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Name:  Marigold Gumdrops

Bio: Marigold Gumdrops is a supernatural pony of a species native to another planet, though she herself is a Hetelville native. An information broker and owner of a bar for monster hunters, where they tend to congregate. She isn’t the first information broker monster hunters could hire but she is one of the best, and the most successful of them.
She was born on February 12nd, 1984 to a pair of ponies named Onyx and Rose, who were basically middle class and had modest jobs, she had a pair of siblings, an older brother named Quartz and three years later a younger sister named Orchid.
Marigold did alright in school, and made friends alright though even at a young age she had a supreme talent for learning, most especially facts. In a way she’d basically hear about rumors, and just about anything, and found herself being asked by most anyone she met for information, and by the time she went to high school, she’d actually learned how to get her friends to help her pick up more information, and was able to make a good portion of money through telling people in her school information.
And during high school she began getting a sizable interest in monster hunters after meeting some people training to become one (including a younger Alistair Garth), realizing that there was no consistent source for monster hunters to find bounties or information (save when the government issued bounties that could help them), they had to find their own ways to try and get their own specific sources and instincts to track them down.
Marigold smelled an opportunity and dreamed of making a large service for monster hunters that could provide consistent bounties and up to date information on any of the bounties, and took numerous courses in high school and college to learn what she needed to do just that, however during this time she also developed a large dream about wanting to own a bar as well.
She’d begun to develop a larger and more thorough researching system and actually managed to start her business in college, at first as just a website…and it soon became a big hit with the monster hunters.
Marigold also had an active social life in addition to her working towards her goal, and had both numerous friends…and went through several boyfriends as well, with her biped fetish apparent even then.
With the success she had with her business, in 2000 she was actually able to buy a bar which she then turned into the nerve center or her operations, and the place monster hunters could go for more exclusive info…in an environment where there’s no chance of wiretapping (she made sure of it) and their intended query finding out they’re after them.
Marigold has made a lot of friends in the monster hunter community, including Alistair Garth, Anala Mritue, Aurelia Lupei, and several others.
While she’s a helpful component in the monster hunting process that helps many criminals and monsters get their ass caught, nobody’s willing to try and kill Marigold because of the fact that she’s so endeared herself to the monster hunting community with all her help, they like her a lot, and if anyone tried that, they’d have to face the wrath of hundreds of monster hunters. Plus, like the people she helps, she knows how to throw down when she needs to…

Personality and mannerisms: Marigold Gumdrops is an enterprising, highly intelligent mare who is quite generous and friendly even though she’s quite fond of making a lot of money.
Marigold is a personable young mare, quite easy to get along with and pleasant to just about anyone, except those few people who actually try to attack or piss her off, if you try either one she’ll beat the crap out of you. But for people in general, she’s quite pleasant.
She is quite proud of herself, her immense intelligence, and of her business (plus the fact it tends to make a lot of money), so it’s safe to assume she’s got a bit of an ego on her, she’s not a complete egomaniac but she does think a bit highly of herself, this isn’t something that’s immediately apparent though.
Marigold likes the feel of knowing all the knowledge she possesses, viewing it as being as valuable as money and comparing it to being insanely wealthy, especially since people come from miles around for what she knows…she kinda likes the attention it brings her as well.
She also likes her bar a lot, and enjoys tending to the bar herself at times, usually able to handle pretty much any request as far as drinks go, though she absolutely refuses to serve minors, and is quite good at figuring out if someone’s lying about how old they are.
The pony is quite patient and a good listener, though sometimes is a bit prone to sarcasm if her drunken customers are being particularly moronic about something. She’s also willing to offer advice when asked for it, and usually tries her best at giving it.
Marigold is quite fond of money, loving the feel being wealthy brings to her…similar to how she enjoys knowing many, many things. She’s not absolutely amoral in her pursuit of cash, but is willing to haggle over whether or not she can get more money on a deal, usually with strangers, she’s not as willing to haggle with friends though, depending on what type of information they’re asking for, or what kind of drink they wish to buy. However she can also be quite greedy some times, and a bit vain too, something that’s caused her a lot of trouble, causing both arguments and rivalries, and a few lost friendships in the past, something she deeply regrets.
As for her personal life, she has several friends and is quite nice to them, among her friends being Alistair Garth and Aurelia Mritue, both of whom have sometimes helped her in obtaining valuable information. She is also particularly loyal to her friends and family, and refuses to sell any info on them, money be damned.
Marigold also has a rather active love life, though unlike some characters like Tabitha, Rod, and Julia, she doesn’t usually have tons of one night stands…she prefers to actually date and find a boyfriend, though she’s had to go through several, she isn’t adverse to having flings and screwing guys she’s just met but she prefers to actually date instead of just sleep around. Though she does have a few friends with benefits for when she isn’t dating, among them being Rod Garth.
One notable trait of her’s is that she has a sexual fetish that is found weird by several people (and likely most humans who don’t live in Hetelville), she isn’t too interested in the hooved, equine male members of her race…or rather it’s their build that she isn’t too keen on. She has a large love for biped creatures with a humanoid build, not humans specifically just male creatures who have such a build, she also has a thing for good looking, fit men specifically.
