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Hi there folks! Got a new character to present to you today, a five tailed criminal brawler and gang leader named Gekido Yorashi, a half-Korean, half-Japanese Kitsune...let's see just what there is to see, eh?


Name: Gekido Yorashi

Bio: Out of the several gangs in Hetelville, among the biggest ones is the Sukeban, modeled after similar gangs in Japan, with schoolgirl outfits their outfit of choice. This group is headed up by their feared leader Gekido Yorashi, who despite being young is quite well known, especially among the criminal subculture of Hetelville.
Gekido’s mother, Mei Yorashi, gave birth to her in 1986, her father a Korean Kitsune she had a one night stand with. Mei was the founder of the Sukeban gang, though it wasn’t as powerful as it is now, but it was on its way there. Mei took a noticeable amount of pride in her kid, though Gekido’s early life involved numerous bad tendencies of her mom being picked up by her, such as her hot temper, chain smoking, swearing and general reprobate behavior. Unlike her mom however, despite having a temper, Gekido was much more patient, and quite a bit more intelligent than she was. In spite of these differences, Mei and her daughter still loved each other.
But when Gekido was fourteen, Mei was finally arrested by a special police task force, and despite the efforts of her considerably smarter aunt Minori, Mei ended up getting executed by gas chamber about a year later, all said aunt was able to do was keep the heartbroken Gekido out of foster homes and with her, despite the efforts of the police.
The young Gekido’s immense trauma over her now dead mama lead to her developing a much greater hatred of cops than her mother ever had, and she started  indulging in petty crimes and vandalism as a form of revenge, Minori (herself a criminal who worked as a mouth piece for some mobsters) caught onto this reasonably quick, and despite trying to convince Gekido white collar crime was much more profitable, it became painfully obvious that just like her deceased momma, Gekido was more comfortable and better suited to her delinquent practices…she didn’t want her to end up like Mei so she instead convinced Gekido to go about it smartly, and attempted to tutor her in how to go about crime in a much more intelligent fashion.
It wasn’t too easy, but the young, vengeful Kitsune succeeded, and when she was nineteen, she entered her life as an official criminal, managing to get herself initiated in her mom’s old gang…by her twentieth birthday she’d taken over the Sukeban, after proving her mom’s old right hand woman had sold her out, leading to the traitor’s death. Gekido was young, but she was clever, and soon proved to actually be more effective of a boss than her mom, despite being much younger.
Through a mix of actively attacking threats, being cautious to avoid the attention of police, clever methods of getting her rivals arrested or killed by somebody else, and other acts of genius, Gekido made the considerably smaller gang into one of the biggest gangs in Hetelville, despite only picking females either of Japanese descent or Youkai, she’d became powerful enough that many people were either scared of her, or in the traditions of numerous bandits of America’s past, romanticized, the fact she was a surprisingly reasonable boss despite her being quite angry at the world and quite vicious when angry did not help matters.
Gekido’s power did not go unnoticed, but even when the men who’d arrested her mother gradually began to suffer notably suspicious demises under ambiguous circumstances, they were unable to really convict her for anything more than brawling or petty crimes, even after fighting with some of the more prominent monster hunters.
While pissed off with most of the other gang leaders in Hetelville for being quite foolish, she is on rather good terms with several prominent criminals, in particular Ednit Mritue, whose intelligence she admires, and the fact he’s able to avoid capture even while fighting Alistair Garth, whom even she feared.
Another note is her interactions with Kira Fukui, which occurred first about three years earlier after Kira’s friend Gagnesh first attempted to try and uncover evidence against her as his idea of making a school project for his monster hunting course so good that he’d never have to do homework the rest of the year…Kira was unable to talk him out of it, and when he ended up getting caught by some gang members who were quite ticked at him, Kira had to bail him out.
Gekido did not approve of killing kids, though she did decide to teach the twelve year old tiger a lesson in the form of punching him a few times so he left them alone in the future, though Gagnesh did learn, it was rather that he should plot things out better in the future, as Kira showed up, using her magic to help him escape…despite not being able to issue out her criminal discipline, Gekido was quite impressed with Kira due to her displaying a terrific skill in magic, and spells that even most twelve year old Kitsunes studying magic lacked.
As such, she attempted no less than three separate times to get Kira to join the Sukeban, desiring what she viewed as a very powerful asset in the making to join her, however as Kira was less than pleased at the prospect, not wishing to be a gangster, Gekido instead tried to make her join through more violent forms of coercion, which also failed due to Kira’s spells, her friends, and also her rather pissed mother Vixena, who was less than pleased when her daughter was threatened, not to mention herself…ever since, Gekido and Kira have been enemies, with both of them fighting each other on several other occasions, either when Kira attempts to (with the help of her friends) stop crimes the Sukeban try to carry out, or when Gekido tries to retaliate or get Kira to join her anyways.
One note of irony is that in spite of how Gekido is an actual criminal and actually has physically attacked Kira in the past, she treats/views her much better than any of the bullies the now fifteen year old magical nerd has had in the past…

