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Reference Sheet: Anala Mritue by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
Reference Sheet: Anala Mritue
Made for me by :iconpudgeegirl: she's the second Death Valet character to have her reference sheet made, and is an important character to it as well, as before I'm not releasing these pictures in any particular order, just as soon as they are completed.
Now, for those interested in knowing who she is, take a look: Death Valet: Anala Mritue

Lucy Katt sat around at Blackie’s home, calmly drinking a coffee and reading the newspaper.
Monica’s training had gone along as per usual, and the assassin had earned her money yet once again. For some reason though she had a feeling that something was wrong and that something bad was going to happen.
She would have just ignored it, but this kind of gut feeling was damned hard to ignore. Especially in her line of work, where sometimes instinct was the only thing between life on the road, and a home in the dirt.
As if to lend evidence to this, she heard the door slam open and when she turned to look on the front door she saw a very distraught and saddened Blackie walk right in. He looked like he’d been crying for a long time. He generally seemed to be in a better mood…what the Hell happened to him?
“Blackie? What happened, you look terrible.”
“Lucy…I-I have to call off the deal.”
Lucy’s jaw dropped when she heard Blackie speak “W-what? But Blackie, what about the money? No scratch that, what happened to you?”
“Y-y-you can keep the money. It’s just, I-I…”
He suddenly began to cry again, and as Lucy looked upon the sobbing bear she saw tears of pure sorrow as they just poured and poured from his face.
She too had cried similar tears herself years ago when her former friend Mike ripped out her heart and stomped it into the dirt.
Monica had broken up with him.
She realized immediately just what happened to poor Blackie, and she began to feel incredibly sad for his plight. She may have only just been friends with Blackie for a short while, but she knew very well how this pain felt to people and she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor womanizer.
Lucy got up from her chair and did something totally out of character…she hugged Blackie.
“You poor, poor bastard” Lucy said, while a bit crude, her voice was very much dripping with sympathy for Blackie’s situation.
Blackie still sobbed as he returned Lucy’s hug, sobbing into her chest (and while under normal circumstances she’d have clocked Blackie for sticking his nose there, but this was no time for perversion at all.)
“There, there Blackie” she purred in a soothing manner, hoping to try and calm Blackie down and try to get over his new depression.
“Come on Blackie” she began to walk him off to his bedroom…so they could speak, she wasn’t going to sleep with him, she just wanted to talk to him in private since Yashy and Chirpy were in the other room watching TV, and she’d prefer they not have to worry about the money.
Said birdies were lulled by the earlier commotion and quietly looked into the kitchen out of curiosity and saw the two walking off.
“What’s mom doing?” Chirpy asked her sister.
“Isn’t it obvious?” Yashy said, not having any context at all for what they were seeing.
“We’re either gonna have a new Dad or a new sister!”
“You mean I won’t have to be the TV bitch anymore?”
“Nah, that’s a position you hold for life.”


Lucy had carried Blackie into his bedroom, setting him down at the end of his bed and sitting down next to him.
The two sat there quietly for several minutes, Blackie sobbing as he remembered over and over just how he’d failed and Monica had broken his heart.
Lucy was calmly thinking, trying to figure out how to speak to Blackie. About fifteen years ago her own heart was shattered into pieces, and she knew this pain well though she hadn’t had to address anything like this for a while.
She quietly began “Okay Blackie…tell me what happened. I know it was hard for you…I just want to help you.”
The bear continued sobbing but nodded and attempted to start “A-alright.”
“I-I-I went into Jiayang’s m-massage parlor so I could get a massage. Everything went normal, but th-then we decided to just fuck like a pair of rabbits.”
“Okay” Lucy would have made a comment like ‘Tell me something new’ but Blackie was suffering and he would have been hurt by the joke, so she held her tongue.
“We were on the fl-floor, but soon too much time was spent and M-Monica walked in on us.”
“Oh my God!” Lucy exclaimed, shock practically tattooed onto her face.
“Sh-she was gloating and bragging that sh-she knew she was right, and now she’d be fr-free to date Dante.”
“That bitch!” Lucy growled, her fists clenching up in rage. That lousy skank was already wanting to cheat on him, but use cheating as an excuse to break up with him?!
She was lucky Lucy didn’t want to bring any possible attention to herself, otherwise it’d be ‘Bye-bye bruin.’
Blackie’s sobbing broke her out of her fury, reminding her of Blackie’s own misery.
“I-I always l-loved her, even if I cheated on her. B-but I don’t understand, did she never l-love me? I-”
Lucy wrapped her arms around the bear, gripping him in a tight hug, tears of her own starting to fall.
“It’s okay Blackie. Let it all out” She told him.
“I-I’ll still pay you” He said “You’re a good friend, and I won’t leave you with nothing.”
“But I’m not going to leave you, not like this…I won’t go now, I want to make sure you’re alright.”
Blackie sniffled “The woman I loved for years j-just dumped me, and she implied she didn’t really love me. I-I don’t know when I’ll be alright, or if I-”
“I was able to overcome it…I don’t know when you’ll be alright though. But I will keep you company for a while if you want it.”
“B-but what about your…other job?”
“I’m…not too fond of it at this point. I don’t mind to wait a while before going back, if I ever do…as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve actually grown fond of this town.”
“Wh-what do you mean?”
“I’m thinking of actually moving here” Lucy explained “Aside from that run in with those thugs, nothing bad really seems to happen around here. Plus now I have at least one friend who isn’t wanted for something, so that’s always a plus.”
“A-are you sure?”
“Yeah…I think that house across from you is empty, and I think I can get it for a good price.”
Blackie was still quite sad but thought for a moment “Well I think I can help you get it, the owner of it is a friend of mine.”
“Heh, good. Now all I need to do is find-”
She suddenly stopped and turned to the door…she was hearing some whispering voices.
“When’re they going to start?” Chirpy whispered to her sister.
“I dunno, but soon we’ll have a little sister…you’ll see, I’ve seen enough movies to know how this stuff goes down.”
Blackie looked a bit odd as he blushed at this discussion, and Lucy couldn’t help but giggle at it.
Silently moving off the bed with a catlike tread, the criminal moved over to the door and quickly opened it, causing her two eavesdropping children to tumble in.
She wasn’t mad at them at all, mildly annoyed that they she was going to fuck Blackie, but not mad at all.
“And tell me, just how was I supposed to get you two another sister?” Lucy asked in a teasing voice.
Now it was her daughters’ turns to be embarrassed.