If she likes someone, attraction wise, she’ll usually be quite flirty around them and make it pretty clear that she likes them, often making passes at the object of her attention. When in a relationship she’s generally quite understanding and kind to her boyfriend. With both though she is known as a seductive mare, which is impressive since she is a horse, not a humanoid one but a sentient one with a human esque brain, which normally would dissuade others from wanting to date her.
On a closing note, like most members of her race, she is a vegetarian, and her favorite foods in particular are carrots and apples, though she is also quite fond of ice cream. Her favorite drink is wine, white wine to be precise.

Powers, skills, and equipment: Marigold Gumdrops is a brilliant young mare who provides an invaluable service to monster hunters with her talents.
Firstly, Marigold is very smart, possessing a very keen and sharp intellect, in addition to being quite clever and having a ton of skill in managing business.
While incredibly smart, her main skill is in two things, one being information gathering, and the other being bartending.
Marigold has a massive number of agents both known and unknown and in many places, she herself has a photographic memory and can remember just about anything she reads pretty easily. She is very skilled in knowing how to manage her agents and in keeping all her secrets pretty tightly kept, basically it’s downright impossible to crack into her data vault, Ednit Mritue was the only person able to ever to do it and even then it was incredibly hard. She is also good at discerning whether or not information she gets is fake.
In regards to bartending, she’s quite patient with customers that she serves and is also a very creative drink mixer, in fact she’s actually invented no less than forty different alcohol combinations. She’s also got reflexes able to tend to multiple customers on short notice, in fact she’s actually slightly better at mixing drinks than she is at her information skills, but only slightly so.
Marigold has some training in fighting due to some Karate courses she’d taken, in fact she actually has a black belt in karate, and has had some experience in fighting several people.
In addition, her race (or rather that particular breed) is known to possess greater strength and stamina than a normal human, Marigold herself having the equivalent strength and stamina of ten men.
Despite having a non-humanoid body, she’s also a pretty good driver…as insane as the image of a horse driving a car may sound.
And lastly, Marigold, while not completely and absolutely skilled in doing this, she has some good skill in seduction, something that should be pretty clear since she prefers to date and have sexual relations with more humanoid beings as opposed to her own equine species, so some considerable skills in this area would be needed in order to obtain said men.

Appearance: Marigold Gumdrops is an attractive mare in her late twenties, possessing a tan colored coat of fur, with gold colored hair kept in a braid, and a slim attractive figure (by equine standards anyways). Just in case one didn’t notice earlier, she is a pony…not a humanoid one though, more like one of the MLP variety.
In addition, she has a lovely pair of brown eyes, a nice, long tail, and a rump that’s attractive (even by human standards).
By the sides of said rump, she has an image on each side of two wine glasses doing a toast.
Marigold usually goes around totally naked, which is understandable given her species. She does however have a tendency to wear a nightgown when she sleeps, unless she has company. She also has a pair of saddlebags she frequently uses as a purse, though usually they’re worn on her back instead of held.

Other: If the name wasn’t enough of a tip off, Marigold is basically intended to be a homage to My Little Pony, though several aspects of her are more meant as references/parodies of some aspects of the brony fandom. Such as the fanfics of ponies and humans meeting…and clop. Her fetish for bipeds is also an affectionate parody of the fanon’s view of Lyra Heartstrings, specifically her fascination with humans.
Regardless, she’s still at heart intended to be a tribute to the series, parody elements aside, the name itself certainly seems like it’d fit.
She’s kinda like a ‘mission giving’ character in games, that’s sort of like what she is in the story, though this’d be much more apparent in spin offs (in fact if there were a videogame adaption of Death Valet, she’d be the primary giver of side quests).
As for where her race comes from, I’ll tell you more about that later. For now I’ll add that some of the first settlers from her planet actually were around in DV’s world since before the 1700s even…they were in fact the Houyhnhnms from Gulliver’s Travels, and their first city on Earth happened to be on an island.
Death Valet: Marigold Gumdrops
Behold viewers! The profile of the newest Death Valet character, the equine info broker herself, Marigold Gumdrops.
The next profile will be of another of Gagnesh's friends, Marie Rotwang.
A taste of Wyoming, pic two by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
A taste of Wyoming, pic two
This is the other picture I took, this one looking at this humongous hill nearby covered from top to bottom in trees.
A taste of Wyoming, pic one by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
A taste of Wyoming, pic one
Hello there, it's been a while since I published some pictures...this (and another pic I'm publishing shortly) happens to be a very good one I took last year during my trip to Wyoming, this was taken from the top of a very, very large hill me, my Dad and my older brother trekked up. This was one of the two photos I took of the magnificent view, using my brother's camera. Hope you all like it.
Which parts of my gallery do you like best?
6 deviants said Death Valet, the prologue, profiles and pictures
1 deviant said My stories, including Black and White and Stranger
1 deviant said My photos
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
That night, Blackie wasn’t able to get to sleep too easy, given that he was sleeping next to a hot yet very dangerous cat…the thought was nice, but he couldn’t let himself get too relaxed lest he develop an erection and really cheese Lucy off…he was too fond of his skin to let that happen, plus he didn’t want to bother her like this.