Personality and mannerisms: Gekido Yorashi’s name is a very apt one, but though she is known for a fierce, deadly anger by some, she is far from a witless, battle crazed brute, in truth she is very cunning, and calmer than some people would claim.
First and foremost, Gekido is a very smart and clever Kitsune who’d grown up in the presence of blue and white collar criminals her whole life, as a result she’s developed a severe disrespect for governmental authority, this arguably became much worse after the police arrested her mother, a judge sentenced her to die in a gas chamber, and the governor never listened to any appeal she made (even though she’d bribed the latter to release her), she may not have as big of a problem with monster hunters and adventurers, but she despises police to a near religious extent, she doesn’t actively try to menace them though, because despite her legendary hatred of them, she has immense levels of restraint.
Gekido may have a most violent temper, and she may legitimately get angry about plenty of things, these things generally happen to be when something actually is preventing her from succeeding in a plan, most of the more bombastic displays of anger however are usually meant for show, intended to give off the impression of a ferocious fighter with little patience for bullshit…she doesn’t like bullshit, but it doesn’t irritate her as much as she lets on, in combat she either uses the anger to put more force behind her fighting, but half the time she’ll purposely restrain herself and consider her moves carefully so she doesn’t do something stupid by accident.
Gekido can be quite ruthless, not just to law enforcement but to people who happen to be in her way, but is more than willing to simply put people out of her way through non-violent means if they’re not actively stepping in it, partially because she doesn’t care for this, and partially because of how much trouble civilian deaths can cause her, she’s less lenient on cops and federal agents though, but only actively kills interlopers of this sort if she’s sure she can cover it up…but if she can’t figure it out at the time she doesn’t have too much of a problem killing these guys anyways, she’ll usually figure out a solution anyways.
Gekido may care less about non-combatants (citizens to be exact), but she doesn’t actively antagonize them, she easily will if they antagonize her, but she won’t try to attack civilians on a whim unless they happen to have some rare and very expensive item she can make a lot of money selling. She can be fairly ruthless when it comes to how she makes her money sometimes, but she’s not %100 ruthless, she also has a bit of apathy towards the actions her gang members tend to do, provided they do not betray her or the gang, or happen to hurt the people living in her neighborhood…amusingly enough, Gekido is fond of her neighbors and is fully willing to protect them from trouble, provided they do not wrong her in some way.
Betrayal is a very huge sore spot of Gekido, due to how some treacherous gang members backstabbing her was the reason her own mother died, if you betray her on any level she will give a greatly disproportionate punishment, she’s almost never forgiving in this manner, if she’s presented with evidence that proves otherwise, she’ll drop the matter…but it’s gotta be pretty damn big. Amusingly enough, Gekido has no problem betraying those she views as pure evil or have done enough backstabbing for her to not trust them herself.
Gekido considers herself a professional crime boss, and due to the standards she holds herself to, she tends to look on several of Hetelville’s other gangs due to them being in her view (which is actually kinda true) a bunch of idiots, though she is wary of the strength their gangs tend to have. Among the gangs she’s on rather good terms with is Ednit and his group of thieves (except Dennis, she hates him) holding him in good respect due to his skill and personal honor as a thief.
If Gekido likes someone, she’s fairly friendly to them, even if they happen to be adversaries, a good example of this is Kira, because despite being her ‘nemesis’ she’s actually taken a liking to the talented young Kitsune, viewing her as someone actually worthy of succeeding her as head of the gang, even if Kira not only doesn’t like her too much but also has no interest at all in becoming her apprentice, despite this, Gekido does like Kira for the spunk she has, and is fully willing to accept such an offer if she truly accepted it. Amusingly enough despite being Kira’s ‘nemesis’ she treats her fairly better than Kira’s bully Chantal Talapus…however, despite liking Kira, Gekido hates her friends, in particular Gagnesh and Mark (ESPECIALLY the latter) and is still willing to fight Kira in very heated fights…she’s never actually tried to kill Kira both because of a rule of hers below, and because Vixena threatened Gekido with a painful death if she actually succeeded.
Despite being quite ruthless, Gekido refuses to kill kids, even if they did betray her, she is willing to beat one if they’ve tried to harm her gang but only a little and just enough that they learn to avoid her, younger teens are also less susceptible to her wrath, but not too much.
Gekido’s main interests, apart from her gang, happen to include street brawling, basketball, smoking (she’s known to only smoke using a ‘Kiseru’ pipe though), hard rock and Quentin Tarantino films. Her favorite foods happen to be chicken (particularly a roasted chicken, or in the style or yakitori grilled chicken) rabbit (preferably deep fried), sushi, steamed rice, tempura, noodles, strawberry daiquiris and Jack Daniels whiskey.