It was night, and Blackie sat at the edge of his bed, looking into an old picture of Monica.
Even though Lucy had made him feel a little better, he still felt like crap…what was he going to do now that she was gone?
As he wondered to himself, he heard the door open and Lucy stepped in.
“Having trouble sleeping?”
“Y-yeah” The bear responded.
Lucy sighed “Look, don’t get the wrong idea here.”
Blackie looked at her “What do you mean?”
She said nothing and instead removed her shirt.
The bear’s eyes widened as she let it fall on the ground, and then began to remove her t-shirt.
“Listen, I need to sleep too, but it can be pretty hard to sleep after heartbreak.
“Now I’m not gonna have sex with you, but I’m guessing that you might sleep better if a young woman was next to you. Kinda like some sort of living teddy bear.”
Blackie’s brain realized this made sense…and sex or not, he wasn’t gonna pass something like this up.
Lucy soon stripped down to her underwear…Blackie knew she kept in shape, but DAMN! She was quite good looking underneath her clothes, not to mention her bosom was actually a little bigger than he thought.
“One thing I gotta ask” she said, her arms crossed “You…don’t sleep in the nude do you?”
Blackie felt like he was shrinking up a bit “Uh…yes.”
She groaned “Jesus.
“Look, can you keep your cock under control when I’m in here?”
“I can…but I’m not sure.”
“Well that’s reassuring” She grumbled “Well could you try?”
“Uh…yeah, I can.”
“Good…no offense, but this isn’t a porno, I might be sleeping with you, but I’m not gonna fuck you.”
Lucy walked over to the over side of the bed, lifted up the blanket and went into the bed.
“Nighty night.”
It didn’t take long for her to go to sleep, and Blackie could feel the lull of sleep overtaking him as well, stripping off his clothes and going onto the other side, right next to the feline.
He was somewhat attracted to Lucy, but knew better than to let him get aroused this night…he certainly didn’t want to attract her wrath.
But while his dick may not have truly rose willingly, his dreams would be a very different matter…
A Stranger I Remained... Chapter 2
Should have posted this sooner...anyways, here
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Blackie Bear’s eyelids opened up groggily as he began to wake up. It felt like trying to recover from a huge hangover, what the Hell happened last night?
‘Wait a minute’ he thought ‘Where’s the gas station?’
The ursine’s eyes shot open as he realized he wasn’t even in the gas station anymore, he was in a basement that looked pretty clean, very little
His head turned to the left and he noticed a nightstand with a little note on it, Blackie had a pretty good idea what was going on, but he still reached over to grab it.
The note read ‘Hello lover, hope you didn’t mind the chloroform…I had to do something to get you away from all those hussies who keep trying to get you in bed with them. Don’t worry you’re safe here, I made sure that it was nice and clean for you. I’m afraid though that I had to lock up the doors and windows because I know you won’t see things my way at first, but in time you’ll love it here…hope it’s soon.
‘Love , Hannah Bearowitz. ’
Blackie groaned, just his luck that Hannah would pull something like this. He had to get out, here he had a decision to try and not have sex with some hot chick…because Hannah was fucking crazy.
And one thing Hannah couldn’t have possibly known is that both hired and befriended a woman who worked as an assassin who also knew perfectly well how to track a motherfucker down…


Lucy grumbled to herself as she rested an elbow on Blackie’s table, she couldn’t believe this shit.
Blackie goes out to buy some fucking chicken, and instead he gets his ass kidnapped, and she had a pretty good idea who.
“Hannah you fucking bitch, I’m going to beat your ass off for this” she growled under her breath.
Monica was across the table and was trying to, herself, figure out where Blackie was “What did you say?”
“Oh you know what I said, who else would try to kidnap Blackie? She’s a half crazed- scratch that, insane fangirl of Blackie’s who has an obsession with marrying him and siring a whole mess of mini-perverts, it’s obvious!”
Monica growled as she realized this, “Why that rotten little- I oughta shoot her!”
“Cool Lee Harvey Monica, last I checked murder was still illegal.”
Now if that joke wasn’t ironic as all Hell, I don’t know what is.
“All shooting her would do is get both of us arrested” Lucy pointed out ‘Unless I was to hide the body but I have no plan on letting you know that.’
“What we could do is just figure out where she’s holding Blackie, she probably doesn’t have him at her house so we could probably rule that out.”
“Why the Hell shouldn’t we?”
“Are you an idiot?” Yashy rudely interrupted as she stuck her beaked face into the room “If she’s an obvious culprit, then she wouldn’t be stupid enough to keep him in her house, that’s the first place anyone would look.”
Monica’s face showed she was truly insulted by the little bird, Lucy knew that a fight could break out and cast a short glare at her adoptive daughter “Yashy! That was uncalled for.”
“But somebody had to say it, nobody’s that stupid.”
“Yeah, but you didn’t’ come across too well, you just insulted the client’s girlfriend and I’m pretty sure she didn’t like that at all.
“So if you could, please apologize to her, I don’t really like the look in her eye.”
Monica’s eyes certainly looked pissy, Yashy tended to have this effect on people she found annoying.
But Yashy wasn’t too keen on apologizing “But why Mom? All she is, is a frigging Terminator in a bear’s body. It’s not like she could actually catch me.”
“Grrrr” Monica began to growl “Who taught her manners?”
Lucy cast a glare at Monica “I did, and I’m still teaching her, so lay off.”
The bear was beginning to lose her patience “But that little-”
“I said” Lucy snarled, giving a really killer death glare and baring her teeth right at Monica “Lay off.”
The bear may have gotten pretty buff over the past several months, but she was a bit frightened by the cat baring her fangs…her teeth looked even sharper than her’s, and she certainly looked like not only she would use them, but she knew how to as well.
Monica also got the feeling Lucy was a very, very dangerous woman, something Monica was unused to, she didn’t know where this feeling had came from just that it was there.
So the bear decided to just swallow her pride and sit down “That’s better” Lucy said “Now that that’s settled, let me think, there’s gotta be some way of finding out where Blackie’s being held…”