But it wasn’t too long before the two of them were able to go to sleep, and while Lucy would have no dream this night, Blackie would have one that he’d never forget…


Blackie woke up inside his bedroom, it was morning and as he woke, he noticed that he was alone.
Looking to his right he saw that Lucy was nowhere to be seen ‘Must have gotten up before me’ he thought.
“Damn right” the cat herself said.
Blackie turned to look at his door and noticed Lucy was there, still in just her underwear…and giving him a sly, knowing grin.
Blackie didn’t think much of it, and got out of bed…forgetting he was naked and accidentally flashing Lucy.
Panic quickly overtook him, and he quickly shielded his dong from Lucy’s eyes “S-sorry Lucy, I didn’t mean to flash you!”
“Oh I don’t mind” She purred, in a seductive tone “Your…other head looks just great.”
Confusion overtook the panic “Uh, Lucy? Are you feeling alright?”
“Never better” she replied, reaching both her hands behind her back.
“Wh-what do you mean? And why’re both your hands behind your back?”
“To give you a delicious treat” she chuckled, her hands having suddenly unhooked her bra, letting it fall down from her chest.
Blackie’s eyes widened, he never EVER expected to see Lucy’s airbags. And here they were, right before him, quite large and downright sexy.
“Like ‘em?” She giggled “They’re all natural, and full of milk…want some?”
“Uh, I don’t know…I thought you said you’d maim me if I tried to get in your pants?”
“Oh that was then. Right now, I’m feeling a bit…” her hands gripped around the sides of her panties, and Blackie began to sweat.
“Frisky” she finished in a husky tone.
She swiftly yanked off her panties and exposed her pussy to the Casanova, an event almost everyone would believe was downright impossible.
Blackie crossed his legs to try and hide his growing erection, which Lucy found amusing enough to giggle about it.
“Not convinced? I’d have thought you’d want to pounce on any piece of ass you could find” She purred “Not satisfied?”
She turned around and thrust out her rump at Blackie, his shaft growing even bigger as she acted more and more uncharacteristically provocative.
Now he’d finally had enough, if this was a trick than Lucy was an Oscar worthy actress.
He stood up, a grin beginning to rise on his face as he began to feel the heat come onto him.
Lucy licked her lips as she eyed Blackie’s boner “Mmm, and here I thought I was the only one here packing heat.”
“Wait until you see me bring it.”
“I can’t wait…let’s make this a game” she giggled, Blackie noticing that she was inching for the door.
“If you catch me…you can do me!”
Giggling again, she quickly ducked out the door, Blackie running up to grab it “Oh, it’s on now baby!” He chuckled.
But as determined as Blackie was to finally pound that pussycat, he wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen.
When he opened up his door, he was in shock as he saw that instead of the rest of his house, there was a long pathway from some woods in the autumn, the path strewn with brown and red leaves.
As he tried to figure out what was going on, he also noticed Lucy about twenty feet away, running backwards as if taunting him. He remembered his challenge and took off in a run, missing hall be damned!
Taking off in a run, Blackie was able to make it pretty close to Lucy, but just before he could touch her she spun around with incredible speed and ran off again.
He picked up the pace, surprised on how it seemed like he wasn’t using any energy at all…but not exactly complaining as he began to catch up to Lucy.
But just before he could actually touch her, she quickly turned left into a path he didn’t previously see “Think fast!” She giggled.
“I might take my time with you, but I’ll catch you pretty damn fast!” He responded back.
As he turned into the path he was in for an even bigger surprise, as instead of a forest, he saw a large field in the winter, covered in a large, fresh blanket of snow, with Lucy nowhere to be found.
Not wanting to lose a once in a lifetime opportunity, he hurriedly scanned the field with his eyes, trying to see where she was. He could have sworn he could have touched her.
“Yoo-hoo!” Called out the familiar voice of the feline who currently wanted to sleep with him.
He looked over at the center of the field where he heard the voice, and was surprised when Lucy rolled over off her stomach and exposed herself to his sight once again.
Blackie wasn’t sure at all what was going on, but he had to admit that was pretty clever, using her fur like that to hide in all this fresh snow.
“Look at all that snow” she purred “So soft and inviting…like bed sheets.”
The hardness got even harder as she purposely spread her legs apart, like Blackie would when he finally caught her.
“Ooh! You wanna help me melt the snow? Well follow me then!”
Blackie’s mind was dragged right out of his staring straight at Lucy’s cooch, and he charged right at her.
With a lustful meow, Lucy flipped off of her back and agilely began to bound across the rest of the field, acting like some kind of gymnastic stripper, her curves and boobs flying right through the air.
And Blackie sped towards her with the speed of five perverts…times two!
Speeding through the field of snow (that didn’t freeze his feet for some reason) with mysteriously unlimited stamina, Blackie practically flew through the air like a missile, nearly catching up with his feline soon-to-be fling.
