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Name: Jason Garth

Bio: Jason Garth was hatched from an egg, alongside his three siblings Alistair, Belinda, and Rod. He was the third egg to be hatched.
Unlike his siblings, he had no clear interests and, like many people have, at first just fluctuated through numerous interests. But around the age of five, he was around when his father turned onto a racing channel and young Jason saw part of a race from the Hetelville racing circuit, and in that instant, watching all of that awesome racing…he knew that’s what he wanted to be when he grew older.
While Alistair tended to wander around a bit when he was younger, Jason made a regular habit of this and loved to explore the nearby swamps…and one day he met a young alligator girl named Ellie, whom he befriended and later developed a crush on.
As he grew up from adolescence he began to develop a large interest in cars, and would often learn whatever he could about them, his parents catching onto his newfound fascination with reading a large number of car magazines. And while they were a bit uneasy about him entering the career of racing at first, they ultimately decided to help him develop his potential career as a racer.
Thanks to his father’s brother (a mechanic) he started to learn more and more about how to build and maintain cars, and by the time he reached sixteen, he began to learn how to drive…and took to it like a fish to water, thanks to his immense research on the subject beforehand. He was on his way to developing a good career.
But around the age of sixteen, he ran into a problem…his crush on Ellie had developed into an actual relationship, only but then another girl named Tulip Sunbeam (who’s species was that of a talking, extradimensional horse) who was studying electronics…developed a crush on him, and when he found out he soon wound up developing feelings for her, which conflicted with his own beliefs as he loved Ellie very much too, and after much internal turmoil admitted it to Ellie, who came up with a bizarre idea…while they were in love, and these type of relationships weren’t common, she suggested that he try a three-way relationship with her and Tulip.
Despite how unconventional this idea was, the two agreed to it and they agreed to jointly date the shy horse, both falling in love with her (much to Jason’s surprise as he didn’t realize his girlfriend was a bisexual.)
It was around the age of nineteen that he began to finally start his professional racing career (for the past two years having been participating in local racing contests and derbies, where he distinguished himself), he was smalltime at first but his own sheer skill had begun to progress and it wasn’t too long before he’d started to rise up in the ranks at a speedy rate. He’d also started to develop an interest in surrealist painting, which he found at first to be a nice way to relax when not racing, but slowly began to take more and more of an interest in.
Jason had begun to meet other women he’d started to fall for, and while his fiancés (he’d proposed to the two of them around the time this started to happen) Ellie and Tulip were a bit disturbed by this happening, they were amazed to realize that he was still in love with them but also some of these new women he’d been meeting at the same time. He didn’t even play favorites…when this became clear, they became more at ease with this idea.
Over the years, Jason had begin to race in more and more tournaments and races, proving his skill the world over and racing like a true champion, and at present is one of the top ten racers in this quadrant of the galaxy and is aiming to become racing champion of the galaxy.
He is also now married to eight women, Ellie and Tulip in addition to Daisy (a Native American human woman who works as a chef), Gretchen (an attractive female skunk from Germany, a nurse who is also married to another man…she loves them both, though this fact tends to make both Jason and her husband Fritz (a German Shepherd) a bit competitive, though they both still love her), Lavanya (a native born archeologist from India, who he met while in a racing tournament against Shiva herself), Meifeng (a Jiangshi (Chinese Hopping Vampire) who was working as a stripper around the time Jason met her), Anan (a stoic and wise hyena woman he met in Africa), and Gamila (a succubus who’d actually been a bit of a bitch to them, and a racing rival of Jason’s. He’d eventually been able to befriend and make an honest woman out of her, and a relationship developed sometime afterwards).
However, while he longs to be the champ, his interest in painting has grown a lot, and while he’s became quite skilled, he is frustrated at how he’s been unable to get much fame for it even though he’s skilled quite a lot.
He also has other matters causing potential concern as three of his eight wives are with child (Ellie, Tulip, and Gamila) and he’s a bit worried over whether or not he could make a good father…

