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I'm creating a graphic novel, and I need some reference sheets made for it. Now there are in fact almost twenty reference sheets, and there'll be more soon enough. But while I'm contacting some others to help me, I'm still going to need if anyone out there does commissions or reference sheets for money, please stand up, I'm fully willing to hire you to draw for me.
Edit: Here's a link to my project gallery, where the profiles of the characters I need drawn are. a-fox-of-fanfiction.deviantart…
Dusk snowfall. by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
Dusk snowfall.
Final winter picture for today, and my last snowflake picture...which also includes a shot of my Dad's garage and our chicken coop...please excuse the little blur in the lower right hand corner, that was me I'm afraid, didn't realize it until too late, by then there was no snow and I haven't been able to come across the right conditions for a picture since. Still, hope you'll be able to enjoy it nonetheless.
Christmas in November by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
Christmas in November
Well, not one I took inside the snowstorm, but it's one of the best I think. Certainly illuminates the yard, even though it's quite dark, has the tree's outlines as a background, and gives us a nice look at the fresh snow.
No two snowflakes are alike... by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
No two snowflakes are alike...
Another snowflake picture, shot on another view of the swamp...this one has a lot more snowflakes in it though, like a clear night in the county.
All the lights in the Sky aren't just stars... by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
All the lights in the Sky aren't just stars...
Now this here's something I especially like...experimented with using flashes in photos during a recent snowstorm and found it actually lets me illuminate falling snowflakes, I was just blown away to see that I was able to take pictures like this. And as much as I can't believe I'm saying this...I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT BLIZZARD!
On a side note, to my friend :iconveterilu:, I hope you especially enjoy this photo, since you don't get snow down where you live, I have a feeling you'll really enjoy this picture of snowflakes falling down to the Earth...


Alexander James Foix
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
To I am known as A.Fox, to Youtube I am known as AFox739, to my friends I am known by my real name (Alex Foix), but to this site I am known as A-Fox-Of-Fanfiction (didn't have room for site.)
People...there's an artist in trouble, and I'd very much appreciate it if you spread the word about this young woman's situation and help her out however you can.
Here's the scoop, as copypasted from my best friend Italianschizoidboy.

"Alright guys, I'll just get to the point and copy and paste the latest news from my friend

I’m sorry to say that this blog post has nothing to do with art or stories, but for me, it is even more important to post.

My dear friend hathound  has had some health issues for the last year. In July she had a seizure and a complete blackout when she was home, luckily with her family around. This was when a cavernous malformation (cavernoma) that had bled inside the front right ventricle her brain was discovered by MRI as the cause of the seizure. Intraventricular cavernomas are dangerous and account for approximately 2% of all cases of cavernous malformations, so it was decided that Miranda has to undergo surgery to remove it.

She lives in America, so sadly the medical costs are mounting for her and her family. So I made this in hopes that people would be able to help out, either by spreading it around, or give a little to the fund.

It does not matter how much it is, even a single dollar is appreciated greatly.

Miranda's Medical fund

You can find more details around her case in the fundme link.

Over the past two years she has become one of my best friends, which is why I’m spreading this around as much as I can.

I’m sorry to post this on a blog that should be dedicated to stories and art; but please help me to spread this around.

She will be undergoing her brain surgery this Thursday.

So yeah, if you have some money to spare please consider a donation, if you don't you can at least try to spread the word and show that you care.

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