But shortly before he could touch her, she suddenly stopped and jumped up into the air like she was doing a cannonball, right in front of…a very large hole he didn’t notice before.
“Last one in the water’s an ostrich!” She chimed out as she vanished into the water that mysteriously surged out and dragged Blackie in.
The bear was flailing around and scrambling as he flew through a tunnel full of water. There was no light or anything, leaving him a bit scared and wondering just what a giant tunnel of water was doing here to begin with.
What was especially confusing though was the mere fact that he couldn’t feel a drowning sensation at all, and could actually breathe just fine. He didn’t understand this water at all.
Blackie didn’t need to think too much about that, because he could see a glimpse of light, and it was growing larger and larger as he flew through the tunnel, like he was being shot out of a gun.
He felt like a torpedo as he was blasted right out of a hole and flew right out onto a long, sandy beach that looked like it was in summer but for some reason was completely vacant.
Landing flat on his face, Blackie slowly got up from the ground and began looking around for Lucy, wondering just where she was this time and why he wasn’t wet at all.
“Oh Blackie!” Lucy called out again “Nice day out here isn’t it?”
Looking straight ahead he noticed a pathway that led straight up and over a hill, and at the top of it was Lucy.
She smiled sweetly down at him “You’re almost done Blackie! Just come on over the hill and I’ll fuck you senseless.”
Her hands reached up to push her breasts together, further reminding her of the reward “Don’t keep me waiting baby!”
Quickly turning, she ducked over the side of the hill like a ferret.
“I don’t know what the fuck is going on here” Blackie admitted to himself “But I love it!”
Blackie himself stood up and took full, confident advantage of the unlimited stamina he didn’t even know how he had, running up the hill so fast he could swear he was tearing out the bricks of the pathway.
Zooming over the top, he was amazed at what lay at the bottom…a large, beautiful garden in the spring.
The garden had a large number of trees and sculptures made out of bushes, and several large fountains…it was the most beautiful park he’d ever seen.
And about twelve feet away from him stood one of the most beautiful cats he’d ever seen, in nothing but her birthday suit.
“I love a man who rises to the challenge” she purred “Come on down to my hill and hurry…my pussy is so wet I almost need a towel.”
Blackie could see it too, Lucy’s vagina looked like it was downright damp, and she was ready to bone like she’d never boned before (which was actually true, given how she’s a virgin.)
A perverted grin rising up on his face, he leapt towards her this time actually managing to take her by surprise and pounce right on her.
“Oof” she grunted as Blackie landed on the white cat.
Holding her in his arms, the two lovers tumbled right down the hill, rolling down…neither one was scratched up or even had any grass stuck in their fur.
They rolled right into the garden, and continued to do so, rolling right through between a large pair of hedge walls, and after what seemed like a few minutes they rolled right into a clearing.
There was a large fountain in the middle of it, spewing out water…and it literally looked like a huge dick, there were a couple of park benches, a king sized bed, several hedge sculptures of men and women of various species screwing (he had to admit that one of them, which depicted a male rabbit and a female tiger with HUGE airbags as they did the ‘wild thing’ made him even hornier), and a statue that showed Blackie himself, grinning and nude as an equally nude Lucy hugged him like her own giant, horny stuffed animal.
They stopped rolling, with Blackie bear on top of the kitty-cat assassin, grinning down at her “Caught you.”
“You did” she moaned in a horny purr “And you know what that means loverboy.”
Blackie could feel her lifting both her legs out from under her, leaving them well up in the air, while his dick was currently rested up against her belly.
“I’m all yours! Give it to me Blackie!”
“A deal’s a deal” he chuckled, lifting himself right off of her. Blackie grabbed both her outstretched legs and significantly spread them apart to allow him easier access to her cunt so he could thrust into it even deeper.
“Permission to fire torpedoes captain?”
“Permission granted” Lucy replied, her face and voice showing she was very anxious for Blackie’s pecker.
The bear replied with a smirk and looked down as he lined up his dick with her pussy…and thrust it right in.
As his penis burst right into her virginity, he looked up at Lucy’s face. A look of amazement and pleasure was spread all over it as she felt the heavenly sensation of her first time in the sack, her mouth forming an ‘O’.
He noticed soon though that she felt a bit of pain too but she motioned that it was alright.
“I’ve…never been stabbed like this before” she moaned in a throaty voice “Oh God I love it!”
“Every woman I’ve ever porked loves it” Blackie bragged.
Slowly he withdrew his dick and then thrust it back in, starting out slow and gentle for Lucy since she still was a virgin and not used to the sensation of a man fucking her. She was still finding it somewhat harder to get used to at first, but as he continued to plow her the more she enjoyed it.
Lucy’s arms were just laying around idly, reaching onto the ground and gripping them like a vice.
She looked back up at her lover’s eyes and moaned “Harder!”
Blackie, never wanting to disappoint a fine lady like this, nodded and began to fuck her with a harder and faster rhythm than before.
“Oh! Ah! Ah! Aaaaah yes! Oh God yes!” Lucy cried out in joy as Blackie continued to give it to her, her hands stopped grabbing the grass and grabbed onto the bear’s sides, wanting to be closer to the man making her into a woman.