Personality and Mannerisms: Out of all of the Garth siblings, Jason is unique both in the sense that he’s actually the smartest of them but also gets along with all of them.
Despite choosing to be a racer, Jason is actually very, very intelligent. Bear in mind that he made his car ‘Swampblaster’ himself, and maintains it himself…and this state of the art machine has some very complicated machinery in it. His main specialty, intelligence wise, is in mechanics.
Jason is also quite wise and clear minded, able to clearly see the whole troubled situation his siblings have, and is fully aware that it’d take an outside force to actually fix it, he also takes a clear minded, methodical approach to his problems.
Jason is a very nice person, very patient and understanding, something you generally need when dealing with Rod’s lack of brains or Belinda’s arrogance. It’s also partially due to his own wisdom that he has this trait.
He has a preference to not to fight outside of the racetrack, preferring peaceful solutions over just brawling (one thing that separates him from the rest of his family, who are more keen on not taking this option unless necessary), he’s not an overly vindictive or violent racer neither, while he has less of a problem with going guns blazing in the racetrack, he never really tries to actually kill people (which is also usually against the rules) and simply disables their cars.
Jason has a large amount of love in his heart, and the sheer amount of it is in fact why he’s fallen in love (equally, mind you) with eight different women, he’s attentive to their needs as well as he can and tries to help make sure they don’t think he plays favorites. He loves each and every one of his eight wives very much.
However, Jason does have limits, evil in general tends to piss him off, and there are limits to how much incompetence and stupidity he can put up with before getting pissed off, but these are some pretty high limits.
He also is quite frustrated at how he just can’t make a career out of his second passion, art. He specifically loves surrealist painting, being particularly fond of artists like Picazzo or Jackson Pollock, who were huge inspirations of his. When painting he generally uses music to inspire his art, and at times might improvise while doing s. Try as he might, he’s thus far quite unable to make his considerably good art get the recognition it deserves, and while he’s glad to have succeeded in getting a good career out of his main passion, he’s not too successful in art.
The only other major concern of his is that of nervousness, despite his own accomplishments and wisdom, he’s worried about his expecting wives and their children. Fearing the idea of something wrong happening with the pregnancy or of him not being able to balance his life between racing, painting, his wives, and his kids, he’s currently trying to figure out how to handle this, but is still quite worried about failing.

Powers, Skills, and Equipment: Jason Garth is the Garth sibling who actually isn’t too skilled in fighting. He’s got some pretty good fighting ability, but isn’t anywhere near skilled in it as his siblings. But when pushed he can be very capable of bringing the pain if he needs to punch someone.
His main skill comes from racing and his incredible ability to drive, Jason is one of the best (and downright craziest at times) racers in the world, having well established himself on racecourses all over the planet, and proven to be very capable of using his own vehicle as a weapon in a manner akin to a master martial artist. He’s even been able to survive against criminals outside of the track with it (he’s gone on some adventures of his own.)
He’s also very smart and the most technologically minded of the siblings, having built the car he uses himself. He also pools this knowledge into tuning it up, upgrading the vehicle and repairing it when he needs to, he does all this himself and even installed the weapons his car uses.
Jason’s also quite wise himself, though this is elaborated on more above.
The car Jason uses in his races is called the Swampblaster, a large green car that looks like it came from Redline (kinda like Sweet JP’s TransAm) and is stacked up full of a large variety of gadgets and features. Some of the finer details will be discussed with the artist, but the features I know will be in it for sure are thus.
A Radar, retractable miniguns, smoke screen, oil slick, missile launchers, nitro boost, self-repairing tires, a deflector shield, caltrop dispenser, and a very powerful racing engine…despite having all these, the car is still incredibly fast. Effectively a ‘Lightning Bruiser’ among racecars.

Appearance: In terms of appearance, Jason actually has some similarities to Alistair, their body builds are very similar, the difference being that Jason has arms and legs roughly the same length as that of a normal human.
He has some good looks himself, and has greener shade to his scales than those of his siblings, he often looks quite laidback but it bellies his immense passion for racing. His snout is also slightly shorter than Alistair’s, and he also has some black hair that he keeps cut short.
He has two usual outfits, one for everyday wear and another for racing.
The everyday one consists of a red hoodie with two white stripes down the back, and a bullseye over his left breast. A pair of black sweat pants with a white stripe along the sides, plus a pair of black sneakers. The racing outfit consisting of a black leather jacket of surprising durability, with red stripes down the back, with a matching pair of leather pants (though with the stripes along the sides) and a helmet that matches the whole ensemble.