Hannah Bearowitz walked along with a spring in her step, Blackie Bear was finally hers and nothing could stop her, nothing at all. That mad skank Monica couldn’t do a thing about it, all she’s gotta do is win Blackie’s heart once and for all, and she knew what he loved for sure…


And speaking of Blackie, he was down there in the basement, trying to find a way out before Hannah tried anything with him.
Which was so far an absolute failure, Hannah had left very few things down there, just the bed, a few rugs, a bookshelf (that had nothing but sex manuals…Blackie did have to hand it to her, some of these books showed him some stuff he’s surprised he never heard of before…one day he’s just gotta try this ‘Reverse Piledriver’ move), and a small plate of snacks. There was absolutely no way to get out without outright destroying the locked basement door, and she’d thought ahead for that too, she’d braced the door with something very heavy...she might have looked light, but Hannah was surprisingly strong, which was also why she able to overpower him with the chloroform to begin with.
Suddenly, he heard the large weight (probably a fridge) move up by the door, obviously Hannah was back.
Blackie quickly leapt right onto his bed and sat down, maybe he could find a way to-
“Oh Blackieeeee!” Hannah trilled, a flirty tone very present in her voice “Do you like my…new outfit?
Blackie had been looking down at his feet, looking innocent and like he had not been planning to escape…and saw Hannah wearing a belly dancer outfit that made her look like a slutty version of ‘I Dream of Jeanie.’
His eyes ballooned out larger than Sandra’s pecs, even if Hannah was his half crazed stalker he couldn’t deny she was really hot, sure he knew how much trouble he brought on himself the last time but it was the kind of trouble that was definitely worth it (good thing the ‘Southern Baptist’ trick worked like a charm.)
Within minutes, Blackie’s tongue leaned right out of his mouth, and his brain began to swim with the images of her dancing, letting her rump and nice, sizable titties bounce all over the damn place, not to mention what happens after she removed the clothes and chose to give a more private danc-
‘Hold on you asshole!’ He mentally reminded himself ‘You remember how much trouble you got in the last time you fucked her,
‘You’ve been in enough trouble with Monica already, here’s your chance to prove how much you love her, all you gotta do is resist temptation to-’
His thoughts were suddenly interrupted as Hannah suddenly began to give him a lamp dance, her hot rump being rubbed up against Blackie’s sizable pecker…
Blackie bit the bottom of his lip and tried as hard as he could to think of the most disgusting, non-erotic thoughts he could in an effort to keep her from seducing him, and believe me these were thoughts he’d prefer to not indulge in.
Yep, loyalty can be a bitch sometimes.


Lucy and Monica had started their search for Blackie Bear and were searching along the streets in the assassin’s own car.
She had a feeling this would take a while and be rather irritating…which was why Lucy was glad she brought along a box of cigarettes.
Monica however…was less than pleased.
“Could you please stop trying to light up those…things in here?”
Lucy turned her head towards Monica and blew a puff of smoke at her “No.”
The bear coughed as the nicotine flavored cloud blew right in her face “*kaffkaff* Stupid cat! Those things’ll kill you someday!”
“I doubt that highly” The assassin scowled “For the record I do plan to quit, but only when I retire.”
The bear scowled back at her but was curious about what the cat just said “What do you mean retire?”
“I mean that I want to quit the job…over the years I’ve had to deal with a lot of prima donnas, and I just keep attracting clients who’re just a bunch of a-holes, I don’t even know why these people keep coming to me.
“Your boyfriend offered me a sizable amount of cash, enough to keep me and my girls supported until I can find a new line of work. These cigs are the best way of keeping my damn claws sheathed and not want to rip out the throat of these motherfuckers. I might have a lid on my damn rage but I sure don’t want to put up with it.”
Lucy quit talking then and pulled out a GPS “Now then, let’s see if you’ve got a brain underneath those muscles. Do you know of any place Hannah frequents?”
“Where does she like to hang out?”
“Oh…why the Hell are you asking me that?”
“Because I don’t have a Goddamned clue where…wait a minute” Lucy said, smirk beginning to rise on her face “I think I know how to find where she lives…”