Blackie’s eyes closed and he grunted as the sound of flesh smacking against flesh continued to fill the air. Lucy’s snatch felt Heavenly to him, her pussy maybe the best he’s ever had.
It was like she was not a cat at all, instead some sort of angel from Heaven, ready to take his dong and send it to Valhalla where he’d do nothing but screw beauties like her forever.
He could feel her second pair of lips growing tighter around his dick as he continued to pound away,  her hands certainly wanted to use his back for handholds, and she was hanging onto him for dear life.
“Ohhh! Blackie I’m coming!” She screamed out, just around the same time as she did indeed come, the bear having brought about her first orgasm.
Blackie moaned out as he short his own load, releasing a whole load of his seed into her. He was feeling proud to have given Lucy her first time, he’d given her plenty of fun that day and she was just as fun to him as well.
As he’d finished firing out his full clip, he laid down right on top of Lucy, panting to catch his breath, as Lucy did the same.
The white cat purred and gave Blackie a gentle hug “You-*pantpant* you were amazing.”
“Heh, never thought I’d heard you say that.”
“Well there’s a reason I always wanted you to be the first man I ever slept with…you are truly gifted” she told him, stroking his face as she looked into his eyes.
In her eyes, he could see not just horniness, but something else instead…he could see love too, this wasn’t just her wanting to receive her first roll in the hay, but she longed for him…this he never thought could happen.
This assassin cat loved him.
He lay there, quite confused and was mildly surprised when she suddenly flipped him over.
“Pucker up, loverboy” Lucy purred, slowly bringing her face down to Blackie’s and calmly placing her lips onto his, giving the bear a slow and tender kiss.
Lucy’s body smelt of sweat from their boning, but underneath that he could smell something sweet too, like strawberries dipped in honey and sugar, he was lost in her smell, and wanted it to be with him forever.
After what felt like two minutes, her lips parted and the kiss was ended “Mmm” she giggled “You felt nice.”
She smooched him again, this time with more suction behind her lips, Blackie was ready this time and wrapped his arms around her, returning the gesture and beginning to make out with her, reveling in the sensation of her rough cat tongue as they began to share their newfound love.
It’s a shame though that this was just a dream, but you probably knew that already.


Back in reality, in Blackie’s bed to be precise, Lucy was beginning to stir from her sleep.
Despite the fact she was sleeping next to a real perv (a friend of her’s admittedly, but still quite a pervert), she’d been able to get to sleep alright, laying on her side.
She was glad Blackie could as well, but was less than pleased that now something, most likely him, was up and tickling her butt.
“Blackie” she growled “This may sound racist, but are you familiar with the expression concerning the dangers of waking up a sleeping bear?”
She rolled over on her back and looked at him, and was very confused when she noticed that the bear was still very much asleep and also on his side.
“What the Hell?” She muttered, wondering just what was feeling her butt until another thought occurred to her.
Carefully reaching behind her, she hoped that what was poking her wasn’t what she thought it was.
And the second she felt Blackie’s hard shaft, she realized the universe was trying to perform an attack on her self esteem.
Lucy’s snarl suddenly faded away, now she’d been embarrassed several times, and been in some humiliating situations…this one however beat everything else, and her face turned a very deep shade of red.
Now she didn’t regret sharing Blackie’s bed, he needed company to help him get through this, but she was hoping he wouldn’t suffer a wet dream.
Hell, she couldn’t even be angry with him. She wasn’t his dong’s keeper, and she didn’t know this would happen.
Of course there was always the possibility it was her body that was turning him on…but would that actually be the case when he was asleep?! He couldn’t be that horny!...Could he?
As Lucy began to think of how he could be aroused now, other thoughts began to enter her head. Did Blackie really find her this attractive? Why wasn’t she removing her hand from his woody? Did this type of thing regularly happen to him when he slept? Why wasn’t she letting go of his jolly stick? Would this turn into something out of a porno? …Seriously, why didn’t she unhand his friendly trouser snake?
But one thought that particularly weirded her out was…how would this large, fat dick feel inside her?
“Jesus! He’s just a friend…a friend with friends he regularly fucks, but I’m not one of those, and I certainly don’t want-”
Her hand shot away from Blackie’s junk quicker than someone who realized the banister of their staircase was coated in grease a little too late, her fur standing on end and her face turning to pure red…it was like somebody had painted it or some shit.
She quickly realized however that Blackie was not awake and commenting on why she was fondling his wiener, in fact he was actually talking in his sleep.
And this disturbed Lucy “Wha- Does he have pent up lust for me? This could be ba-”
“Oh Lucy!” He moaned quietly in his sleep “I love you!”
The cat was rendered awestruck, and speechless…was this genuine? Was this just some wet dream where he was fantasizing about doing her, or was he doing her in a dream but had actual romantic feelings towards her?
She looked right up at the ceiling and thought to herself ‘I-I don’t know what to do here, Blackie’s kinda cute...okay, he’s hot and not even I can deny that. But he’s a notorious lothario, sure he’s capable of loving someone and still sleep around without it being personal. But it could be he’s still just physically attracted to me…plus he just suffered a traumatic breakdown, he could be thinking like it’s some kind of rebound thing.”
