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Beach Blanket Betty by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
Beach Blanket Betty
After a lengthy adventure that occurred entirely offpanel (where else could she have gotten all this sweet, sweet loot?) Betty Pike's decided to lounge about in her bikini, taking a much deserved trip to the beach (where in the world it is though I have no idea)...and judging from the looks of it, she's not alone either, but she doesn't mind this at all.
This picture of Betty showing her stuff was drawn by my good friend :iconneroursus:

Betty Pike is owned by me
Roundin' up Trolls out on the Borderlands by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
Roundin' up Trolls out on the Borderlands
Well that's what it looks like (just calling them like I see 'em), here, drawn for me by :iconjaehthebird:, while it took quite a while to have drawn ultimately I am very satisfied with how it turned out.

Here we see Alistair Garth, one of the primary characters of Death Valet standing atop a troll with a large price on his head, who he has just captured and hogtied. Attacking him are the troll's henchmen, a zombie fox, a wolf who's in a 'Mad Max' getup, and a pale skinned human in a biker helmet with a big 'ol spiky club. They took offense to Alistair hogtying their boss.

What they never learned in school though (which schools should teach) is that you 'Don't argue with badass alligators who're dual wielding shotguns'...they don't teach it though, but this is generally assumed.

However, Alistair wasn't able to wear his cool ass pilgrim hat as it needed to be cleaned after...difficulties, in capturing a blob, so he used his backup hat...which he won in a poker game between several vampires.

Alistair Garth is owned by me, and I guess the other guys here too, though I don't really care about these fools.
Name: Rachel Reilly