Blackie’s boner still hadn’t given out and Hannah was getting frustrated, seriously! How hard would it be to get the most notorious womanizer in town to bang her?! She was going to get him to marry her, and she believed the best way to get his attention was using her hot bod to get his hot rod a roarin’.
And after her attempt at belly dancing while giving him a lap dance failed as miserably as it did, she tried several other approaches, which included her last failed attempt…jump roping in the nude.
Her bouncing titties may have made Blackie’s boner rise up in size considerably, but despite this he didn’t act on it at all, his eyes looked real watery like they hadn’t blinked for a while, and he was biting his lip so hard she could swear some blood was coming out.
Frustrated, she tossed the rope aside and threw herself at Blackie, actually crying a little “Why?! Why don’t you want me?!”
Blackie looked down at her as the sexy young bear embraced him, crying. While he was really trying to keep his boner under control he couldn’t help but feel sorry for the girl.
“Look Hannah, I’m sorry but I’m trying to, uh…not do this for a while, I’ve just felt guilty is all, and-”
“Guilty?!” Hannah howled “About what?! How could our loving be wrong?!!!!”
“Well…it’s just that I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about doing all this sleeping around behind Monica’s back, I just wanna try to avoid doing it for a bit.”
“S-so that’s it?” She sobbed “You care more about that boulder than me?! She looks like a damn truck!”
“I can’t deny that” Blackie admitted “That bodybuilding competition really consumes up all her time, I just wish she could go back to the…smaller bear she used to be.”
“But what about me?! I’m small, I’m right here, and I want you! It’s just not fair!”
The young woman continued crying, and as Blackie looked down at her he began to feel real sorry for her, granted Blackie’s not the type to just stay with one woman, but as the nude Hannah was crying, he felt immense sadness for her plight…and something else.
See as she was crying, her head and body were slowly slipping off Blackie, and at present, her head was low enough for it to be pretty much right above Blackie’s enormous boner.
Her head was also shaking a bit in an ‘up and down’ fashion, Hannah didn’t realize it either, but to Blackie she looked like she was giving him a blowjob.
He’d been able to, with some difficulty, push the floodgates of his perverted mind back and keep them controlled, but right now a new rush of horniness flooded his brain, and the idea of fucking Hannah was seeming very, very appealing.
‘To Hell with this’ he thought ‘What could one little fling hurt? I haven’t banged Monica in ages anyways.’
“Hannah…look, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.”
Hannah suddenly stopped crying and slowly, her face turning from sad to happy in a matter of seconds “Y-you mean it?!”
“Yeah. I might still be with Monica, but I could go for some lovin if you’ll…oblige me.”
The lady bear’s mouth opened real wide in a huge grin “Thank you Blackie! Oh Thank you!”
Quicker than Blackie could blink she sped right up to his lips and planted a large kiss on him.
The speed she’d used took him by surprise so thoroughly she knocked him over onto the bed. Blackie closed his eyes as her lips entered a tight squeeze, quickly enough though they parted and she began to yank Blackie’s shirt off.
Hannah began to plaster Blackie with kisses from his neck to his stomach aaaalllll the way down to his pants.
A horny grin on her face, she quickly grabbed Blackie’s pants and yanked them off, exposing his large pecker to her eager eyes.
“Oh my Blackie, it’s even bigger than I remembered!” She giggled as her hand began to stroke the bear’s throbbing hardness.
He moaned as she began to carefully move her hand up and down his shaft, teasing him as she began to mime sucking his dick. The anticipation was all but killing him.
Hannah continued to stroke him for a quarter of a second before deciding she’d had enough playtime and now it was time to start.
The lady bear lowered her head onto Blackie’s pecker and began to lovingly suck at it.
“Oh God!” Blackie moaned, his right hand beginning to stroke Hannah’s head as her tongue stroked his other head.
Hannah continued to suck off Blackie with gusto, despite his lack of willpower that’d likely cause trouble with Monica later, he was really enjoying the soft tongue of the lady as she continued her blowjob, taking up his whole dick in her mouth while her hand began to massage Blackie’s nuts.
He could feel the pressure building up inside him, Hannah was doing a pretty good job on his shaft, he was almost ready to come.
“Oh baby! Finish it now!”
Hannah took Blackie’s request, sucking more and more furiously now, she could feel his throbbing hardness, about to make him come.
And that he did.
“Aaah! Yes!” Roared Blackie as Hannah’s tongue finished its work, the bear was spewing up his seed into her mouth, she looked up and took delight in the pleasured look he had on his face. She was doing her work alright.
Removing her mouth from Blackie with a pop, she calmly spit out the semen he deposited…she may have loved Blackie but she wasn’t the type to actually swallow it all the time.
Crawling up on Blackie’s torso, she looked into his face with a smile “Well lover, how did I do?”
Blackie was currently breathing heavy, Hannah may have been a stalker but she had some good skill with that tongue. Made him remember why he actually slept with her more than once.
‘No need to end our fun now’ he thought to himself.
Grabbing her shoulders, he flipped the giggling Hannah over so he was on top of her, and began to plant furious kisses around her neck and chest.
“Oh my!” She purred as Blackie prepared to thrust into her “I think I did very well…”


Elsewhere in town, Lucy and Monica were speeding off to a mansion just outside of the town, which contained the one person who could tell them where Blackie Bear went.
Mitzi Bearberg.
While she may have hated her cousin, she knew that this rich bitch would have had to know where her cousin lived. And though Monica had some doubts that they were going to get away with this…but Lucy was an accomplished criminal who’d been able to get away with more assassinations and general mayhem than any criminal she knew (including the head of the 3rd Street Saints), so was she worried?
Hell no.
They neared the gates of Mitzi’s house “You know Veronica” Monica nervously began “Could you slow down for the-”
Lucy’s car smashed down the gates with no problem at all, there’s a good reason why she kept a lot of concrete in her car…particularly the front and back bumpers.
As she burst through, she looked up in her rear view mirror and saw a pair of security guards (who were hiding in the bushes for some reason) suddenly charged right at her as she drove in.
“What the Hell did she hire for security?” Lucy grumbled “Ninjas?”
“We should probably stop moving now. We could be in some trouble now-”
“Monica, you’re being surprisingly squeamish right now. But you’ve got a good point.”
Lucy suddenly stopped her car abruptly. The guards weren’t particularly smart and just smashed right into the back of the car, flipping over in the air and plopped right onto the ground with a loud crash.
“Guess that asphalt diet wasn’t working out for them. C’mon Lucy, it’s time to get an interview with the slut.”


“Oh yeah! Fuck me baby!” Mitzi purred as the handsome surfer she met on the beach not half an hour ago (a leopard) drilled her from behind.
She was rich as Hell by the standards of the rest of town, and above the peasants, but if there was one thing these men could do right, it was boning. And she could testify to that personally, especially right now.
Her hands gripped into her pink, fluffy pillow as her anus felt-
Suddenly one of her Doberman security guards was smashed through her door, reducing it to just toothpicks, and frightening the royal piss out of Mitzi and her boytoy, who both rolled over to the side of the bed.
“Holy shit!” She yelled as she fell over, her head hitting the nightstand on the way down, giving her a headache.
The boy however was knocked out after his coconut also hit it.
Mitzi was frightened out of her gourd, which wasn’t helped at all when she heard footsteps…and Lucy Katt stepped into view.
“You have got to be shitting me” the cat groaned “This is what you were doing?”
“Wh-what the fuck?!” Mitzi yelled out in shock as she saw the cat walk towards her, rubbing her sore head as she felt the bump growing there “I-I left you alone you big ug-”
“Sorry!” Monica chimed in, nervously leaning her head around the open door, wanting to have as little to do with this as possible…but hoping to try and avoid any potential legal trouble “I didn’t want to come in here like this, but Veronica, she insisted we-”
“Don’t bother” Lucy said “Don’t think she’ll call the cops, she knows better than that.”
She flashed a nasty grin at Mitzi, not caring at how she was terrorizing the itch “Don’t you?”
Mitzi swallowed nervously “Ye-ye-ye-*gulp* crystal clear.”
“That’s good” Lucy snarled, her arms crossing “Now unless you want me to turn your bed into a scratching post, tell me…where the fuck does your cousin Hannah live?”
Suddenly, Mitzi’s mood changed…it’s like she suddenly got infused with pure courage, and now her mood changed to one of annoyance and rage.
She stood up, still nude, and angrily stomped over to Lucy, who was very surprised at the sudden burst of courage. And when she got face to face to Lucy, she remained silent for several minutes before beginning.
“Are you telling me…that you broke into my house…beat the shit out of my guards…interrupted me when I was getting fucked…JUST SO YOU COULD ASK WHERE MY (HOLY FUCK! WHERE’D SHE LEARN THAT?!) COUSIN IS!!!!”
Monica had her jaw dropped, and was in pure shock…but Lucy had regained her composure and calmly explained “Yes.”
“For the love of God! You could have just asked!”
Lucy’s own eyes widened at this, and she gave out a flat…“What?”
“For real! If you wanted to torment my cousin, I’d have told you exactly where she lives.”
“And pray tell, why would you do this?”
“I love fucking her up!”
Lucy’s eyes narrowed at her, she knew this person was a bitch, and that Hannah was a pain…but willing to sic someone who for all Mitzi knew, might actually kill her was too much.
She decided to teach her a lesson, which she did right after Mitzi gave her the address on a piece of paper.
“Thank you for your cooperation…now let me tell you about a lesson on the importance of family…”