Other: The concept for Jason was similar in the original comic, save that he had next to no backstory, and had some very major differences in personality. He also had two girlfriends, and not eight wives.
Death Valet: Jason Garth
And here we have the bio for the final Garth sibling. Jason Garth, the smartest of the four with a lot of passion in his soul and a love for racing in ridiculously over the top races.
Next up will be Alejandro Montoya, final bio for the second wave of character bios...
Name: Chieko Masaki

Bio: Chieko Masaki was born in Tokyo, Japan in the year 1993 to her mother Aiko, a kind but very dim young woman whose boyfriend walked out on her when he found out he’d gotten her pregnant, leaving her to fend for herself with little help as her family had financial troubles of their own and due to her own lack of sense she couldn’t hold a job very well, save in stripping and prostitution (though her parents loved her regardless).
Even when she was four she displayed a surprising level of intelligence, having an interest in learning, especially in math, which she excelled in.
Her mom was kind and well meaning, but due to her large lack of intelligence she could very often screw things up. As a result Chieko wound up having to learn to be responsible when she was a kid, and used her intelligence to try to help her mother out whenever she could. This became more important when she was around eight and her mother had to move out due to financial troubles, Chieko followed along to make sure her mother was okay.
Chieko was frequently teased and at the mercy of bullies who would frequently pick at her more responsible attitude and immense intelligence…but Chieko, who knew her mother’s financial well being depended on her brain had a surprising amount of willpower and simply didn’t give a shit about anything they said.
But while she and her somewhat stupid (and sexually promiscuous) mother were able to do alright on their own, they were only just able to do alright, and Chieko was quite concerned about how they couldn’t save much money at all for college, and she loved learning a lot…and this was a nagging doubt that was on her mind over those years she lived with her Mom.
As a result she’d generally take any chance she got to practice her skills, sometimes sneaking out materials kept on the person of whoever was ‘seeing’ her Mom, trying to hack open their PDAs or phones to find payments she could add up and balance, or adding receipts together. She was quite discreet in this tendency, and due to her hiding any evidence she did this at all and placing everything back where she found it, nobody except her Mom actually knew she did this.
But that all changed when she was thirteen.
On one fateful night, a Nineteen year old Rod Garth had won a large drinking contest and chose to celebrate by screwing a prostitute…and he happened to choose Chieko’s mom.
While he and her mom were fucking the night away, Chieko looked into his PDA and was astonished by just how screwed up his own financials were. But ever the opportunist, and while her Mom was in the throes of ecstasy she began to work towards the incredibly hard task of balancing Rod’s finances.
However, when she was nearly finished Rod had been done fucking her mother and caught her doing it, he was quite upset first, but didn’t strike Chieko and simply took the machine back, having high doubts that her claim she actually was balancing his accounts as she claimed…and being blown away when he saw she actually was balancing his money, and very well.
Realizing a good opportunity he handed the machine back and apologized, watching as she succeeded in finally balancing his finances. While she did this Rod felt fascinated by her and her mom, trying to learn more about the two.
After hearing their story, Rod felt quite sorry for their situation…and then an idea struck him.
Because Chieko was surprisingly effective at handling money and despite not being too keen on responsibility for the most part, Rod recognized that he needed help to avoid getting bankrupt and that Chieko had some clear potential to help him.
So he offered to use the money he’d already earned to help Chieko and her Mom immigrate to America, he would pay for Chieko’s further education and give her Mom both a new home and a good stable job in a brothel that belonged to a friend of his. In return Chieko would handle his finances, and basically be a sort of business partner despite her young age (recognizing how much smarter she was than him).
Chieko and her Mom agreed, so Rod helped them move out and over to America (but not before Chieko went and told off her bullies), where he proceeded to finally buy his own house, a large duplex, with one half of it completely soundproofed so his partying wouldn’t disturb either her or her mom.
True to his word, Rod provided Chieko with the money she needed to find a good teacher and began to learn all she could about math, and balanced this with her own job of helping Rod.
She was initially a bit frustrated at having to deal with Rod’s own hedonistic buffoonery, but he grew on her over time, and about a year later she asked to see if she could join him in his work, he reluctantly agreed and despite not having really any formal training in asskicking she did alright, and actually saved Rod’s ass at one point.
Rod decided she could come with him if she could balance her studies with this job (though she’d managed to graduate college by the age of nineteen…thanks to Rod’s assistance, and Chieko being smart enough to actually get in a college) just take fighting lessons, and take lessons from him on how to generally survive these adventures. Chieko agreed to both conditions, but generally wasn’t too keen on the classes Rod picked (boxing and wrestling) but took them until he could find her a judo class. She began to gain an interest in adventure as well, though she was far more pragmatic than Rod.
Rod and Chieko’s bond grew and grew over the years, and in time Chieko started to consider him the brother she never had (as if he’d inherited her mother’s stupidity…though he was more like a father/brother type of figure due to the fact he still had sex with Aiko multiple times) and despite repeatedly being frustrated with him and his stupidity, she still loved her friend as if he were family.
Her jobs also advanced as she had to be responsible for both her mother and Rod, and while she was able to get some responsibility in her mother (making her job a bit easier) and was able to bring some good changes in Rod though she could have done better.
At the age of seventeen though she met her boyfriend Alejandro Montoya after he came to Hetelville to try and kill Rod in retaliation for seducing his sister. Initially they were enemies and fought each other, but in the end she was able to defeat the champion swordsman, shaming him…but he stayed in Hetelville nonetheless because despite the fact that she shamed him by means of defeating him, the girl who was able to beat him had him smitten for her, which surprised the Hell out of her but she grew attracted to him as well, despite how the relationship was a bit rocky at first.
At present she and Rod are still working together, and business has been better than ever, she’s developed into a badass on par with her partner and she’s in a great relationship with Alejandro, who wants to take their relationship to a new level…