Powers, skills, and equipment: Gekido Yorashi’s name roughly translates to ‘Wrathful Nightstorm’ which is a very, very appropriate name because she’s a fucking beast when it comes to fighting.
Kitsunes generally have a variety of magical powers and a noted skill with magic…she however does not have much an interest in learning spells, instead using her own natural abilities and fighting skills to kick ass in a fight.
While all Kitsune possess some canine instincts and traits, unlike Kira or Vixena she’s much more willing to give into these if she wishes to, and can be a very brutal yet efficient fighter, unless she feels a more intelligent method is needed, she doesn’t always give into it though, just when she feels either like cutting loose is what’s needed to fight or that withholding them is needed for success.
While Kitsunes generally are stronger, faster and more durable than normal humans, Gekido is in pretty good shape and can easily lift about 600 pounds, and about half a ton at the most, and like Kira she’s not bulletproof but has skin and bones that are much harder to break, she is however fully capable of running at a top speed of fifty miles per hour, she also has very good stamina, really only needing about fifteen minutes of sleep a day (though she usually sleeps for about a couple hours due to her generally using a lot of energy), she’s also fully capable of adapting to environments that are more hostile to her, though she and Kira are roughly equal in their ability to do so, Gekido is slightly superior in her control over her senses though, like all Kitsune having senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell quite superior to humans, in addition to being able to see in the dark.
Gekido has an ability to regulate her temperature however she wishes, in addition to having teeth durable and sharp enough and jaws strong enough to break steel, and claws that can cut into brick (unlike Kira, she uses her claws much more and makes sure to keep them sharp, so she’s much more dangerous if she chooses to use them). Like Kira she will cease to physically age when she’s in her mid-thirties, and she’s also able to learn easier and much faster than normal humans, though while Kira is greatly skilled in the art of magic, she’s very skilled in crime and planning, and also in the knowledge of law, which is one of the main reasons she’s never been arrested.
In terms of some other physical abilities, Gekido can use each of her five tails as dexterously as her arms, kinda like tentacles, and can also use them in attacks. She’s also fully capable of shapeshifting, and assuming a variety of shapes and forms, though she’s not too fond of this ability apart from making herself bigger or smaller, or shapeshifting part of her body into a weapon, however she is not totally skilled in doing this, so she doesn’t shapeshift often. In addition, like all Kitsune she possesses an immense beauty, though hers is significantly rougher than those of Kira and Vixena, and though Gekido is hot, she’s not super hot, and tries to put on an air of toughness rather than looking pretty.
While not very skilled in actual magic and spell casting, Gekido does know how to well use the magical gifts inherit in Kitsunes to her advantage, she’s not too skilled with invisibility but she never really practiced with it, being much more skilled in the Kitsune talent for casting very realistic illusions, in fact she’s notorious for this talent and how thoroughly she can screw with someone’s head using these or setting up traps with them, this is one of the tactics she’s quite fond of. Other gifts she’s skilled at using are the generation of fire, light and electricity by rubbing her tails together and channeling them, though with five tails she’s not as skilled as Kira or her mother are at this. She also can use the Kitsune power to simply fly quite well, and can soar through the air gracefully and fast. She has some minor skill with the power to manipulate dreams but is not particularly good at this, only really able to do so in close proximity, she is more skilled in other skills she has less qualms with using, specifically the ability to possess others by touching them for a brief period (albeit she cannot do this often because even to a skilled user it’s difficult, her skill is simply in how to use said body while she’s in it), the absorption of life force through skin contact and the absorption of sanity by doing the same, she has no problem using this, most especially to end a fight quick, or just to hurt the enemy.
And these are just her magical powers, the skills she’s most known for are perhaps her most dangerous, her fighting skills and her mind.
Gekido is an immensely skilled street fighter, brawler and hand to hand combatant; while her aunt did have her put through some more formal fighting classes, Gekido sought out a couple of her mother’s old associates to help teach her how to fight, and showed her some informal and brutal fighting styles.
Another skill her aunt cultivated, was Gekido’s rather large level of intelligence and guile, the Kitsune is somewhat academically minded, but very much excels in the areas of deductive reasoning, forensics, manipulation and planning, she’s not the world’s greatest planner, but she is pretty good, and sharp enough to have prevented anyone from actually incriminating her for anything more than petty crimes. While she’s got a formidable array of powers at her disposal, and is renowned for her brains, her planning abilities and organization skills are what she’s especially good at, and is known for this in particular, between her brains, fighting skills and paranormal powers, she is a genuine force to be reckoned with.
Amusingly enough, her skill at seduction (which in a villainous Kitsune, are expected to be high) is actually just average at best, preferring to rely on intimidation in situations one would normally expect to do this to get something.
On a side note, Gekido does have some fairly goods skills in a few other things she happens to enjoy as hobbies, more on those above, but she is known as a (surprisingly rule abiding) skilled roller derby enthusiast, and a bit talented in painting graffiti.
In terms of weapons, Gekido is notably not too fond of using guns, she doesn’t care if other members of the gang use them, but she herself doesn’t due to her own magical powers, she is however very fond of her signature weapons…a pair of enchanted yo-yos she can use as blunt instruments (at close or long ranges), like nunchucks, as a garrote, or simply to tie people up, she’s also very capable of conducting her lightning through the cords to boot.

Appearance: Gekido Yorashi is a Kitsune of Korean and Japanese descent and twenty-eight years old, so naturally she looks like she’s in her late twenties.
Like Kira and Vixena (and pretty much all Kitsunes) she  possesses a good deal of beauty, but unlike the other two Kitsune I’ve formed, Gekido’s beauty is more of a rougher, more athletic type, and the fact she’s a tough cookie is generally apparent most of the time. Her ears are also somewhat shorter but no less attentive than a normal Kitsune’s, she also has a pair of piercing purple eyes.
The hair she has is sort of short and boyish, but still noticeably feminine, ending around her shoulders, she also possesses a bang kind of similar to the one in this picture… Her hair is black on one side (the exterior if you will) on the interior edge (kind of similar to Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt) her hair is dyed a bright blue, with her bang dyed the same color.
Gekido has multiple piercings on her left and right ears, the earrings are either of a more Asian design but are just small for the most part. She also has some long dragon tattoos on all five of her tails, all of them are winding blue dragon tats with the exception of the middle one which has a more regal design of red and gold.
For clothes, Gekido likes to wear either her gang colors or when she’s in a spot where this’d be a bad idea, a different one. Her normal outfit (the gang one) consists of a sailor fuku with black colors for the top and a rather long skirt that still allows freedom of movement despite the size, the skirt itself being a dark blue color. She has the top of her outfit partially unbuttoned, and also wears a light blue choker with an image of a miniature fox skull on it around her neck, a light blue and sturdy pair of running shoes (she also has socks for these of a similar color which are often loose), black fishnet stockings, and a pair of black fingerless gloves. Other articles of clothing she’ll sometimes wear include a long coat that matches her skirt which she likes to wear as if it were a cape, and though she won’t usually wear hats she does occasionally place on a rather elaborately decorated ‘Commissar cap’ of a design that compliments her outfit, she also has a black pair of ray ban sunglasses and a light blue bandana mask with a skull motif she keeps in her pockets.
The other outfit is of a similar blue and black motif, but instead the outfit in question is composed of a tank top and sweat pants, she also tends to wear a gold chain around her neck and rings on her three middle fingers, she also has a tendency to wear red sandals, the pockets for said pants tend to be large enough to conceal her trademark yo-yos within too.

Other: My ideal voice for her is Monica Rial, with her character from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt as a base.
Her name roughly translates to ‘Wrathful Nightstorm.’
Death Valet: Gekido Yorashi
Now gaze if you will upon the past of Gekido Yorashi, empress of the Sukeban, and one of Hetelville's biggest gangleaders.
Next up is another of Gagensh's friends, a rather unheard of creature known as a Tulpa and an even odder name, Commander Blastjam...wait until you get a load of him!
Venturing through the woods by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
Venturing through the woods
A commission drawn for me by :iconliyaperfidious:


No particular story here, just Winston Pike's more adventurous sister Betty strolling through a forest during travels...though I wonder what she's looking for...


Betty Pike belongs to me.
Hello again, and today I'd like to tell you about a tall, looming ape who'll kick your teeth in either for money, or maybe because he enjoys it and is real subtle about this. Here's Andre Le Pein!