As Lucy and Monica drove away from the mansion, the bear looked back at the place with a look of shock as she saw Mitzi standing in an even bigger look of shock at her totally crushed cars.
“Wh-why did you do that?” Monica whimpered, a bit frightened by what her trainer just did.
“Because family is very important” Lucy said “And Mitzi needed a lesson.
“And don’t be afraid…you didn’t piss me off, but Hannah’s still gonna get it when we find her.


Hannah smiled to herself as she left the basement. She’d moved the fridge back in front of the basement door after a long afternoon of sex with Blackie. He was dressed again, but that was because she wanted to rip his clothes off later when she resumed her plan to seduce him.
She felt real good about herself, and had walked into the kitchen to make herself a bagel.
But just as she put her snack in the toaster, she heard a very loud CRASH! And heard angry stomping.
As she turned to look into the doorway for her kitchen, she saw…a pissed off Lucy with a baseball bat.
Her eyes widened and she nervously chuckled “Oh hi cat…”
Black and White Chapter 16
Sorry for not posting this sooner, I sort of forgot to do so...and am quite ashamed I actually did, I'll be quicker with posting this stuff in the future, especially now that the plot is beginning to thicken. Warnings for this chapter since it does contain sex, hope nobody minds.
Hello viewers! Today I’d like to announce that I have finished the third chapter of Death Valet, and am also in the process of making the third wave of profiles for characters in the series (who will later be given drawn reference sheets once I figure out who’ll draw them and get the money to do so), to celebrate this I have decided to explain some more about the series.
In addition I will post (in installments) some posts about the city of Hetelville, where the series is set. And in this first installment we have the history.
So without further ado, here’s the backstory behind the city.

Hetelville, Florida is often referred to as the weirdness capital of the Universe, and with good reason as it’s filled with a very, very wide variety of creatures within it, ranging from paranormal beings like vampires, aliens, werewolves, faeries and countless more, to even large amounts of humans who’ve gone through changes, such as (for example) being time displaced. And even then there are lots of perfectly normal humans who’ve simply chosen to live there.
How the city was founded is key to explaining this phenomenon.
Centuries ago, back in 1623, the town of Hetelville was founded by traders, initially several different countries wanted it’s rich farmland, and so a sort of turf war was fought by English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, and Italian merchants in addition to the residents of a previously unnoticed subterranean alligator city, who were none too pleased at how the humans were hunting their game. Roughly a month later, their tempers were calmed down by an Alligator general who (deciding that taking the place by force alone was more trouble than it was worth, as more profitable farmlands were elsewhere) convinced them just to establish a shared colony and divide up the farms between themselves.
Roughly a year later, the Faerie homelands, back in their higher, ethereal realm had a catastrophic war that threatened to tear pretty much all their countries apart. Dozens of the Faerie chose to run for their lives and went down to Earth in hopes of finding a refuge from the war and thus escape being either drafted or slain in the crossfire…and the first city they’d found was Hetelville.
They pleaded with the inhabitants to let them stay and make a home there, in return promising to use their magic and knowledge to make their lives easier. Due to the Fae’s known penchant for trickery, many of the townsfolk were reluctant, however, the mayor decided to give them a chance (saying that they could always break out the iron swords if they lied), and much to their surprise, after erecting houses the faeries used their magic to help grow crops and discover reserves of precious minerals they could, which did improve the lives of the citizens as they had more resources to use for income. Even though they themselves weren’t willing to let them be trained in the use of magic, they chose to accept their new residents as they’d proven that despite their different upbringing, Fae could still be very reasonable. By the next human generation, these beings were openly accepted among the population (though at first they didn’t approve of several cultural aspects, such as their general promiscuity).
In 1651, their city wound up with a different situation as their relationship with the Fae was generally overlooked by numerous countries as they didn’t care how resources were gathered, but others in the paranormal community did hear of it and came to other conclusions.
Such was the choice of werewolf John Bloodfang and his vampire bride Lilith Dracula (the niece of Count Dracula himself) to immigrate to the city when they secretly married and left Europe due to their two feuding clans who disapproved of the union.
Their logic was given the relative peace between the humans, alligators, and fae who lived in Hetelville, it would be an accepting haven, but as it turned out, their willingness to shelter other paranormal beings wasn’t actually there, the reputation vampires and werewolves generally had made them very reluctant to do so, however a local businessman still hired John as he needed a very intimidating guard for his bank, while the wife was still not really liked for a couple of years until she proved she wasn’t a true monster when she saved a preacher from a necromancer. And the townsfolk were beginning to realize they’d misjudged them.
In 1674, the forces of the Bloodfang and Dracula clans invaded the city when they found it was where their estranged children were and planned to force them to divorce, in spite of the temptation to just turn the two lovers over and end the incursion, the town found they truly didn’t deserve such a fate and helped protect them, pretty much wiping out the duel armies of werewolves and vampires, though to help them were the alligator armed forces led by the alligator king of that decade, who personally kicked Dracula’s ass.
After this, the news about the city spread like wildfire, and this time their willingness to accept those of different species was no rumor, the experience with the werewolves and vampires had changed the city, now more and more creatures of the night immigrated to the city, seeking refuge from countries that didn’t want them, wide varieties of them moved there, pretty much any creature you could name. In addition where even the humanoid animals people were more used to and even humans of different nationalities (equal rights were picked up by the city centuries before pretty much the rest of the world did, after all, if they accept creatures like werewolves and chupacabras as ordinary citizens, other humans aren’t too much of a stretch) who moved there for an easier life.
The city grew to be huge in size, and essentially incorporated multiple cultures within it who built the city in an almost patchwork sense that seemed weird to the outside world.
When Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territories, Hetelville became part of the USA, but despite this they decided to let them retain the way they did business, as they produced a staggeringly large amount of resources, and thus the city was just any other city, albeit one with an insanely high amount of weirdness (or at least that’s how outsiders view it, the citizens found it an everyday occurrence over there).
The weirdness only increased over the decades, with stranded time travelers, aliens and many other types of creatures immigrating to it, these people also helped in establishing even more buildings to the city, such as building at the bottom of the waters in the bay (fishpeople, Atlantians and mermaids who’d moved there had built their own buildings in it, but these were new ones that even allowed surface dwellers to live there), new flying buildings, expansions to the subterranean alligator city, and even special portions of the city that expanded it through the means of side dimensions not accessible by conventional means. By the 1900s, the city was among (if not the) biggest cities on Earth.
Among the other notable things about the city are its lax views on weapon possession (one of the few places on Earth where you can buy a bazooka right out of the store), its high concentration of monster hunting (which will be explained more in a different lore update), and its lax views on sex. The last one is due to the Faerie, who are known to be very highly sexed and while the human residents of Hetelville initially (due to their own beliefs) were very reluctant to indulge in them, by 1789 it finally began to sink in. Today, while there’s still a lot of marriages and monogamous relationships, promiscuity, open relationships, and polygamy is quite common in the city, it’s gotten to the point where it’s even legal to have sex in public, and even back since 1753 interracial/interspecies relationships are common. However, there are various laws that prevent relations with underage people (because even the faeries frown on that), necrophilia (not with true zombies and other undead, because they’re technically alive, but truly dead creatures), and sexual relations with non-sapient forms of life.
And that’s the story behind Hetelville, how it came to be so full of the paranormal, and how it came to be in the first place.
Death Valet Lore: Hetelville Part 1
I'll try to be quicker about posting Death Valet's lore in the up on this menu will be the districts and sections of this majestic city.
Name: Kira Fukui