Personality and mannerisms: Unlike her partner Rod, Chieko Masaki is a highly intelligent, pragmatic mathematical prodigy who is much more sensible than he is. But she’s still a good person despite it, she can be a bit anger prone sometimes, but that’s due to frustration about Rod’s general immaturity.
Chieko has a large love of learning and knowledge, especially for math. As mentioned below, this has given birth to extensive skills that even help her in combat. While an expert mathematician, Chieko still loves to learn more and more, it’s not uncommon for her to be seen with her nose in a book, generally ones that she can learn from, though she also has an interest in reading novels too, which she does just as much nowadays because she’s already learned a lot.
Compared to Rod’s own immature and dimwitted (but not incompetent) nature, Chieko is just as competent, but often comes off across as more so due to her being more serious and being quite pragmatic in her methods. She’s not a cruel person (she’s not a ‘Pragmatic Hero’ for the most part, she’s just someone who strives to make her actions as effective as she can), and does just use lethal use only when needed to, but in truth she generally only goes upon plans and actions only if she believes they’re the most effective way to do them. There’s no showing off with her, when adventuring is concerned, even if she’s developed a taste for it, adventuring is still business to her and she makes a point to be effective, efficient, and cautious wherever business is concerned. She can lighten up when off the job though.
When off the job, while she’s still a bit serious, she’s notably less serious and a bit happier, it took her a while to get to actually just having fun when not working, and Rod helped her develop her ability to just take it easy. She isn’t anywhere near as hedonistic as most the people Rod knows, and she refuses to get involved in any of the parties Rod loves to throw, but she is actually kinda fun to be around, and is even willing to (at times, and within reason) try new things to see if she likes them.
Chieko loves Rod like the big brother she never had (his immense stupidity helps add to this given how much brains her mother lacks), and sometimes he’s like a sort of father figure to her. The two have saved each other’s asses multiple times in the past and are great friends. But while she loves her friend, she can often be very pissed off by Rod, with his stupidity and immaturity having a tendency to both annoy her and cost them more money than it should. Because of this she makes it her business to manage Rod’s money, and is grateful for how he admits that she’s actually competent enough to manage his resources right, as opposed to him. However, she has developed a sort of berserk button related to other people’s stupidity, which she’s developed due to his own idiocy causing her plenty of trouble for the two of them in the past. She’s still quite friendly with him, particularly when nothing he’s done has pissed her off. Rod’s promiscuity can often infuriate her due to the massive amount of time he spends doing it…or how his desire to get between a pair of legs can interfere with adventuring, in fact that’s the main reason why it pisses her off, the second reason is because Rod’s refusal to use condoms keeps causing them immense trouble with child support lawsuits. She has little problem if he does it off the job provided it doesn’t inconvenience her or others, and even if he gets a little action during adventures (depending on what’s going on), but him overdoing it generally pisses her off whenever she catches onto it.
Despite a tendency to at times be incredibly serious, and being irritated a bit too easily by stupidity, Chieko is a very nice young woman, and does have a sweet side, though it’s not always apparent. She cares quite a lot for her friends and family, and especially loves her boyfriend Alejandro. She also likes children, and feels particular sympathy for orphans or kids whose fathers or mothers ran out on them due to her own past.

