
Marie’s especially poor in knowledge on subjects like geography, science and math, Jacob has been able to help her in other areas of learning to one extent or another, but she’s still not particularly bright.
While a robot, she’s also of a model that’s perfectly capable of eating, and due to her father’s development codes and parts, she actually needs to derive power from consuming food. However while this is the case she tends to watch what she eats because she can actually gain weight (somehow) and is quite sensitive about her appearance, taking a lot of care and consideration into it, she also engages in a moderate amount of exercise to help keep her figure.
While a major ditz, Marie does however have a kind heart, and is quite good natured, she can be quite sweet in spite of being a colossal ditz.
Marie is also very loyal, and tries to look out for her friends in spite of her lack of intelligence.
While still a fool, Marie is just as capable of throwing down if she needs to fight, Jacob helped teach her how to fight and the amount of experience she’s had in adventuring helped her develop this skill even further. The devices and powers built into her body make her even more dangerous to anyone who wants to fight her, and also aid her own effectiveness as a fighter, she’s still a bit of a moron with this but these moronic tendencies can still do a good job of fighting when needed. She’s not too keen on fighting as the rest though, and prefers to only fight when she needs to.
Marie likes her friends a lot, though more than any of them she loves her boyfriend Jacob most of all. He’s been there for her quite a lot, and the two of them love each other deeply even though sometimes her lack of sense can cause him a large amount of frustration, but he’s learned to deal with this frustration.
In addition to the above, her main interests are working with hair (she often likes to mess around with her own long hair, and enjoys the idea of working with it) and also watching films. As for some other details, she is quite fond of drinking milk and her favorite food happens to be chicken. She also occasionally tends to jerk her shoulders and perform grandiose ‘Milking the giant cow’ hand gestures, which is something that’s a part of all the robots in her line.

Powers, skills, and equipment: Marie Rotwang is a female robot, and the model she’s part of was originally designed as a combat/sabotage/infiltration model, so as one could expect they have a variety of abilities and weapons built right into their bodies.
For starters, like your usual robot in fiction she has immense, superhuman strength and durability, unlike the original robot her line is based on she has incredible strength that could actually allow her to live up an average sized house easily, while being so durable she is both completely bulletproof and could withstand a direct hit from a tank shell…a bit handy given her own lack of sense.
As for speed and agility, while a human sized robot she’s about twice as fast as a human being, but due to being made purely out of metal she’s only half as agile as an average human, so she’s a little clumsy too.
She can also retract levitation devices from the bottom of her feet, which allow her the ability to fly, at a top speed of forty miles per hour.
Her machine brain does allow her the ability to thoroughly analyze objects, though due to her lack of intelligence and sense, she can’t really use this ability as well as she should. She also has senses that are just like a normal person’s save for the fact that she has incredible sight and hearing that is immensely superior to a human’s, though she can still be tricked in spite of these.
Her robot body was designed to be capable of turning completely invisible, though it takes a lot of energy to do so and only for short periods…just as well since she usually forgets she can do this.
Marie’s body possesses several special weapons built into it, kinda unsurprising since her line was started as a form of attack robot by a mad scientist.
She possesses a pair of retractable shockwave blasters in the palms of her hands, which are really unable to be seen unless she activates them; the shockwaves they fire are incredibly powerful. She can also activate a power pair of tasers in her knuckles, though this is something she usually doesn’t remember. She can also generate a cloaking field that can render her invisible to people, machines and some supernatural beings, though due to when her robot line was made the generator for this isn’t too sophisticated, so she can only remain perfectly invisible if standing still and can only make this machine work for roughly ten minutes at a time. There’s also a somewhat small compartment in her left thigh that’s meant to be a hiding place for small objects, which a robot of her line might have stolen from someone as an infiltrator, amusingly enough though she usually just uses it to store her cell phone when she isn’t using it.
Marie also has a set of wires hid in her right arm that can be retracted and allow her to direct connect into machines, kinda like a direct interface. The wires were a bit outdated though the way they’re designed can allow them to change to fit whatever type of machine she’s attempting to access at the time, this doesn’t exactly work on sentient machines though.
Her eyes, ears and nose have some interesting abilities of their own, built for information gathering they are hooked up to internal devices within her CPU/brain that allow her to record sounds, take photos with her eyes and record scents too, being fully capable of releasing the scents she records later if she wants to.