Suddenly, she felt Blackie’s arm rest on top of her, in a way the bear was hugging her…like he wanted to be closer to the feline.
Lucy was still blushing…but she felt a bit warm inside, she didn’t know fully what it was at first, but it was later she’d realize what it was.
She decided that the best course of action was in fact to sleep on it…literally, she was sure she could wake up before him, and then nobody would know this happened but her.
So she closed her eyes and tried to go to sleep, and in Blackie’s warm embrace…she could.
What she didn’t realize however, was that as she began to sleep, a smile rose up on her face as she accepted the closeness of the handsome bear.
The thing she felt in her heart was something that had been placed in there unintentionally…it was something neither Lucy or Blackie had directly intended to put there, something neither of them expected to find with eachother.
It was a seed…a seed of attraction to Blackie, she had began to develop feelings for the bear, she just didn’t know it yet, and it would be quite some time before she did.
And as she began to sleep, Blackie’s dream was just about wrapping up…


Blackie and Lucy were still fucking in Blackie’s dream, they were on the ground still, and Lucy was on top of him.
She was moaning with joy as she rid Blackie’s large cock like she was in the Tour de France, and she was in first place.
The bear grabbed onto Lucy’s sides as she continued to screw him “Ah yes! Lucy!” The bear grunted as he felt the pressure build up in his dick.
“Oh Blackie!” Lucy moaned “Blackie! Blackie!” She chanted, about to come herself.
“I love you Lucy!” Blackie moaned, her pussy feeling like the best he’d ever gotten.
“You really do?!”
“Yessss!” Blackie yelled out as he suddenly shot his load…and found himself somewhere else.
She was still nude, but he wasn’t having sex, he was just sitting in a nice, wooden chair that lay atop a rug in a large white void. At the other end was a similar chair, where a fully clothed Lucy sat, smiling at him.
“So…” she purred “How was I?”
Blackie was very disoriented, but could still answer “A-amazing.”
“I bet you never thought I had a wild side…a shame we were only able to do this in a dream, you really were fun” she purred happily.
“A-a dream?”
“Well of course, silly…since when have I been this playful around you?”
“No…no you never have” Blackie’s voice was very disappointed and he looked down sadly.
Lucy was suddenly in front of him and he lifted up his sad face to look right up at her “There, there Blackie. True this was just a dream, but don’t think this couldn’t happen in real life…the harder a woman can be to woo, the more satisfying it is when you actually succeed in winning their heart…you know I have one deep down, and all you gotta do is take your chance when it comes. You already know I’m well worth the trouble.”
“Maybe…but won’t you just slug me?”
“Maybe, maybe not. It just depends on your motives, if you just wanna bone you might not succeed, but if you want love…well, you might be able to win. I’ll be retiring, so I could end up having certain urges coming now that I don’t have to be an ice queen all the time.”
“Heh, maybe…you really are lovely.”
“Thanks sweetie, now close your eyes…”


Blackie Bear woke up in his bed, confused about the whole situation, and still quite tired.
His head was looking right at Lucy and was a bit disturbed to notice that he’d embraced Lucy while he was asleep.
The bear was quite frightened that she’d beat the shit out of him when she woke up, and was beginning to raise his arm when he noticed the smile on her face, and was indeed a bit confused.
From what he could tell, Lucy was enjoying his presence, and she actually wanted his arm around her.
The last part was the hardest to believe, but as he started to lift, she began to stir in her sleep, and while still asleep she gently tugged on his arm to lower it.
He was real weirded out by this…but he was relieved and happy to see she actually was appreciating his company, and maybe while she was asleep this’d be alright…he’d just have to wake up before she did.
Confident he’d do just that, he lowered his head and went back to sleep as he began to hold this lovely cat in his arms.
And as the two slept, his arms began to hold her tightly to his body, beginning to cuddle with the cat, even while she slept.
The two slept all night, but nights don’t last forever…


Blackie’s eyes opened up again as he woke the following morning, the sun was bright and shining through his drawn drapes.
Looking over at the spot where dear Lucy had laid the previous night, he had a cold sweat when he realized she was gone! She had woken up before he did!
At once the image of a pissed off Lucy kicking his perverted ass flew through his head, and man did the idea scare the Hell out of him.
Then he suddenly realized that A, he wasn’t in immense pain, B, Lucy didn’t wake him up to yell at him, and C, he might have actually let go of her while he was asleep.
Whatever the case, he was glad he was in one piece and that Lucy was not pissed at him. Getting out of bed he put on a pair of red boxers, a pair of jeans, and an undershirt.
He left the room, curious to see where Lucy had gone and why he could smell bacon.
When he made it to the kitchen, he saw Lucy and her kids at the table, eating a breakfast that had plenty of bacon, and some pancakes.
The cat looked up at him as he approached; she seemed glad to see him, but was acting a little odd for some reason.
Blackie stopped walking and just looked at Lucy for a few seconds…after that dream yesterday, she seemed much prettier than he’d previously thought.