Powers, skills, and equipment: Chieko is a highly intelligent young lady with a wide variety of knowledge that specializes in math, which she has a very, very in depth knowledge of.
While she has a borderline supernatural gift with numbers gained through intense studying, Chieko has a lot of uses for it aside from just adding and subtracting numbers in accounting work. Among them an ability to count cards, calculate odds, and determine trajectories…especially with bullets.
Chieko is also thoroughly versed (but not to the same extent of her math knowledge) in the subjects of history, art, English, Japanese culture and language, folklore, science, mechanics, and the medical arts. Particularly the medical arts (second best skill, making her something of a medic to Rod) and history (third best specialty, she’s much more versed in historical knowledge than her partner).
As the last of her more intellectual skills, she is very skilled in tactics, having developed a good ability to think strategically and plan out strategies, and superior to Rod (though her style is much different than his more ‘Guerrilla’ tactics, being more of a formal schemer than him), and is most definitely the ‘brains’ of the duo. She’s not a manipulator though, just a very methodical and pragmatic planner. However, despite her abilities in planning, she’s not the greatest, and Ednit is a more effective schemer than her, hence why she doesn’t specialize in it. She’s also incredibly stealthy, while Rod is more of a rampaging bull, she’s learned how to sneak along like a cat in the night, hunting down prey…she’s not of ‘Ninja’ quality stealth, but still pretty careful and subtle enough to slip around completely undetected.
For combat however, while Chieko is a human woman of twenty with no supernatural abilities, she has several fighting skills of her own.
As mentioned above, Rod has paid for her to learn fighting skills. She was taught boxing and wrestling, and while she wasn’t into either one too much, she enjoyed the Judo class Rod put her in much, much more, and is almost finished mastering Judo.
Her main fighting skill is with guns (as the ability to calculate trajectory implies), she isn’t on par with Alistair in terms of gunfighting skills, but she is very talented with guns and in the usage of them. Especially where accuracy is concerned, she has a knack for performing expert and highly accurate shots, be they in short distance or from a long ways away. She usually keeps a 9 Millimeter handgun with her, and brings along a second pistol sometimes as well. But when on an adventure, she keeps a very good sniper rifle with her capable of firing off a bullet from 10,000 feet with a five bullet clip, and a detachable silencer. She also has an arsenal of various firearms she keeps in his house, in addition to several explosives. Chieko is incredibly accurate with her weapons, to such an extent that she’s got borderline superhuman accuracy, she’s got good reflexes but not to the incredibly skilled ones of Alistair Garth. Her particular specialty is sniping, and shooting from a distance.

Appearance: Chieko is a young Japanese woman of twenty years of age; she’s attractive and quite cute but not extremely so. Her smile is particularly good and she has a lovely pair of eyes.
She has a good figure, but it’s more of an athletic one, though she’s not brawny at all, and a bit lithe, she works out regularly to keep in good shape for her job. She has shoulder length black hair that she keeps in a ponytail and blue eyes, her breasts are around the size of C cups, and she’s got a small birthmark on the left side of her neck.
Chieko has several outfits, one of them that she tends to wear in meetings for business purposes consists of a grey dress shirt, a grey skirt, and grey heels. Another that she uses for actual adventuring consists of some khaki pants that contain several pockets and can stand up to plenty of wear and tear, a shirt with a camouflage color scheme, and a pair of holsters for her guns. For stealth work she keeps a Sam Fisher esque stealth suit around, only it’s more dark blueish. For everyday life though Chieko usually wears a red t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of grey sneakers. In all of these outfits, she has a watch on her right hand that Rod bought her shortly after their partnership began as a gift.