Appearance:  Marie Rotwang is a sixteen year old robot from a ‘model’ that first originated in the late thirties in Germany, and despite her being a real airhead she’s quite hot to make up for that.
First off, her robot line was made by CA Rotwang and took numerous influences in terms of design from his first sentient robot Hel, or as she was more commonly known as after his attempt at destroying the Metropolis her master helped make “False Maria” (For reference, take this picture:…), though unlike his original robot her metal was smoother and she was more humanoid in design, a bit softer than metal too, though just as durable, this was due to a bizarre nanotech solvent Rotwang acquired that was reportedly from the future, and as such, incredibly rare to use normally but he was able to replicate a similar version good enough to treat his metal the way he needed, so in terms of design they look more like people, though they do have enough of a resemblance to their predecessor mostly around the torso and head, though the arms are much smoother and more humanoid, her head is also smooth and the raised piece of metal at the top of it isn’t there.
Now with that out of the way, let me tell some specifics.
Marie herself is a sixteen year old robot who actually will age up until she hits twenty (side effect of the nanotech she’s been treated with), and has a face that is kinda like that of an attractive sixteen year old human female, though she’s made of metal so it almost looks like it was personally sculpted by someone. She has golden eyes that glow but she has no irises. And on the top of her head she has the thing you wouldn’t expect on a robot…hair, at a young age she received for a birthday present a little program that allowed her to bond some artificial hair that feels and is just like the real thing but is much more durable. Her hair is blond and quite long, it’s quite soft and voluminous, she also tends to comb it often. Her head has what look like human ears (albeit made of metal) and a nose that falls under similar guidelines in terms of appearance.
Her build is that of an attractive girl of her age, in fact she’s got a very attractive body that has some good legs, a thin waist and a DD cup sized pair of breasts (yes robots (or this line at least) can have breasts, though they’re more based out of a very soft and flexible metal), her feet also resemble those of a human.
For clothes, Marie doesn’t wear shoes (apparently the kind she likes to wear usually get destroyed when she flies), granted she’s a bit dismayed by not being able to wear lovely shoes, though she does like going along barefoot since her feet are hard enough to walk around without getting her yet still quite sensitive and able to experience stuff like cool grass or soft carpets, also likes to wear some toe rings and an anklet, though the latter isn’t worn as often. She also usually wears a red miniskirt and an orange t-shirt with the picture of an orange on the chest area that exposes her midriff. She also sometimes likes to wear a hat, and she has several of them in her room.

Other:  Marie Rotwang herself is intended to be connected to the classic German sci fi film known as Metropolis, which I like a lot…this may not be the case if Metropolis isn’t in the public domain, but I’m sure it is. Regardless, some elements of her appearance are intended as a homage to this sci fi classic. As a matter of fact, in some ways I haven’t exactly figured out yet she is actually directly descended from Rotwang’s original robot.
My ideal voice actor for her is Alexis Tipton, who played Honey from Space Dandy. The voice in this case being altered to sound robotic but still pretty expressive and cute despite that.
Death Valet: Marie Rotwang
And now, after quite a long wait since the release of the last profile (sorry about that ^^;) here's Marie Rotwang, a ditzy robot who's a good friend of Gangesh and Kira.
Hope you enjoy her, and the next profile that'll be released is that of Ralph Reilly's mother, Rachel Reilly.


Alexander James Foix
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
To I am known as A.Fox, to Youtube I am known as AFox739, to my friends I am known by my real name (Alex Foix), but to this site I am known as A-Fox-Of-Fanfiction (didn't have room for site.)
Well...Easter was good, almost good.
Sadly though, I couldn't truly enjoy it, because in the morning, just before we could go to Church...our pet goose, Goosezilla was hit by a van.
She has two open wounds, one on her back (though her wings usually cover it up) one of which is on her right foot (which my Dad says is broken) and she seems to have pulled a muscle in her right wing, but aside from that she's alive, which is also thanks to me and Dad doing what we could with the first aid kit, applied antibiotics and gauze to it, and also cleaned out her wound as best we could.
However, we don't know whether or not she'll make it, there's still some risk of infection :( we couldn't make sure all the dirt was out unless we opened her foot up more, and none of us know how to preform surgery on a goose, we also can't afford to bring her to a Dad says we can't really pay for one.
There still is a chance we can heal her, but to be honest I don't know how big a chance it really is...we'll just have to wait and see just how this turns out.
For the time being, we've put her up on the front porch, beneath some old blankets, with some hay, food and water next to her. I hope she'll get better...she hasn't honked too much, I can hear her honk a few times but I wish she would more.
This one of my family's favorite pets, very dear to us, and I'm afraid she might not make it...I mean, I hope that she does survive, but I'm still very's a tragic accident it is.
If you can, please pray for Goosezilla's safety, I'd really appreciate it.
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