Bio: Kira Fukui is a fifteen year old female Kitsune, who’s the best friend of Gagnesh Mritue, a studious mage-in-training, has gone on several adventures with her friends…and secretly has a crush on Gagnesh.
Her life began in Japan, March 5th, 1999 when she was born to Vixena Fukui and her husband. Kira was very different from most Kitsune because of something most peculiar.
See, Kitsune (in-universe) start life out with one tail but grow more as they grow older, as they learn more magic and develop more potential. It’s usually when they reach 100 that they finally achieve nine tails.
Kira on the other hand was born with ALL NINE tails.
While possible, this situation was quite rare and drew the attention of a Faerie extremist that happened to be Kira’s grandfather (and a total bastard) who attempted to get at Kira for the magic potential in her, and to try and get at her murdered both Kira’s grandmother and father.
However, her mother Vixena succeeded in defending her daughter and killed a good chunk of the grandfather’s organization (which allegedly includes the fae himself, though no one, not even Vixena herself is sure whether or not he really died that day, though most take the fact he hasn’t been seen at all for years as a sign he is), and took a sizable amount of money from their base of operations.
Kira and her mother moved to America when Kira was four years old (as it took four years for Vixena to finally get rid of the extremists), and Vixena used the money she took to open up a bordello in Hetelville (where doing so is perfectly legal), due to Kira’s age her mother never told her where their money came from until she was twelve and Vixena had to give her ‘the talk’ anyways.
The young Kitsune had plenty of magic potential and was very, very interested in learning it, though she never underwent formal schooling until she was eight, having before then been taught by her mother. Her mother had until then wanted to teach her as best she could and was a bit nervous about public schooling.
This was because Kira was a bit self conscious about the fact she was outright born with nine tails and had actually been teased about it the few times she’d actually spoken with her peers, but at around eight Vixena had come to the realization that Kira actually was ready for it.
During the first day of school, she wound up getting mocked by a male shinigami who happened to be the lackey of a local bully, a coyote named Chantal Talapus (who wasn’t too keen on a nine tailed Kitsune prodigy being in the same area for fear it’d upstage her), but was ultimately saved from her tormentor by a young Gagnesh Mritue who basically took offense to him and trounced the bully. Kira was very, very grateful to the young tiger and the two became friends pretty quick.
What she particularly liked was how Gagnesh didn’t treat her differently because of her status as Kitsune prodigy; to him she was just another kid. He was her first friend, and her best one too…and it wasn’t too long before she developed a crush on him.
As she and Gagnesh, grew, the two’s bond grew and they made several other friends like Jacob Young, a mutant who lives in a submerged par of Hetelville with his well natured yet insane parents and Ralph Reilly, a human male from Wisconsin who moved there with his mom when his father died.
Kira has made a lot of friends, gone on a series of adventures with Gagnesh and their closest friends (the first of which was when they were twelve and involved helping Gagnesh saving Ralph after he got on the wrong side of a gang), and even grown much more confident in herself and her skills, though she’s also got two enemies. One being Gekido Yorashi, a female Kitsune who leads a Japanese schoolgirl themed gang known as the Sukeban (though oddly enough the two aren’t particularly malicious towards eachother like most archrivals), and the aforementioned bully Chantal Talapus, who has never stopped trying to bully her ever since the first time they met, with a sadistic interest in tormenting her.
Ever since Kira’s been a child, she’s wanted to become a mage, and as she’s gotten older her interest in expanding upon her magical potential has increased, and is also looking into colleges at present. Along with this though, she’s tried several times (unsuccessfully) to try and explain to Gagnesh her love for him, but for some reason she’s never been able to succeed in telling him how she feels about him.
At present, Kira’s as studious as ever and enjoying life even though, despite her own potential, she’s uncertain about what her future holds. She’s trying to not let it bother her though, and enjoy the company of her friends and crush more.