Name: Andre Le Pein

Bio: Andre Le Pein is a highly trained, former member of the French military turned mercenary, and also a humanoid chimpanzee.
In his youth, Andre was in fact raised in an orphanage; his real parents still a mystery even to this day. As a youth though, he was very stoic and quiet, usually keeping to himself on an almost constant basis.
In spite of his lack of social interaction, he did make a couple of friends in the form of a pair of weasels who tended to smuggle items that weren’t allowed into the orphanage, partially due to their influence he started to gain some criminal tendencies. The weasels never really feared bullies because Andre seemed to enjoy fighting, and anyone who did this would generally be attacked by Andre…though he was as vicious as he could manage to them.
This didn’t really change as he got older, aside from those two weasels pretty much any kid in the place began to get picked on by him, Andre especially liked to start fights and beat the Hell out of people, the nuns who ran the place were pretty much unable to discipline him, and around the age of twelve, he and the weasels decided to run away to the streets.
With the aid of the streetwise weasels, they basically became petty thugs who started to rob nearby businesses, and as Andre got older they worked into unlicensed boxing, the chimpanzee developing into a particularly vicious fighter…but in time, fighting wasn’t enough…he wanted to kill, but at the time he didn’t want to get caught for it…however, as the Iraq war broke out he found an opportunity.
Using the fight money he’d gained from his boxing, Andre left France (saying goodbye to the weasels) to move to America where he promptly enrolled in the military as soon as he could, at first it was a little difficult but within several months he was able to get in (having learned English due to watching 70s exploitation films).
After he was enlisted, he did fairly well at training…in fact he was head and shoulders over the rest of the trainees, due to his immense potential as a fighter, he enrolled as a navy SEAL, and before long was deployed.
In Iraq and the Middle East, Andre proved to be very good at his job, gaining rank faster and earning a sizable amount of prestige. He developed a reputation as ‘The Unkillable Ape’, especially among his colleagues. However, underneath the surface of his decorated career, he had a tendency to (when nobody was looking, or when he thought nobody was looking) engage in war crimes, usually through cruelly dispatching people he was fighting in overly sociopathic ways, or torturing prisoners with the assistance of a few equally sociopathic soldiers he’d met. He also started to frequently loot the corpses of people he’d killed for money and anything he could possibly sell for money, including weapons, and it wasn’t too long even before he’d start stealing weapons from the army and sell them on the black market.
This sociopath’s downfall came several years later after he’d attained the rank of lieutenant, when an ambitious young reporter, aided with the help of adventurer Betty Pike, found out about his operation and succeeded in exposing him, there was a massive media circus about this scandal, which provoked Andre to make a run for it, but he didn’t get far after three full battalions of soldiers were sent to capture him in addition to two covert military/intelligence squads of extraordinarily skilled or powerful people known as Troupes, after about a full week of hunting him down they finally succeeded in capturing him, though not without considerable casualties along the way.
Andre Le Pein was sentenced to be exiled to France, where the guy was joining to be given life imprisonment in solitary confinement…however, when he attempted this, his plane was shot down by a group of Islamic extremists, who reportedly wanted retaliation for how he’d sadistically murdered a relative of their leader.
In truth however, no such group was involved, rather mercenaries on the payroll of Joshua Sanchez, it was the first year he was running his criminal organization and he was running into various problems, needing a good enforcer who was worthy of the fear and respect of someone of his stature, he liked Andre’s style and thought he’d fit the bill.
And so after having his death faked, Sanchez offered to take on Andre Le Pein as his personal enforcer, the chimpanzee ended up accepting his offer, reveling in the opportunity to kill and rob as he pleased again.
Over the past few years he’s made quite a name for himself among Sanchez’s organization, becoming a strong enforcer whose killing skills have even improved over the years, becoming a feared assassin and one of Sanchez’s best operatives. And at present he’s still a loyal member of the mobster’s crew, capable of even going up against monster hunters with ease…

Personality and Mannerisms: Andre Le Pein is the formidable second in command of Joshua Sanchez, a stoic and determined killing machine willing to do whatever his boss asks of him.
Andre Le Pein greatly enjoys killing people, to an extent you’d expect more from a psycho killer, you wouldn’t generally know this though due to how he’s silent and reserved about it.
He’s very stoic and usually doesn’t speak unless he has something to say, Joshua really being the only person he’ll regularly converse with, he’s also on good terms with the weasel friends he’d grown up with, usually calling them sometimes. When not killing he usually is by himself, and likes to watch boxing matches, this is due to him not having much use for people, though he is quite fond of the few people he genuinely likes.
Andre is asexual, which sets him apart significantly from the rest of the cast as he has no interest in members of either sex, save from simply wanting to kill people.
He is very intelligent and not easily fooled; though he’s fully willing to pretend to be dumb muscle just to fake out an opponent. He’s not a criminal plotter or an engineer, but his intelligence is still pretty present. He’s also got a sizable interest in chess and reading novels.
While very loyal to Sanchez, he’s also highly greedy and motivated by the desire to earn as much money as he can manage through his criminal activities, to him there’s not really such a thing as ‘too little money’, however he’s also known to pool and manage his money to finance the purchase of better equipment and invest them in making his job easier.
Among his other interests, aside from those mentioned about, he is quite interested in rugby, steak dinners, watching people make fools of themselves on Youtube and thriller movies.

