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Name: Ralph Reilly

Bio: Ralph Reilly is one of Gagnesh’s numerous friends, and unlike most of them is not a Hetelville native, rather someone who moved here with his Mom from Wisconsin.
Ralph was born in 1999 to Roger and Rachel Reilly, the father an account manager at a bank, while his mother was a stay at home Mom. They were fairly normal and average people, who like Winston didn’t really encounter any weirdness and paranormal creatures at all.
However, Ralph’s life changed at the age of four when his Dad died inexplicably of a brain aneurism.
He was rather traumatized at how his Dad had died suddenly and without warning, he and his mother mourned for quite a while.
Rachel wound up choosing a somewhat drastic move, and on the advice of a friend chose to move to Hetelville, with her son coming along with her.
Needless to say, Ralph was very much thrown off guard when he moved down there, with all the weirdness and creatures living down there he’d never, ever seen before.
Despite the change in residence, he was still able to live a comparatively normal life, though he initially didn’t get along too well with his peers, in school he ended up making two friends in some of the last people you’d have expected him to befriend.
These friends were in fact the reprobate Sasquatch Mark Vericon (who he met after catching him trying to raid his lunchbox at school, and got along surprisingly well despite how very different the two are, said friendship starting over a mutual interest in videogames) and the shy slime girl Flo Wing (who even back then was a major shrinking violet, him having approached her and despite her shyness they still managed to develop a good friendship, with him developing a large crush on her not too long afterwards), who became close friends of his and helped him settle into the city.
The trio met Gagnesh in class at around the age of nine, Flo having wound up being befriended by Kira, who became good friends with her. And through her they met Gagnesh.
Now Ralph really only knew a normal life, and didn’t particularly desire to risk his life on a regular basis, but even he couldn’t deny that the stories Gagnesh told about his father-figure Alistair and his adventures  were very inspiring to him and he sorta wished he could do stuff like him.
Which made him ending up as a sort of reluctant adventurer quite fitting and a bit ironic.
He, Ralph, and Flo became close friends with Gagnesh and his other friends, and also ended up getting involved in the adventures Gagnesh and his group of friends frequently wound up in. The first one coming about because of an accident, where Ralph accidentally pissed off Boss Greg, leader of the ‘Jersey Boys’ (a large street gang in Hetelville based off of the ‘Sports Fan’ subculture) dues to him admitting to be a fan of the Green Bay Packers in a restaurant that ‘Boss’ happened to be eating at, and Greg deciding to try and beat him up out of spite due to them having recently beat his favorite team in a game. Now the more bold Mark was nearby and helped save his ass by dropkicking the guy’s henchmen and helping Ralph and Flo (who was eating with them) both to escape.
Gagnesh was a monster hunter in training, and Ralph told him about the problems he had, and the young tiger decided to help him…so he and his gang of friends proceeded to go to Ralph’s house to help defend it against the gang when they came back to retaliate.
They fought against them and actually managed to successfully drive Greg and his men back, defeating them by proving that they were too much trouble for him to bother with…that and how Ralph wound up managing to beat him after Greg briefly managed to overpower Gagnesh by smashing the guy with a cinderblock.
This first informal adventure was the first one Ralph went on, and he did like it despite the immense amount of fear he felt during it. In truth he was still quite scared about the thought of potentially losing his life in an adventure, but he did like the idea of journeying out. Plus he wanted to learn how to try and impress Flo and finally get the nerve to confess his love for her.
So, like Gagnesh, he decided to enroll in a program at school meant to help train potential monster hunters (which was where he got his raygun) to try and become one when he gets older, and ever since has been adventuring alongside his friends throughout the years, still trying to help get the nerve to tell Flo his feelings for her. One thing to add is he has a reputation among them for not being more prone to fighting like the others and tending to try and think about how to deal with his problems, this mostly being because he has doubts about his actual ability to fight.