Mentally shaking himself out of it, he continued walking over to the table so he could take a seat, and not get too focused on the lovely shade of blue Lucy’s eyes had.
“Took you long enough” she said “Figured that with what happened yesterday you should probably sleep in, I also made us some breakfast so you wouldn’t have to.”
“Thanks…did you sleep well yesterday?” he asked, kinda nervously.
“I slept alright. I’d like to add that you have a really good…mattress, I slept like a log.”
“Now then” Lucy began, pulling up a newspaper “I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve been looking into that house I want to buy, it’s a little bit out of my budget but I might be able to get the price lowered, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ll need your help.”
“How so?”
“Well, the woman selling the place is single…and quite attractive, her name’s Debbie Chimp.”
A grin rose on Blackie’s face, sex always was able to cheer him up.
“The peckerwood discount’s ready to go.”
“Perfect” Lucy purred, “Now if you have nothing to do we should be able to meet with her in a few hours…”



It’d been six months since Blackie and Monica had broken up (NO SHIT SHERLOCK!), and while it was pretty tough for a month or two, he’d gotten much better. He was as good as he was before he and his girlfriend separated, it was almost like nothing had happened…with the exception that now he had no girlfriend and he could sleep around more.
Lucy had been a great help, keeping him company frequently, even after she moved into the house across the street, she was a great friend indeed.
He was quite willing to help her get the price lowered on her house by visiting Debbie Chimp and letting her have a taste of his banana, after an afternoon of some ‘monkey business’ she was willing to help his friend by selling her house for less than she wanted.
Even after she moved out, she hung out with him a lot and they’d became pretty good friends by this time, though he hadn’t slept with her…but he didn’t entirely mind.
Thanks to her, he was able to make it out of this dark time, and his sanity was still very much intact, he was as enthusiastic about screwing women now as he was before, and he was able to have plenty of fun even though he was no longer with Monica.
Which brings us to what he was doing now, with Laksana.
About two months ago, he’d been reading up on yoga, and remembered how Laksana (who believed that while Monica did have a point to break up with him, believed her immense enthusiasm, and the fact that she actually might not have loved him, was horrible. So she sympathized with Blackie’s plight) happened to teach lessons for it.
In truth he was more interested in finding some hot chicks through the class, but was a bit surprised when she requested she give him private lessons.
At first he thought (because she claimed to be doing this for this specific reason) it was because during a yoga class she’d prefer it not turn into an orgy, that and it wasn’t intended to be a place where men asked women out.
Despite this setback, he decided to take the class anyways, and that’s where things turned interesting.
As her private class went on, the poses she kept putting herself in looked real good, and in her yoga outfit the tigress looked damn sexy. His boner rose pretty quick, and soon she took notice…and he learned that she really wanted private lessons so she could have him all to herself during the lesson. Apparently that time he accidentally flashed her a few months back gave her a LOT to think about, and she decided she’d want to hop on the same bandwagon a lot of women already had, and give Blackie a good reason why he’d want to take yoga class.
The two proceeded to yank off each other’s clothes, and Laksana showed him a creative use of yoga poses for sex. And they had a lot of fun.
Post coitus, they made a deal to meet up every now and then for his private lessons, because Blackie actually had taken an interest in trying it out due to the flexibility Laksana showed him, and he also enjoyed having this fun ‘yoga sex’.
They’d been using plenty of different poses for fucking such as the Boat pose, Plow pose, the Wide Legged Forward Bend, the Warrior 3 pose, the Standing Forward Bend, the Four Limbed Staff, the Downward Facing Dog, Upward Facing Dog pose, Quarter Dog, Three Legged Downward Facing Dog pose, Crescent Moon Pose, Warrior 2 pose, Revolved Triangle Pose, Half Moon Pose, Intense Side Stretch pose, Dancer Pose, the Standing Split Pose, Goddess Pose, Eastern Intense Stretch Pose, the Garland Pose, Cobra Pose, the Camel Pose, the Crow Pose, Bridge Pose, Upward Bow Pose and the Bow Pose, among a lot of others.
At the moment, the ‘lesson’ portion of his little visit with Laksana was over, and now they were in the middle of producing some major sweat through fucking each other senseless, something they’d been doing for a couple hours already.
In the middle of Laksana’s dojo, Blackie and the busty tigress were in the middle of grunting, moaning, and having their respective sexual organs slamming against each other.
Laksana was in the Downward Facing Dog yoga pose, the tigeress holding the position perfectly, sticking her cute little butt up in the air, while Blackie bent over her and pounded her pussy with gusto, the sound of their flesh smacking against eachother ringing through the room like clock chimes, her large breasts bouncing with each and every thrust Blackie made.
“MMM! Oh! Oh Blackie! G-give me your insight! Help me reach Nirvana!”
Blackie grunted “You’re about to find it!”
Both his hands were gripping her sides, though now he lifted up his left hand and brought it to her warm nethers, and then began to massage and rub it as he continued to pump it.
Laksana moaned and purred as her ursine Casanova expertly pleased her cunt, she started her own movements quicker, subtly hinting she wanted Blackie to go faster. He got on and soon she could feel his balls slap against her pussy even faster.