Powers, skills, and equipment: Andre Le Pein is a very dangerous chimp, a hardened ex-military man who possesses incredible fighting skills that are borderline superhuman, in fact his own ability to fight is roughly equal with that of Alistair Garth’s.
He is military trained, and a former SEAL, though he’s a much better fighter than most soldiers, to the point where he could fight like he was a whole squad all by himself, he even tended to fight like he was a riot squad (minus the shields, and added with an overly sadistic attitude).
As you could expect, he’s really good at hand to hand combat, he was good before becoming a soldier but after joining the marines he turned into a better fighter, extremely better even! In time his  skills grew good enough for him to beat full squads of enemy combatants to death even if they had firearms with them. Truth is they’re so good that virtually every member of Joshua’s organization who’s aware of his existence is absolutely petrified of him, and this group includes, among others, super strong, bulletproof trolls with mountainous fists.
In addition to his incredible skill in fighting, he also has phenomenal skill in gunfighting, he’s only slightly above average accuracy wise (though he’s quite good with sniper rifles) but in terms of instincts he’s very skilled.
Other things he possesses is the same sort of training given to SEALs, which includes demolitions, another area he’s greatly skilled in.
One other advantage he possesses is that he’s quite skilled in the art of improvising, capable of planning on the fly, though he also possesses a keen skill for strategy.
Andre is of great physical fitness, possessing great strength and speed, he also has a high tolerance for pain and is very resilient, though as he’s not invulnerable he can bleed but it takes a lot of damage to take him down.
His outfit is completely bulletproof and fire proof, though bombs can cause him trouble. His favorite equipment happens to be various assault rifles, a Desert Eagle magnum and hand grenades.

Appearance: Andre Le Pein is a six foot tall, black furred chimpanzee in great physical condition, stoic and imposing just by appearance alone.
Due to large amounts of exercise he’s preformed, Andre is in top physical form and his build is quite intimidating to most people, however he has several scars on himself, several marks on his back that resemble whip marks, a long scar on his front torso, a couple scars on his face, and one in his thigh.
He possesses a sizable lantern jaw, and brown eyes that frequently remind anyone who looks into them of a hawk, he possesses also a beard, one he grooms well though mostly to keep it fairly short. His hair is quite short, in fact it’s so short that he’d be full out bald if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s a humanoid ape, and by a result has hair nonetheless, it’s just very short.
His outfit consists usually of a blast vest similar to that of Bane’s from the Dark Knight Rises, in addition to a black sweater worn beneath it, he also usually wears a pair of military pants with a camouflage theme, which have a belt equipped with a holster for his Desert Eagle.

Other: Some of Andre’s influences included Batroc the Leaper (specifically his movie version), Crossbones (as seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier), Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men and Jopling from The Grand Budapest Hotel.
His name is intended as a pun on ‘pain’ and also a reference to a French far-right politician Martine Le Pen.
The reason he’s French, and a Chimpanzee, is a reference to the stereotype of the French being ‘Surrender monkeys’, the irony being that he’s anything BUT a coward, this also reflects how the stereotype is also one that isn’t true, in truth the French actually have a very strong and sophisticated navy, in fact the only thing that caused them to gain that reputation was surrendering to the Nazis, and in that case they didn’t have choice!...Plus they kept fighting Hitler after they surrendered.
Andre is essentially a character who can fight most the heroic characters (excluding ones like Oglethwhip zim Hobbersnatchers, for obvious reasons) on relatively even terms, though several he’s outright stronger than him, the person who’d have the best odds of beating him in a fight though’d be Alistair Garth…though on the antagonist side Ednit Mritue or Dennis would have better odds of beating him than any of the other antagonists.
Death Valet: Andre Le Pein
And here we have a mercenary chimpanzee who may or may not take your money and kill you anyways, most particularly if you've really pissed him off, a really imposing motherfucker...and next up is another criminal, a Kitsune, Sukeban gang leader named Gekido Yorashi.
Hello again folks, here I am, and here is a character bio for a minor Death Valet character who'll have a larger role in a spinoff I'm planning to develop for it, so read forth and see the tai- I mean tale, of Glory Hol, the unicorn with a rather unfortunate name...


Name: Glory Hol

Bio: Glory Hol is a unicorn, jeweler, and owner of one of the best jewelry stores in Hetelville. She especially enjoys making her own jewelry, using some of the best gems she can find in her work quite often.
While she is a businesswoman with a lot of money, her family came from more humble backgrounds. Rather they were a lower class family who originally lived in the Hetelville trailer parks, but by the time Glory had grown to the age of six they’d gotten an actual house. Previously they had an unhealthy tendency to go through jobs at an astonishingly fast rate, though they eventually managed to stabilize it.
While her parents had little class, Glory was an odd exception as while still young Glory developed a sense of poise and grace that totally baffled her parents, she behaved more like a gentlewoman though still a kid and it showed. However, her parents didn’t mind, and were also proud that Glory had high aspirations, she wanted to become rich and help her own family (though her attempts to teach her parents more manners didn’t end too well, though had better luck with her little sister Cinnamon when she was born.)
At a young age, Glory developed an interest in gems, she loved their beauty, the way they sparkled, and how you could make some very good jewelry with it, and it was then that she decided she wanted to work as a jeweler.
Glory found and took any classes in school that could help her achieve this kind of job. She was already a skilled and attentive pupil, and excelled in these courses, showing she was developing a true gift for jewelry.
Through her own efforts and hard work in after-school jobs, she obtained plenty of resources to make jewelry with and when she eventually left college she took an entry level job as a polisher.
From there she worked hard, and eventually managed to prove herself skilled enough to open her own jewelery shop, and developed a reputation for her own brilliant creations.
While she’s became a high-end jeweler, Glory never forgot her family and helped them get into a better home, though to her frustration her attempts to make them more polite still failed. She does love them very much though; Cinnamon frequently hangs out with her sister as well.
She’s well become one of the best jewelers in Hetelville, and is known for her skill, poise, manners, and grace. Though she isn’t a stick in the mud and knows how to have fun, and unbeknownst to most does have her own ‘wild’ side, though it’s not usually seen.
Glory’s a ‘friend’ of Rod’s who first met him after hiring him three years ago to help her recover some stolen property. A story that will be told in time…