Personality and mannerisms: Ralph Reilly is a good friend of Gagnesh, and among the whole group could really be considered its ‘everyman.’
While he moved to the city at a young age, as he is not a Hetelville native he isn’t as used to weirdness as the others…and as a result, he can be surprised by this weirdness, not incredibly surprised but it can surprise him easier than it would others. He’s actually thoroughly used to the casual weirdness the city presents, and isn’t completely surprised by even mundane creatures you understand, due to how long he’s been here…he can however be totally dumbfounded by some of the much weirder stuff though.
Ralph is a good and loyal friend, even when he has to put up with Mark’s antics (even though the guy has an immense sexual attraction to Ralph’s mother, which Ralph doesn’t like at all), and is willing to go on adventures with them despite being quite scared of most the danger these adventures bring.
As he’s similar (more or less) to an everyman, Ralph is (understandably) quite frightened by danger and the idea of having to fight paranormal beings, at the present at least. This stuff can frequently scare him, most especially when he’s by himself and he’s severely outnumbered, if there’s not too many foes he won’t usually freak out or anything.
Now despite the aforementioned cowardice, Ralph is still actually quite brave, and can face his fears pretty well, though not all the time…he will never abandon people though, because no matter how much fear he feels, ultimately he’ll never leave people because of it, most especially his friends.
One thing that adds to the fearful tendencies is his intelligence, Ralph is a very smart and clever guy though sometimes in a panic he’ll analyze a situation and if he believes he has no chance of winning he’ll try to find some other way out of it, if he has help he’s less likely to do so and help fight though he’ll still be as careful as he can manage because he very much knows his limits. He’s quite methodical and careful when he actually does fight, and tries to avoid hits as best he can as he’s pretty sure he won’t be able to take a good one.
However, his ability to analyze situations is quite helpful and appreciated by his other friends, so it’s not a weakness, more like a double edged sword.
Ralph is often quite self conscious and a bit scared about letting people down, especially his friends, mother, and Flo Wing (especially her), and this is a definite weakness of his he’ll have to overcome one day.
Now one may wonder, if he’s got these fearful tendencies, why does he want to be a monster hunter? It’s because in spite of his fear he wants to overcome it, and the life of a monster hunter fascinates him…so fear or no fear, he’s determined to overcome it and become a badass.
Ralph is a good natured, kind fellow who is also very generous, fully willing to share things with both his friends and strangers (he’s no idiot though, so trying to rip him off is a bad idea), and especially those in need.
He’s been bullied in the past, so in general this is a bit of a sore spot for him.
Because he’s something of a nerd, Ralph can be a bit shy, and socially awkward, he can interact with the people he knows alright (though he still can’t really ask Flo, or any girl for that matter, out) though he has some difficulty with people he doesn’ know, part of this is present also due to trauma he suffered from losing his Dad, something that haunts him even now, though he’s better at dealing with it than he was before.
While he hasn’t had too much luck with girls, he holds a torch for his friend Flo, who he very truly loves and wishes to date…however, because of his lack of confidence he can’t actually work up the nerve to confess his love to her.
Lastly, Ralph is a geek whose interests include a large love of videogames, science fiction, and spaceships, especially videogames. It’s not uncommon for his preferred idea of hanging out to be playing a multiplayer game or having a LAN party.

Powers, skills, and equipment: While Ralph is by far the most ‘normal’ of Gagnesh’s friends, he is still a monster hunter in training and has some good skills that make him more formidable than most would expect.
While a bit scared of danger, Ralph has an unusually clear head, or more to the point he’s good at thinking. He’s quite quick witted, even when panicking and can use this both to defend himself and solve other problems. He’s openly compared this trait of his to that of a protagonist from a survival horror game, as this trait of his is very much like one.
Ralph is about as fit as an average human with one exception…he has strong legs, which is derived from the amount of running he’s done over the few years he’s been adventuring. As a result, while he cannot run at superhuman levels, he can run significantly faster than your average human, he also has slightly above average agility.
While not an insanely gifted hand to hand combatant, Ralph has been taking some good fighting lessons, and has skills in fighting, these skills are above average and actually pretty good. But while he is skilled, he’s the weakest fighter in their group in terms of fighting skill. However, he can make these considerably dangerous if he combines it with the above mentioned wits.
He’s not a crack shot shooter, but has developed some pretty good aim with the gun he’s keeps with him…which is a powerful raygun Gagnesh helped him buy for his training course (which requires the participants choose a weapon of choice when they take it, and his happened to be the aforementioned raygun) that looks like it came out of a ‘Raygun gothic’ science fiction tale. He takes good care of this gun, and it’s an effective weapon too, though he doesn’t always use it immediately unless he feels it’s needed for the situation.
On a note unrelated to combat skills, he’s incredibly gifted as a gamer, and due to his immense enthusiasm for them (and the fact he’s been playing them for a long time) he’s developed great skill at them, he’s quite talented with pretty much any game he tries, and is supremely skilled with them though he’s humble despite it…in time these skills could be borderline superhuman.