Bio: Rachel Reilly is the mother of Ralph Reilly, Gagnesh’s friend. Rachel herself is a widow who originally lived in Wisconsin until her husband died about nine years ago.
Rachel was born in Madison, Wisconsin on February 19th 1977 (being at present, thirty five years old) to her parents Robert and Rosemary Reilly. Robert worked as a trucker while Rosemary was a door to door saleswoman, albeit a part time one.
She was a fairly average young girl, who had friends and did alright in school. Though even as a kid she had a tendency to often end up in comedic shenanigans, willingly or otherwise, which included one time when a prankster took over her school and wreaked havoc within it…and also installed a large variety of bizarre machines meant to drive anyone inside the school batty, Rachel escaped the school though (but not before, however she ran afoul of a machine that covered her in flour and water) and managed to call the authorities.
Over the course of her life, she’s gone through quite a lot of situations, problems and hijinks but has been able to handle them pretty well. And lived an alright life, though since she was a child she’d read a lot about Hetelville and has wanted to go there someday, but she never actually got a chance though (once though, as a kid she wound up meeting Tabitha Lupei when she happened to be in the area).
When in college, she met her future husband Roger while bowling, the two wound up striking up a conversation, then had some dates and then wound up falling in love. At age 20 (having only been there two years) she and him both graduated college, during the same year they also married and by 1999 she gave birth to Ralph, and they lived happily for a few years.
Until 2003 when Roger died of a brain aneurism.
Needless to say, she was saddened immensely and quite depressed for a while after her husband died…she quite honestly was unsure of what to do with herself and didn’t really have any job at the time, she was a housewife.
A friend of hers however, suggested that she take a change of scenery, as she’d always wanted to live in Hetelville (having only been there once in her life on a five day trip she and her husband had as a honeymoon) she suggested that she move there. Rachel was on the fence about it for about a month, but ended up deciding to move there, and try to make a living in this city of the paranormal.
Now, while she wasn’t sure about how she’d get a job there, she was determined to find a way to make a living in this city. So she and Ralph moved to Hetelville, and using money left over by her deceased husband, bought a nice home in the city.
And so she made a life for her and her young son, growing used to the weirdness of Hetelville and making friends there as well.
Like back in Wisconsin, she had a tendency to end up in comedic mishaps often, though unlike there she tended to wind up in ones that were wackier and a touch more zany. Though she did end up in the more mundane kinds she was used to as well…one thing that was altogether different was that she’d often end up in sexual situations which would frequently end with her getting laid, something that surprised her immensely.
After giving birth to Ralph she’d gained a sizable amount of weight and while she was still clearly very pretty despite it, while before most men she’d met in Wisconsin found her weight a bit of a turn off…in Hetelville on the other hand there was a sizable amount of men who found her quite attractive in spite of her extra pounds.
So the idea of men finding her attractive again wasn’t something she expected, and in addition to her comedic mishaps she’d often end up in situations where some situation or series of events that would lead her to have sex. In addition to a large number of random men, she also had erotic run ins with several of the more notable womanizers in the city (including Rod Garth, with whom she has a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship). Unlike some other characters like Julia, Tabitha or Belinda, she almost never actually seeks out one night stands or something, she just happens to get the opportunity and take them, though she doesn’t take them as often now due to how Ralph is quite weirded out by the idea of his mother sleeping around a lot, he doesn’t mind that she has sex (sort of) as it makes her happy (why exactly explained below) but not in excess amounts.
While Ralph developed friendships with Mark, Gagnesh and their friends, Rachel developed friendships with Anala, Vixena, Marigold, Aurelia, Tabitha and others in their social circle, and she’s good friends with them, especially Aurelia, Marigold and Vixena.
Due to her numerous comedic mishaps, she has wound up going through a very large amount of jobs for a while after ending up in Hetelville, which included taxicab driving, pizza delivery, a waitress job, a street mime, a secretary, video game reviewer, an ice skater, working at a fast food restaurant, low end talk show host, retail clerk, and many others. Her rapidly shifting jobs came as a result usually due to her mishaps (comedic and sexual) and also poor luck.
One particularly notable job came about two years ago when Vixena, feeling especially sorry about Rachel’s problems with jobs, offered her to become one of her ‘workers’ in her brothel, basically a prostitute…both Vixena and Rachel were uneasy about the job offer but Rachel needed one at the time so she accepted.
And as it turned out, she was quite good at her job, both in terms of ‘service’ but mostly because for some reason she became very, very popular with the clientele, and was heavily requested…she actually rose through the ranks of the brothel due to how high the demand for her was, and Rachel was raking in a lot of money. She’d even developed a form of fame around her.
However, she resigned after about three months due to how Ralph was extremely uncomfortable with her working as a prostitute, after this Aurelia rather offered her a job in her shop, a job she still has to this day.
Now Rachel’s living a good life with her son, and is content with her life for the most part. She’s doing her best to make sure she can help keep her son and her living alright.. She’s content to live the life she has, not exactly a normal one but not an adventurous one. She’s alright now, and is doing what she does normally, going through comedic mishaps and sexy incidents (such as when Mark Vericon seduced her shortly before the events of Death Valet using advice from Rod Garth).