Personality: Glory Hol is a fashionable young jeweler, with a great passion for her work and being very well mannered, with a tendency to actually enjoy mud being splashed onto her from time to time.
While quite proud of her looks , outfits, and jewelry, she’s actually quite modest, and despite her immense beauty she’s somewhat insecure about her looks, this ties into one of the reasons she likes to wear elegant and fancy clothes…sort of a way to help her feel better. She also likes being in the spotlight for the same reason, she’s no attention whore but she likes attention quite a lot because of said insecurity.
While she likes to be quite clean and tidy, she secretly likes to get dirty and is quite spontaneous whenever she can; she doesn’t do this more often because of her career and how it imposes her own tidiness on her, she doesn’t like being dirty all the time, but does love  to do so when she can. Her spontaneous nature is more present though, usually when she’s not working.
Glory does like attention, but also loves it when the best qualities of others are on display, and loves to do whatever she can to help bring it out…like bringing out the potential of a gem by treating it.
While she has a secret interest in getting dirty, Glory has a rather formal vocabulary and really likes to use more sophisticated and refined words most the time.
She has an incredible attention to detail, which helps her a lot in making her jewelry…and has numerous other uses, which contributes to her own cleverness.
While a ‘proper lady’ and being quite dainty, Glory is quite tough and resourceful, in addition to being a quick and clever thinker…and she’s willing to actively defend people in trouble if she finds them. So while some people think of her as relatively harmless…she’s anything but.
She’s quite willing to make a profit off of her well made and often quite expensive jewelry, she’s also very generous and will work hard to protect those she loves, her friends, and those in need. However, she is very much aware of how some conniving fiends could try to exploit her generosity, and is prepared for anyone who might actually try something like this.
She especially cares for her younger sister Cinnamon, for whom she’d do pretty much anything, and is sort of a mentor to the young unicorn, though said sister is much more brash and blunt than her.
Glory is not blind or has eye trouble, but really loves the look of glasses, hence why she likes to wear them often.
When it comes to her work, she’s incredibly determined, and puts her heart and soul into it. She loves it an awful lot and will put a lot of work into everything she does…though she’s not a total workaholic. But she is very passionate about jewelry and gems, and loves to keep up to date on stuff she should know about them.
While Glory is a ‘proper lady’ she also has her flirtatious side, and can also be quite horny. While she’s not a full on nymphomaniac, she does have a tendency to invite men over to her house occasionally to have sex, she mostly tries to hide this tendency but she still does it…she also tends to only select men who could give her some real good loving, and it can take some work to woo her if a man rather wants to seduce her.

Powers, skills, and Abilities: While not a character who fights much, Glory is a highly intelligent mare, though her intelligence lies mostly in her own skills of running a business, gems, and the creation of jewelry. Her self defense classes helped her learn how to think clearly when in a fight, and while she has little experience fighting, she can think on her feet when she needs to.
Her self defense classes helped her learn how to hold her own in a hand to hand combat fight, she’s actually pretty good at it, though her skills with it are nowhere near the superhuman level that they were now, but after the adventure she had with Rod she began to train more in case she wound up in a fight again. And at present is a lot better at fighting, she doesn’t like to go on many adventures though.
Her main strength on the other hand, is magic…while in school she took several classes in magic, and grew an interest in it. She knows several spells that she uses in her work to help make diamonds…and some that can be used offensively. Her favorite and most used one is a telekinesis spell, which has numerous applications both in her work and daily life…and as she learned when a zombie tried to mug her once, can be very useful to defend or fight with.
Glory’s own incredible beauty can be used as a means of seducing or tricking more gullible men into doing things for her, though she doesn’t like the idea of doing this at all. On a related note, most the men she’s ‘been’ with claim she has great skills in sex…something Rod knows from personal experience.

Appearance: Glory Hol is a beautiful humanoid unicorn woman of twentyseven years of age.
Her fur is light purple, while her mane is light pink and her eyes are of a Magenta color. On both sides of her flank there’s a mark of a single, multicolored diamond on them, a form of mark that naturally forms on members of her species, though it varies from horse to horse.
In terms of physical appearance, she’s very, very beautiful, enchantingly so. To the point where some people have compared her looks to that of a goddess. Some specific details are thus.
Glory’s face is like that of the woman in this picture:… only a unicorn version with a six inch long, perfectly smooth horn the same color as her fur sticking out of her forehead. Her hair is long and flowing, kept very smooth through lots of grooming. Her bust is about the same size as that of the woman seen in this picture:… while her own figure is quite similar, though a touch more dainty and her butt a bit tighter, with her fur, mane and skin being very soft. Her tail is about two feet long and kept in a style similar to the mane. She does not, however have hooves, instead having a pair of feet, and they are quite lovely too.
For clothes, she generally wears a pair of glasses similar to the human woman in ShoNuff’s picture, while her outfits tend to vary based on the situation.
For business, she usually wears a gray businesswoman outfit with a modest skirt and a blazer, in addition to high heels that are present in all her outfits but the metalworking one (which she also enchanted to have an inability to lose balance after a few falls while running in them years ago.) For metalworking she has a baggy gray jumpsuit with gloves for handling hot materials, plus a pair of goggles that function like wearable microscopes. For other times, her outfit can tend to vary and has a wide variety of clothes, but generally brighter colors than her business outfits, her preferred clothes tend to include gowns, dresses, and skirts, all of varying kinds. She doesn’t usually wear the same outfit all the time, so it tends to vary. One thing she does wear very frequently and with just as much variety is jewelry she makes herself, which include a pair of diamond earrings, the finest ones she’s ever made too. She also uses a moderate amount of makeup.

Other:  Glory Hol is essentially a large shout out to Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, though there are several noticeable personality differences. What gave me the idea to make this character was this picture…. Her name is both a reference to MLP character Glory (whom Rarity is based off of) and the object known as a ‘Glory Hole.’ She’s given this name as a shout out to the girls from James Bond films who usually have names like this on a regular basis (Pussy Galore, yeah that’s real subtle…)
Death Valet: Glory Hol
And behold, now we've detailed the bio of a posh unicorn with a name she might want to up will be the bio of a hardened criminal and imposing menace, the mercenary ape Andre Le Pein.
Hello there, it's been a while hasn't it? Since I brought up a new character bio, take a look here at my newest one, Jacob Young the mutant genius who hasn't even gotten out of high school yet...