Personality and mannerisms: Kira Fukui is a studious young Kitsune with a heart of gold.
She is a very nice young girl, who is hard to bring to anger (though her bully Chantal and friend Mark are really the only people who can consistently make her angry, the former on purpose and the latter by accident by…just being his perverted self) and likes to help others when she can, especially her friends, she’s quite generous and charitable too.
While she is very kind, she’s far from stupid and is smart enough to easily tell when someone is trying to take advantage of it.
Kira is quite clever (given that she’s a magical fox this shouldn’t be much of a surprise), and initially while her smarts were mostly in the area of learned subjects, Gagnesh helped her learn guile. She doesn’t usually like to trick people, though occasionally she likes to pull pranks on her friends…she does, however, have no problems at all with tricking villains, and if she’s dealing with a stupid villain or jerk she’s more than happy to trick them.
She loves to read books, a lot, and of many different kinds. She’ll read plenty of nonfiction books to learn about numerous topics and events, and also learn how to do things like, say bake a cake or fix a car. She’s quite studious and known to always get her work done on time and is a straight A student. She’s also a big fan of fiction novels and has read a couple hundred already and she’s known to prefer reading the stories as opposed to watching the movie adaptions as she’s under the (usually right) opinion that it’s generally different than the book, and not as good. She’s also got an interest in comic books (somewhat less of one though) and is more willing to watch those movies as she’s fully aware that with some series it’s downright impossible to do a direct adaption.
While she loves learning, her favorite subject is magic and how to use it, despite some of the anxieties that having nine tails even as a baby brings on (see below), she still loves the immense potential she has for magic and desires to reach it, becoming a powerful mage and help discover more of the mysteries of magic. (This desire being analogous to wanting to become a great scientist).
Kira cares a lot for her friends and family (in this case her mom since the rest of her family has either disowned her mother and her by extension, or is dead), most especially Gagnesh and her mom. She loves her mom Vixena dearly and doesn’t think any less of her despite her job; it’s also known that insults towards her mom are able to consistently enrage her, to the point that Chantal’s really the only person who’ll actually use them).
Her love for Gagnesh is very deep and true, he’s her best friend and doesn’t mind the fact she’s a magical prodigy and isn’t overwhelmed by that knowledge, and before she met him only a couple of people (her mom being one of them) had this kind of view towards it. She finds him very handsome and loves him for who he is, and for his own cunning as well. In fact her crush on him is generally known among her friends, who think she should try to tell him she loves him.
The problem however is that Kira is quite shy and scared that she’ll either end up ruining their friendship by making things all awkward or that she’ll mess it up, plus she’s something of a romantic who prefers the idea of him telling her he loves her, and as such waits. She has in the past tried to do things to get him more interested in her, or improve her own odds of receiving a love confession, but for some reason not even she understands, every single time it’s backfired on her, which is the other reason why she waits and at best just tries to drop hints of her love. The real irony here is that Gagnesh actually has something of a crush on her as well, but won’t tell her of it for pretty much the same reasons and actually thinks she doesn’t return his feelings (romance wise), she is totally oblivious to this as well, and only a few characters are aware of this, but nobody seems to point this situation to either one because of promises made to both of them not to tell either one about their feelings…however there does remain a good chance that one of them will end up telling the other their feelings, but it’s at present unknown when that’ll be.
Kira is a bit outgoing, but not especially and she’s a bit shy at times, she’s also a bit insecure about her looks and body, she’s not incredibly concerned about it but due to the fact she has next to no luck in getting Gagnesh as a boyfriend she is a bit concerned that she’s not pretty enough to stand out to him, the taunting Chantal is prone to doing doesn’t help this at all.
What she’s really insecure about on the other hand, is the expectations she feels have been thrust upon her as a magical prodigy, and that as a result she can’t allow herself to let anyone down because of these expectations, and thus whenever she fails at something she tends to take it harder than average people. Gagnesh is usually able to give her confidence though, and she does love him being there for her when she feels down.
Kira may be quite studious, but she is willing to leap into action when she can, and is no slouch when it comes to going into adventures with her friends, she’s quite good at adventuring with her magical powers and is actually a pretty good fighter, able to think on her feet pretty well and use any knowledge she has effectively, she has a little trouble when under pressure but not much. Still, her lust for adventure is quite similar to Gagnesh’s, though unlike him she tends to be much more capable of keeping a cool head, and in her group of friends happens to be the smartest, though she’s quite modest about that.
Her favorite foods are onigiris (a sort of Japanese rice ball, her mother used to make them for school lunches, and when Kira was older Vixena taught her how to make them when she started making her own lunches), sushi, rabbit meat (especially when consumed as steaks), chocolate bars, and pocky.