Personality and Mannerisms: Rachel Reilly is the mother of Ralph Reilly, a kindhearted woman and also one of Aurelia’s few employees at her shop.
Like her son she’s not a Hetelville native, though unlike him she actually grew used to Hetelville’s weirdness faster, especially impressive given how she’d lived in a much more ‘normal’ area and for longer than Ralph had even. There’s still several things that tend to weird her out though, but the amount of things that do are more or less the type of stuff that her son is weirded out by.
Unlike her son, she actually has little interest in the field of monster hunting, as far as actually doing it goes, she’s got a job that involves working with monster hunters, or rather she helps them sell gear, she is also supportive of Ralph’s choice to train to become one, though she is quite concerned for his safety given the large risks the job has. It’s not that Rachel’s a coward at all, in fact she can be pretty brave if she wants, it’s just that she’d really prefer to not risk her life unless she has to, plus she doesn’t find bounty hunting to really be that interesting a job.
Rachel has a fascination (not extremely so but enough to want to live there in spite of her having lived in such a different place) with Hetelville and the culture surrounding it, even long before she moved there…it was the diversity of the species living there, and how they tend to blend together so well, and how varying the city’s architecture could be that drew her in.
Rachel’s a very nice woman, quite sweet and good natured, rather polite to most people, even strangers and is always willing to help people, even those she doesn’t know (within reason), she’s generally got a good attitude and is very patient, though this patience can be eroded if dealing with a particularly annoying person but she does her best not to show it.
She can be a bit chatty sometimes, though has a good ability to gauge about how long a conversation needs to go on.
Some people have confused her with being a fool due to her good nature. This is a very wrong perception as she is actually quite clever, quite smart and able to easily tell if someone is trying to take advantage of or trick her, and she doesn’t like this happening at all.
Ralph is very important to Rachel as he’s her son, and her husband is dead…she loves him very much and tries to help him with growing up as best as she can, supporting and caring for her son, and doing her best to ensure that she can always put food on the table.
She’s also got some self-esteem issues due to how she continually lost her jobs due to the hijinks she ran into, she’s very appreciative that she’s been able to keep the job Aurelia’s given her. Aside from the large amount of trouble her hijinks have caused her with jobs, she’s a surprisingly good sport about them. They tend to be more amusing afterwards than just incredibly troubling, though there are sometimes the hijinks can be just plain humiliating. She has a lot of interesting stories to tell and is willing to tell them to someone if they ask.
Now as mentioned above, Rachel also tends to end up in sexy situations that tend to end with her getting laid now that she’s in Hetelville. So it can be said that she sleeps around a lot, but what makes her a bit unique is that she almost never seeks out men for sex (except for a few times when she actually calls Rod Garth over), instead the circumstances she tends to end up in cause her to end up getting laid. While surprised and disoriented in these at first, Rachel has grown used to this happening and actually enjoys this a lot, she tends to have a lot of fun in the sack. Part of the reason is due the fact she has gotten somewhat lonely with no husband and is as a result fully willing to have sex with numerous men due to the opportunities Hetelvile provides. She doesn’t take up just every opportunity though; sometimes she’ll just turn them down depending on the man, the time of day and whether or not she was busy.
Rachel used to be quite self-conscious about her weight, viewing herself as not being attractive anymore and that she’d never have any hope of love…as you could expect, the amount of sex she’s gotten has allowed her to realize that in spite of her extra weight she is actually quite attractive, she’s not shallow or arrogant because of this, but she’s had a noticeable boost in self-esteem after realizing this, she is now not ashamed at all to be fat.
Rachel’s favorite foods include cheese, sausage, pizza, waffles, beer (she doesn’t drink it often, but sometimes she takes a can or two and enjoys them) and chicken. She’s also a large fan of the Green Bay Packers football team and likes to watch drama films and comedies.

Powers, Abilities, Skills, and Equipment: Rachel is one of the few characters (devised so far) who is not a monster hunter or any kind of adventurer, so she doesn’t really have too many skills to name.
She is an alright cook, and can clean…she has also picked up a number of skills (with varying levels of skill, I don’t have specifics) from the numerous jobs she’s had…not too many skills to speak about aside from this though.

Appearance: Rachel Reilly is a thirty-seven year old human woman, and Ralph Reilly’s mom. She’s also quite overweight, but in spite of her excess tonnage she’s actually quite attractive.
Now, Rachel wasn’t really able to get rid of the weight she’d gained after carrying Ralph in her womb as a fetus, which is partially why she’s the size she is. I haven’t figured out her exact weight, but that isn’t particularly important right now (especially since I’m unsure if I can calculate her weight to scale, but that’s something I’ll figure out after she’s been drawn).
Anyways, Rachel’s a heavy woman but she’s clearly not obese, in fact a good deal of her weight has gone to her thighs and butt. The rest of her body clearly possesses more weight than a smaller woman should, around her arms, waist, breasts and even face (though that one seems to have gotten less than the others).
In spite of being as large as she is, Rachel is still a quite attractive woman, in essence being what some would call a BBW or ‘Big Beautiful Woman’, as her fat doesn’t actually subtract from her looks or her attractiveness, and in fact actually increases it (most especially where her rump is concerned), her face is also pretty attractive, in spite of the fact some of her weight is present in it. Her belly is a bit comparable to the one on this woman:…
She is a Caucasian woman with black hair, that she keeps in a beehive hairdo similar to this one:… and possesses a nice pair of brown eyes, with a nice long pair of eyelashes on them.
For clothes she wears a pair of blue pants, a pair of blue oxford shoes and a red t-shirt (which has a small neckline that exposes part of her cleavage but not very much at all, more like the beginning of it, and beneath it there’s an image of a daisy. As can be expected, her pants and shirt are all fit to her size. She also wears a pair of pearl earrings and a pair of turquoise socks. She also tends to wear makeup, usually just lipstick though.