Name: Jacob Young

Bio: Jacob Young is another friend of Gagnesh’s and Marie Asimov’s boyfriend. He’s an incredibly smart mutant whose parents are also mutants…this particular type being mutated human beings that came from a now destroyed underwater, would-be Utopian city in the Atlantic, one that became a species unto itself due to excessive genetic modifications brought about by the cult that built it.
His parents, Rolf and Janet Young ,had originally moved into the city before it became the world’s biggest (and shittiest) fish tank, and like most residents of this city, they ingested homebrewed substances that mutated their bodies and minds until they turned into something downright twisted…and the mutations also drove them entirely insane, oddly enough though they were among the few mutants of this city who were in an actual relationship in spite of how they were batshit insane and the first time they met came about when the woman thought the man was her pet dog (which actually got eaten by a giant squid) and the man thought she was his aikido teacher.
In the eighties, when the city was finally found by underwater explorers from Hetelville working in concert with a ‘Professor of Lost Societies’ from Atlantis, the place was falling apart and nearly destroyed due to the ravages of time and the warring amongst these insane mutants, these explorers found it was nearly on the verge of destruction and with the help of the US government ‘shanghaied’ the mutants for their own safety and salvaged as much of the city as they could.
As you could expect, Jacob’s Young’s parents were among those who were removed from the city.
Now, for the safety of the mutants and others, they were kept in an asylum until they were able to reduce their insanity to manageable levels…but as it turned out, the genetic engineering and the effects on their brains were permanent, but the insanity could be rendered consistent.
Jacob’s parents were released and they moved to Coralsburg, Hetelville’s underwater city district, and basically took jobs near the submarine docks. They wound up marrying and after several years they finally (or more importantly they finally got around to) sired Jacob, who was born in 1998.
Amusingly enough, in spite of how his parents were batshit insane, Jacob himself was actually born perfectly sane. As it turned out the second generation mutants, for some reason or another, would be born totally sane and their parents (while still clearly bonkers) would usually do an alright job of raising them, even if as the mutant kids grew older they’d tend to become more responsible and saner than their parents were.
As you could expect, Jacob grew up as the responsible member of the household who generally kept his parents out of trouble, and wound up developing an immense sense of responsibility at a young age, in fact he actually tended to learn faster than people usually did, and due to him taking a liking to learning as his parents generally weren’t able to help him learn too well, he made it a habit to read and learn as much as he could.
Alongside helping his parents out, he would also attend school, where he excelled in his studies due to his love of learning (which was kinda needed given how he had to be the responsible one of his family), though the fact he was smarter than most the students tended to make him and them not get along well, usually due to the jealousy of some and how his social skills weren’t wholly good. He himself tended to be very pissed off by the stupider members of the school, he was quite used to dealing with stupidity and insanity from other mutants, that he could tolerate as they had that stuff in their genes and couldn’t escape it (at the time) and didn’t know any better. Other species however had no excuse to act this way, hence why it regularly pissed him off. He did have a couple friends, but for the most part his hair trigger temper resulted in him having almost no friends.
Until he met Marie Asimov.
When he was first speaking with her, he was quite irritated with her stupidity but she had a certain charm to her, he also liked the idea of maybe changing an idiot into a much smarter person. He never really succeeded but through her he was able to develop a new tolerance for less than intelligent people, and formed a friendship with her.
Like with his own parents, he’d often help Marie from getting taken advantage of by more conniving students who’d trick her into giving them money. He himself would become quite protective of her, and was able to take pride in what little successes he’d make in improving her intelligence.
As a kid, Jason’s main ambition was to become a geneticist, so he could study genealogy and how altered genetics affect human beings, having to be the more responsible person for his parents had affected him very much, and he was determined to find a solution to the types of genetic alterations that caused the mutants he and other mutant kids were sired from to develop gene based insanity, and help prevent gene altering substances from harming the next generation’s genes before they were even born.
He first met Gagnesh and Kira after Marie Asimov decided to take a magic course, as Jacob was able to help her learn he knew jack shit about magic, but had heard of Kira as knowing a lot about magic, and deciding to approach her to help them out by teaching Marie magic…it didn’t go too well, as you may know already, but the two had established a friendship with the two, and ever since they’ve been good friends.
Around the age of twelve, he and Marie started dating, interestingly enough it was she who initiated the relationship by asking Jacob out, who was quite shy about this and kinda bashful about this, in spite of him otherwise being very confident in his abilities, nonetheless it soon developed into a true relationship and they’re very much in love.
As of late, his studies towards his goal of becoming a geneticist have become quite fruitful, and he couldn’t be happier…also, he and Marie had recently lost their virginity together, which has improved his mood even more.