Powers, skills, and equipment: Kira Fukui is a Kitsune who while still a student, is quite talented with magic and has immense potential for it.
As a Kitsune naturally born with nine tails, she has a large ‘well’ of magical power inside of her though as she’s still in training and quite young she’s not as powerful as she could be, but still has a lot of potential.
And she’s already got quite a few skills; Kira’s already studied up quite a bit of magic in her school, and is supremely skilled in it already. She’s considered to be one of the smartest people in her school actually.
Kira knows a very large number of spells of varying kinds though her primary specialties being the natural Kitsune ability to generate fire, light, and electricity (said power being derived from her tails and while in days past just rubbing them together could make these powers work, she knows enough about magic to use them without having to rub any tails together), the creation of illusions (she’s got some good talent but isn’t as good at illusions as her mother and prefers more direct spells), shield spells, enchanting objects, magical energy blasts, transformation spells (though she’s still working on this, as while she can transform smaller objects well enough she can’t do it to larger objects or living beings), astral projection (which ties into the natural Kitsune ability to project themselves into dreams, Kira can do this as well and can manipulate them as well, though to varying extents most especially her own, where she’s pretty much omnipotent), healing spells, and spells meant to analyze energy and other forms of magic. While she is quite powerful, she’s still got a long way to go before she’s a master spellcaster.
Other magical abilities derived from her species are as follows: flight, invisibility, a magical ability to adapt to other environments that are more hostile (like breathing underwater for example) the ability to regulate her own temperature in just about any environment (for example, not needing to wear a heavy coat in an arctic environment and instead simply altering her own temperature so she’s just comfortable in it), some predator instincts (a Kitsune is a magical fox, but she’s still a fox though her mother’s are much more developed), the ability to use all nine of her tails as effectively as another limb (she can even hit people with them and use them together in complex attacks, even in a bizarre attack where she pretty much turns them into a drill), and a very long lifespan (when she reaches her mid-thirties she’ll stop aging).
Kitsune abilities she could have but she won’t really develop are the ability to possess others (she really hates the thought of doing this), the ability to induce insanity (which she REEEEAAAALLLY doesn’t like), and the ability to absorb life force (which she outright hates). Kitsunes do have natural shapeshifting abilities, but while she actually likes this ability she has a lot of trouble learning it and at best all she can do with it is adding freckles to her fur, and little else besides. The fact she has so little success in it is something of a sore spot for her.
In addition to her magical abilities, Kira herself has skills of her own.
Her main specialty is intelligence, having (as mentioned) a large hunger for knowledge (not just magic) and knows a lot about a very large amount of topics and subjects, including history, geography, biology, and science. Kitsunes are generally known to also have enhanced intelligence, which is true because Kitsunes tend to learn faster than humans. Kira’s also pretty clever, something she helped develop while adventuring with Gagnesh. While Kitsunes are also known for being quite wise, Kira herself has some wisdom but is not particularly skilled in this because she is still young and a bit self conscious.
Physically, a Kitsune also has a retractable set of very sharp claws, enhanced senses (of superhuman hearing and smell, plus night vision), enhanced strength, enhanced stamina, enhanced speed, enhanced endurance, enhanced durability, and enhanced biting abilities. Kira has some of these, though as she’s young they’re not particularly strong, her senses are very keen (and she can see pretty well in the dark), she has a lot of stamina an endurance (as evidenced by the fact that on a normal day she’ll only need an hour of sleep, but four if she uses a much significantly larger amount of energy), her claws are quite sharp though she doesn’t use them much, she has super strength but it’s not particularly impressive as she can lift up two hundred pounds easily (so that’s about how strong she is), she has superior durability (she’s not bulletproof but it’s harder to break her skin or her bones, so she can take a few more punches than most people), her teeth are not the sharpest thing in the world but they can chew through wood pretty easily, and in terms of super speed she can run at a top speed of thirty miles per hour if she wants to…these abilities will grow in time and she grows, and will do so even more if she chooses to hone them better.
And while she is very thoroughly skilled in magic, she’s not a squishy wizard at all, she’s actually pretty good at hand to hand combat, not a total ace mind you but she knows it well enough to hold her own when she needs to. She knows no particular style, though Gagnesh is the one who taught her how to fight.

Appearance: Kira Fukui is a fifteen year old humanoid Kitsune, which (for those not familiar with them) is a Japanese mythological character that looks like a fox with multiple tails, usually nine. So as you can guess, she looks like a humanoid fox and has nine long, fluffy tails.
Physically she has golden-white fur (similar to the Ninetails from Pokemon), deep green eyes (like an emerald), has long hair (same color as the rest of her fur), and is a real cutie (and when she’s grown up she’ll be really hot, though at present she still looks pretty good). For her face, one should take some cues from MLP’s Twilight Sparkle in terms of influences, though one thing to bear in mind is that she is a cute nerd, and as such her face should fit that; in terms of her body build, Kira has an hourglass physique and a good set of legs that have built up plenty of strength from gym classes. She doesn’t really wear makeup but doesn’t actually need it if you get my meaning. Her breasts have already developed into a C cup, and it’s believed she’ll grow into a D or DD cup as she grows older; she’s also got very clean teeth.
As for clothing, Kira wears a white Sailor Fuku (Japanese schoolgirl outfit) similar to this one… a pair of white shoes similar to these… a pair of green and purple striped stockings on her legs, a pair of glasses (even though she’s immensely magically charged she still needs glasses, though she likes the look of the pair she’s got so even if she could go without them she’d probably keep the glasses on anyway), and a large pearl she keeps on her middle tail like a ring. When swimming she tends to wear a dark blue one piece swimsuit with her name wrote on the front (on a large white label) in Japanese.

Other: Now as most people are likely familiar with the word Kira due to Death Note, one should find it quite ironic that her personality is very different from that of Light Yagami’s. With that in mind though it’s quite ironic she’s been wronged by a Shinigami in the past, though she is friends with one named Shiril (and this Shinigami’s personality is very, very different than Ryuk’s).
The name Kira (as some know) is derived from the English word killer, but in Japan means Shiny and Glittery. Fukui means Fortunate.
If Death Valet was ever animated, my ideal voice actor for Kira would be Tara Strong.
Death Valet: Kira Fukui
Welcome back viewers! Today I present to you a brand new character bio, that of a supporting character (and friend of the chacter Gagnesh Mritue) for Death Valet, Kira Fukui. She's the first of a the third wave of bios, being written right now.
The next bio will be of Tabitha Lupei, Aurelia's grandmother.


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"Alright guys, I'll just get to the point and copy and paste the latest news from my friend

I’m sorry to say that this blog post has nothing to do with art or stories, but for me, it is even more important to post.

My dear friend hathound  has had some health issues for the last year. In July she had a seizure and a complete blackout when she was home, luckily with her family around. This was when a cavernous malformation (cavernoma) that had bled inside the front right ventricle her brain was discovered by MRI as the cause of the seizure. Intraventricular cavernomas are dangerous and account for approximately 2% of all cases of cavernous malformations, so it was decided that Miranda has to undergo surgery to remove it.

She lives in America, so sadly the medical costs are mounting for her and her family. So I made this in hopes that people would be able to help out, either by spreading it around, or give a little to the fund.

It does not matter how much it is, even a single dollar is appreciated greatly.

Miranda's Medical fund

You can find more details around her case in the fundme link.

Over the past two years she has become one of my best friends, which is why I’m spreading this around as much as I can.

I’m sorry to post this on a blog that should be dedicated to stories and art; but please help me to spread this around.

She will be undergoing her brain surgery this Thursday.

So yeah, if you have some money to spare please consider a donation, if you don't you can at least try to spread the word and show that you care.

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