Other: Rachel Reilly’s character was inspired by a few different things, such as sitcoms. This being in the fact that she has a tendency to wind up in ‘comedic mishaps’, so you could say that among the characters her role (while quite minor in the story itself) would be more like comic relief.
Some other influences came from porn film tropes, more specifically the (sometimes convoluted) situations where some man or woman goes and does something that ultimately sets them on a series of events that gets them laid. Rachel is such a person and more of an ‘everywoman’ as opposed to some of the other characters who sleep around…well technically not an everywoman, since nobody, and I mean nobody gets as many opportunities as she does to ‘do it’, I just mean this in the sense that she actually doesn’t possess the amount of seduction skill characters like Tabitha and Julia have, and usually has better things to do than actively seeking out one night stands, instead just taking whatever opportunity comes to her, depending on what she’s doing at the time.
The main reason I have her sleep around…is kind of a joke at Ralph’s expense :giggle: for anyone wondering what specifically I’m talking about, here’s some literature:…, while he is willing to accept her doing so, he’s still not very fond of the idea of his mother sleeping around though.
Rachel Reilly’s of German and Swedish descent.
Her voice is that of a Wisconsin accent (for those needing references, think of the Coen Brothers’ movie Fargo).
An influence on her (in terms of appearance…or more specifically, what gave me the idea to make her a BBW) was the mother of Kitty Katswell from T.U.F.F. Puppy. I’d seen this picture of said character once, and it occurred to me that among the female characters I have, I don’t have any who are plus sized, and then the idea occurred to me to make Rachel such a woman.
Death Valet: Rachel Reilly
*Ahem* Sorry for the long delay folks, but after quite a while, here's the character profile for a new Death Valet character, that of Ralph Reilly's mother Rachel.
The next profile will be of Jacob Young, a teenaged mutant and friend of Gagnesh
Alternative Reference Sheet: Rod Garth
And now, here's an alternative reference sheet also drawn by :icongygyman: a version of it that shows what he looks like sans clothes.
This was drawn for reference for certain scenes,  and also as fanservice for anyone interested.
Enjoy folks!
Reference Sheet: Rod Garth by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
Reference Sheet: Rod Garth
And now viewers, after quite a long time of waiting, here we have the reference model for Alistair Garth's big, strong, womanizing, boisterious adventurer of a brother Rod Garth! Drawn for me by :icongygyman: after quite a while...but waiting for him to draw this is worth the wait :)
For those unfamiliar with who he is, check out his profile: Death Valet: Rod Garth


Alexander James Foix
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United States
To I am known as A.Fox, to Youtube I am known as AFox739, to my friends I am known by my real name (Alex Foix), but to this site I am known as A-Fox-Of-Fanfiction (didn't have room for site.)
Well...Easter was good, almost good.
Sadly though, I couldn't truly enjoy it, because in the morning, just before we could go to Church...our pet goose, Goosezilla was hit by a van.
She has two open wounds, one on her back (though her wings usually cover it up) one of which is on her right foot (which my Dad says is broken) and she seems to have pulled a muscle in her right wing, but aside from that she's alive, which is also thanks to me and Dad doing what we could with the first aid kit, applied antibiotics and gauze to it, and also cleaned out her wound as best we could.
However, we don't know whether or not she'll make it, there's still some risk of infection :( we couldn't make sure all the dirt was out unless we opened her foot up more, and none of us know how to preform surgery on a goose, we also can't afford to bring her to a Dad says we can't really pay for one.
There still is a chance we can heal her, but to be honest I don't know how big a chance it really is...we'll just have to wait and see just how this turns out.
For the time being, we've put her up on the front porch, beneath some old blankets, with some hay, food and water next to her. I hope she'll get better...she hasn't honked too much, I can hear her honk a few times but I wish she would more.
This one of my family's favorite pets, very dear to us, and I'm afraid she might not make it...I mean, I hope that she does survive, but I'm still very's a tragic accident it is.
If you can, please pray for Goosezilla's safety, I'd really appreciate it.
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