The air filled further with more moans of ‘Oh yes!’ ‘Oh baby’, and ‘Harder!’ and it became clear quite soon that Blackie was about to get finished.
Laksana closed her eyes and shouted out loudly “Ah! Blackie! I’m about to come! F-Finish hard!”
Never one to disappoint a lady, Blackie thrust into her harder and faster, charging like a runaway  locomotive until…
“Ah! AAAAAAH!” Laksana screamed out as she came, Blackie quickly yanking out his dick just afterwards so he could cum, letting his juices spill out onto the floor.
The two just collapsed on the floor, panting to catch their breath; slowly Blackie rolled over to her and said “Did you find Nirvana?”
“Not really” Laksana admitted, as good as Blackie’s sex was, it wasn’t that good “But it was pretty damn close.”
The bear chuckled, and grinned at her “Listen, I ain’t tired of fucking you yoga style, but you wouldn’t happen to have a copy of the Kama Sutra around would you? I’d like to try something new before I go.”
Laksana was a bit annoyed at that remark, but not particularly so due to how he was tossing her salad pretty hard a little bit ago.
“Yes, but word of advice…in the future, don’t stereotype ladies with that crap, it could really get you hurt.”
Blackie looked a little ashamed “Sorry…but didn’t you just say you had a copy?”
“You never know when it could come in handy.”
“Heh, true.”
Laksana got up “I keep it in my room, hang on a minute.”
Blackie watched her as she walked out of the room, naked, sweaty, and with some of his juices still on her legs, and as he watched her lovely little rump walking off, he had a feeling that he was gonna have plenty of fun.
However, another feeling rose up in his gut…sure Laksana was a good ‘friend with benefits’ but she was ultimately just screwing him for pleasure, they weren’t in love. And now he felt again like it was time to find himself a girlfriend.
He was quite saddened, as he realized full well that almost every woman in town (that he knew anyways) was more interested in just sex than a relationship, and they probably wouldn’t be as understanding of his promiscuity.
“So where the Hell do I look?” He thought out loud “Who would honestly think of me as more than just a hard body, a long dick and a perverted mind but understand just why I tend to fuck babes all the time?”
As he thought, Blackie began to remember a woman who fit both descriptions…Lucy Katt.
He remembered that night six months ago and that dream he had, she was a very beautiful woman, who might understand, and most importantly, didn’t see him as just a slab of meat.
But would she go out with him? He honestly had no idea, in fact he thought it’d be more likely that she slugged him….and yet she didn’t want him to let go of her when she was asleep.
And if he approached her right, maybe he could ask her out in a way that didn’t piss her off or give the wrong idea.
It was a bit risky, but it was worth a shot, and so even as he heard Laksana walking back, intent on turning them into a pair of sexual pretzels, he began to wonder just what to do…


At around the same time, at Lucy’s house, she had urges of her own to attend to.
A while back, the girls agreed to enroll in the local college so that they could have a future that didn’t involve shooting people often, and to get a good job. Thanks to some clever work in changing their names and establishing new identities, she was able to get them in without a hitch.
They were at class right now, and that was good for them since they wouldn’t be able to see what their mommy was doing in the bedroom. She wasn’t having sex, but she was being pleasured.
Lucy Katt lay back on her bed, all her clothes gone as she stroked her vagina, her cold nature and dormant sex drive had began to thaw ever since she retired, but instead of sleeping around like most the town did, she decided to take a more…in house solution towards her growing horniness.
In other words, to stop being all hot and bothered she was masturbating.
She had her eyes closed as she began to thrust into herself with her fingers, the cat moaning as she continued to play with herself.
“Oh yeah” she purred, beginning to thrust harder as she literally screwed herself.
Before long she’d picked up the pace and was almost finished.
Her nethers were dripping with juices as she could almost feel herself ready to let go and release a flow of a certain white substance that despite what some fratboys may insist, was NOT yogurt.
“Yes!” She moaned, “Yes!”
And just as she came, she moaned something else that’d change her whole day.
“Oh Blackie!”
As she came, she suddenly realized just what she’d said, and felt embarrassed about it…and then remembered that night she spent with him all those months ago, and blushed.
That bear may sleep around but he wasn’t a total sleazebag, and he was handsome, plus he actually was a fairly nice guy.
Her mind began to wonder whether or not he’d want to go out with her, and soon she decided on a course of action.
“That’s it, maybe it’s not the best of ideas right now, but I’ll drive myself crazy if I don’t do it…I’m gonna ask that bear out tomorrow.”
A Stranger I Remained... Chapter 3
Hello readers, today we have the newest chapter of Strangers, my second ongoing art trade with :iconneroursus:, and in this one we have what might be my best written chapter of both art trades, this here containing my first actual attempt at writting anything like a romance story...and I think I did it pretty well.
Read and review please, now all characters that are not Lucy Katt or her daughters belong to Neroursus, while Lucy and her children are rather AU pastiches of Lucy, Yashy and Chirpy from Bittersweet Candy Bowl.


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