Appearance: Ralph Reilly is a Caucasian human male of fifteen years of age.
He has the build of an average human of that age, though he’s in good shape (not superhumanly good though) and has legs that are in better condition than the rest.
Ralph has black hair that’s in a style similar to Shinji Ikari’s, and has brown eyes, he’s got some good looks but isn’t exceptionally handsome, and on a final note for his face he’s got some freckles.
For clothes he usually wears a brown t-shirt that’s a bit baggy and has a videogame character on the front, a pair of baggy, grey cargo pants, round glasses and a pair of brown shoes.

Other: Ralph Reilly is intended to be the ‘normal’ member of Gagnesh’s group of friends, and a bit of an everyman. He’s a bit similar to Winston in some aspects, though unlike him has adjusted (mostly) to Hetelville’s weirdness. Other influences were the ‘action survivors’ frequently seen in survival horror films, and to a lesser extent Brief from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.
Fitting the above, my ideal voice actor for Ralph is Joel McDonald, who voiced the aforementioned Brief.
One other thing is that he has some minor klutz tendencies and is a bit accident prone.
Death Valet: Ralph Reilly
Hello, and welcome. After long last, now we have the bio of Ralph Reilly, another of Gagnesh's friends and a monster hunter in training, a bit of an action survivor character, who was somewhat inspired (sort of) by the protagonists of survival horror games.
Next up will be the profile of Vixena Fukui, Kira Fukui's mother.
Reference Sheet: Dennis by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
Reference Sheet: Dennis
And now, fresh from the pen of :iconfenori: here comes the newest reference model, that of the psychopathic vampire assassin Dennis. I'd like to thank her again for her good work, and it was worth waiting several weeks to obtain.
For those who don't know who Dennis is, here's a link to his profile: Death Valet: Dennis
Reference Sheet: Jason Garth by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
Reference Sheet: Jason Garth
And now, courtesy of :iconveeturtle: Here's the reference image for Jason Garth, one of Alistair Garth's siblings and a professional racer.
More reference sheets will come in the future, but not yet...the next two drawings I'll pay veeturtle to do will come a while later.
Anyways, if you don't know who this character is, here's his profile: Death Valet: Jason Garth
Reference Sheet: Betty Pike by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
Reference Sheet: Betty Pike
Thanks to the help of :iconveeturtle: we have the reference image of Winston's sister, Betty Pike. A traveling adventurer, in contrast to her brother who until the events of Death Valet never left the town he was born in for the most part...
For those who don't know who she is, here's her profile: Death Valet: Betty Pike
Lodge sweet Lodge by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
Lodge sweet Lodge
Now here is something very fascinating, see that lump in the snow?
THAT, is a beaver lodge...our swamp has a family of beavers in it, though I'm sad to say that in all the time I've lived here I've only seen a beaver once. :( It's not too good a sight, all covered in snow but I'm planning to take another picture once all this snow's melted.


Alexander James Foix
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
To I am known as A.Fox, to Youtube I am known as AFox739, to my friends I am known by my real name (Alex Foix), but to this site I am known as A-Fox-Of-Fanfiction (didn't have room for site.)
People...there's an artist in trouble, and I'd very much appreciate it if you spread the word about this young woman's situation and help her out however you can.
Here's the scoop, as copypasted from my best friend Italianschizoidboy.

"Alright guys, I'll just get to the point and copy and paste the latest news from my friend

I’m sorry to say that this blog post has nothing to do with art or stories, but for me, it is even more important to post.

My dear friend hathound  has had some health issues for the last year. In July she had a seizure and a complete blackout when she was home, luckily with her family around. This was when a cavernous malformation (cavernoma) that had bled inside the front right ventricle her brain was discovered by MRI as the cause of the seizure. Intraventricular cavernomas are dangerous and account for approximately 2% of all cases of cavernous malformations, so it was decided that Miranda has to undergo surgery to remove it.

She lives in America, so sadly the medical costs are mounting for her and her family. So I made this in hopes that people would be able to help out, either by spreading it around, or give a little to the fund.

It does not matter how much it is, even a single dollar is appreciated greatly.

Miranda's Medical fund

You can find more details around her case in the fundme link.

Over the past two years she has become one of my best friends, which is why I’m spreading this around as much as I can.

I’m sorry to post this on a blog that should be dedicated to stories and art; but please help me to spread this around.

She will be undergoing her brain surgery this Thursday.

So yeah, if you have some money to spare please consider a donation, if you don't you can at least try to spread the word and show that you care.

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