Personality and mannerisms: Jacob Young is a brilliant young mutant with great intelligence, though while good natured he can be rather hard to get along with sometimes.
Partially due to his upbringing living in an underwater section of Hetelville, more specifically a neighborhood mostly populated by other mutants like him, he is well accustomed to insanity and great stupidity, and if he’s dealing with it from someone who has either one due to genetic reasons or other reasons where it’s unavoidable, he’s not pissed off with them, rather very patient and thoughtful for them.
However, for people who aren’t stupid or insane for genetic reasons, he is easily irritated by them because, in his own words ‘They have no reason to be’, stupidity tends to frustrate him, and the fact he’s much smarter than most everyone around him tends to make this complicate matters. However, there are some fools he can tolerate for various reasons, chief among them Marie Asimov, who he loves dearly despite her own stupidity…however, while a friend of Mark Vericon’s he and him generally tend to be at odds almost all the time due to how stupid Mark is, Rod Garth has also been able to piss him off at times as well, though less so than Mark.
Jacob is quite hot tempered, and when he’s pissed off he tends to get very loud and hammy, yelling like he’s a ticked off banshee, his movements will also be very similar.
In spite of being this hotheaded, he’s actually got a good heart, and is a very patient individual with his friends…except Mark. He is also very patient and helpful to his loving, yet insane parents, basically helping make sure they stay out of trouble and that they can help keep their jobs.
Jacob has a slight case of Asperger’s Syndrome (or rather his brain has a few traits of it) and isn’t the best with social interaction, though Marie’s helped him with this and he’s able to interact with people better he still has problems now and then.
He’s highly sarcastic and deadpan, also having a tendency to talk back to people, especially to people he considers fools.
Jacob, like the rest of his friends, dislikes bullies and heinous criminals, so when the opportunity to beat the hell out of either comes up, he’s more than willing to do so. While a teen of science he’s got some violent tendencies, though this isn’t as apparent because he usually doesn’t resort to violence when angry unless you’ve done something downright evil, but he’s basically incredibly relentless when it comes to fighting…it’s little surprise though, given the past of his species.
Science is something that’s very special to him, and he tends to take it very seriously, with a zest for knowledge that defies that of most people, he loves to learn new things and is very, very thorough when it comes to learning anything, possessing an incredibly sharp memory.
His primary interests where science isn’t concerned include plays (watching them to be exact, especially Shakespeare productions, which he tends to analyze as he watches), the studying of history and music, both classical music and more modern rock and disco music, his favorite bands being the fictional band Gorillaz, electroswing band Tape Five, Korean pop star PSY, and swing band The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, though his favorite solo artist is David Bowie.
Jacob tends to flex his fingers often, kind of an instinctual action he has for no real reason. He also has some favorite foods in the form of fish (he prefers it unbreaded), Indian food and herbal teas.

Powers, skills, and equipment: Jacob Young, as a result of the gene altering substances taken by his mutant parents, has several superhuman powers wired into his own genetic code, which are potentially dangerous given his own intelligence and how it can prove very handy in using them.
Most of these abilities are physical in nature, Jacob possesses superhuman strength, like the strength of eight average people. He also is about as fast as five average people, though he also possesses incredible levels of agility, dexterity and reflexes, capable of even dodging bullets with these.
Due to specific alterations in his parents’ genes, he can cling to walls just by touching them, with about as much ease as a common insect, he can also perform great leaps with little ease. He also possesses a lot more stamina than most people do, and has higher levels of senses too.
Jacob himself is very, very smart, and in contrast to his girlfriend, he is well versed in a large amount of fields, his main specialty is biology and genetics, possessing a massive amount of knowledge on this topic, and has performed several experiments in this field for school, usually involving potentially gene altering substances. He’s basically a mad scientist in the making, albeit a heroic one. And while his main specialty is in biological substances, he’s very capable of building mechanical devices if he wishes.
In addition, he has actually learned to fight and defend himself with the aid of training brought about through experience on Gagnesh’s adventures, and a few fighting lessons from Gagnesh himself. He’s not the best of fighters but he’s pretty good at holding his own even against grown men with combat experience, his own powers contribute to this quite well.
His preferred weapons of choice include a pair of ‘Tekagi Shuko’ knives, there’s nothing particularly supernatural about these weapons, they’re just normal versions of these weapons. In addition he also carries around several miniature butcher cleavers as throwing weapons. He also keeps a set of scientific tools on hand in a small bag around most the time, the tools being used to obtain and analyze samples of genetic material he finds. He’s also capable of MacGyver esque improvising if he has to.

Appearance: Jacob Young is a mutant human, and due to the substances his parents ingested long before they sired him, he has an odd appearance that looks very much unlike a normal human.
For starters, his skin is so pale it looks almost corpse like, and he has just four fingers on each hand and each foot. His blood veins happen to be blue and glowing, a full set of razor sharp (all carnivore) teeth lies in his mouth, his eyes are a bit bigger than a normal human, quite wide too. He also doesn’t have skin on his cheeks, save some strands that’re just hanging from them and connected to the lower jaw. The right side of his skull is slightly larger than the other side; he’s also got dark red air that he keeps in a crew cut. He’s also got some rash like markings on his left hand, while his right hand looks more clear.
His build is that of an average human being, though his muscle tissue is considerably denser than an average human being’s and he has wiry arms.
For clothes, Jason tends to go about wearing a pair of socks that’re actually a lot more like shoes (think like the kinda socks in Spiderman’s outfit) but allow his unique pores to attach themselves to walls, he’ll also wear a black shirt with a blood red skull and crossbones on the front (with effects on it meant to make it look like it’s dripping), a light green newsboy cap and a pair of black pants.

Other: Jacob Young’s species of mutant, in addition to the backstory of his parents, is intended as a homage to Bioshock, one of my favorite videogame series.
Death Valet: Jacob Young
And here we have the profile for my newest character, Jacob Young the mutant prodigy.
Next up will be a female character more important to the spinoff I'll be making fr Rod Garth, the beautiful unicorn woman, Glory Hol.
Jason Young belongs to me.


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Well...Easter was good, almost good.
Sadly though, I couldn't truly enjoy it, because in the morning, just before we could go to Church...our pet goose, Goosezilla was hit by a van.
She has two open wounds, one on her back (though her wings usually cover it up) one of which is on her right foot (which my Dad says is broken) and she seems to have pulled a muscle in her right wing, but aside from that she's alive, which is also thanks to me and Dad doing what we could with the first aid kit, applied antibiotics and gauze to it, and also cleaned out her wound as best we could.
However, we don't know whether or not she'll make it, there's still some risk of infection :( we couldn't make sure all the dirt was out unless we opened her foot up more, and none of us know how to preform surgery on a goose, we also can't afford to bring her to a Dad says we can't really pay for one.
There still is a chance we can heal her, but to be honest I don't know how big a chance it really is...we'll just have to wait and see just how this turns out.
For the time being, we've put her up on the front porch, beneath some old blankets, with some hay, food and water next to her. I hope she'll get better...she hasn't honked too much, I can hear her honk a few times but I wish she would more.
This one of my family's favorite pets, very dear to us, and I'm afraid she might not make it...I mean, I hope that she does survive, but I'm still very's a tragic accident it is.
If you can, please pray for Goosezilla's safety, I'd really appreciate it.
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