Other: Chieko was inspired during a talk I had with a friend concerning Rod who suggested that I make a character who could be Rod’s “Straight Man”, as he gave James Rhodes (AKA War Machine) as an example of what type of character to make, and compared Rod to Tony Stark, I decided to take some inspiration from Pepper Potts but instead of making Chieko a love interest I took a different approach and make her more like a mix between the two. Like Rhodey she’s the ‘Only sane man’, and like Pepper she handles the business Rod can’t handle himself, though unlike both of them she’s more like a little sister to Rod, while she views him like the brother she never had. She’s also sort of like a female version of Winston due to the massive bad luck she had before she wound up meeting Rod…however, this would have applied better in her youth, now she’s had years of experience adventuring and is much more confidence, so she’s an example of the kind of badass Winston could eventually come.
When translated, her first name means “Wise Child” while Masaki means “Flourishing Tree.”
Death Valet: Chieko Masaki
And here be the profile for Rod's best friend and business partner Chieko Masaki. A more pragmatic and intelligent adventurer with a fondness for math.
Next up will be the profile for Jason Garth, followed by Chieko's boyfriend Alejandro Montoya.
Name: Rodney “Rod” Garth

Bio: Rod is one of the four Garth siblings, and by far the least mature of the four.
Born from the same batch of eggs as his siblings, Rod was in youth a lazy, somewhat chubby alligator who tended to get teased about this throughout his early life by his peers…unlike Belinda though, he handled the bullying differently, instead motivating himself to working out more, and with his parents being who they were, it was easy to get help in doing this. And before long he’d lost his fat and got in good shape, and continued doing this through the rest of his childhood…then promptly using his newfound strength to exact revenge on his bullies, and gaining respect from the rest of his peers.
This went right to Rod’s head, and he began to view himself as a big cheese, he didn’t become a bully himself and he did routinely beat up bullies he found in school, but he did grow into being one of the most popular kids in his school (even before he entered his teens) and viewed himself as real hot shit (and in some ways he was kinda right but he overestimated himself outside of school, and his continual arrogance tended to annoy his family a bit too much).
Now this all was before he even hit puberty, and even then he was still popular with girls, and he enjoyed the attention they gave him, but as he grew, he began to find other ways to enjoy them…he originally just used pornographic magazines to satisfy his ‘urges’ but when he was fifteen he lost his virginity to a tigress cheerleader from his school, and from there his interest in the seduction of girls grew.
Still continuing his tendency to beat up the local bullies, Rod then began to balance this with, in addition, also boning as many cute girls as he could, at the time he really only did this with girls his own age, save for a few particularly hot teachers he seduced. But as the bullies in his high school began to pretty much all reform, he decided to start outsourcing his bully-beating tendencies by going out into Hetelville to beat up criminals instead, thoroughly enjoying this and basically building up more of a reputation, despite not having the level of raw talent his siblings had for fighting, he became pretty badass himself through a mix of self-training and taking a boxing class. In his offtime, he would often either sleep around or party, again, much to the annoyance of his family.
He continued on with this well into his college years, where he continued to do little other than just sleeping around with women and partying, though he also liked to travel when he had the opportunity and take adventures, and it was during these years that he figured out what he wanted to do with his life.
One day, after an adventure where he recovered a ridiculously valuable black bird statuette, slept with a whole troupe of female Russian ballerinas (along with an Italian movie star, a gill-woman, a whole brothel, a pair of blonde zombie twins, and a female humanoid panda police officer who pulled him over for speeding…and this was how he paid off the ticket), arm wrestled a dragon, took out a Mexican drug cartel singlehandedly, played with a hard rock band at a concert, defeated a criminal mastermind blob, and ate twenty bowls of rice in one sitting. It occurred to Rod that he had a lot of skill in adventuring, plus he also could do the very things he loved during them…so he decided to go into work as an adventurer for hire, sort of like a mercenary, but with more ethics (in fact you could compare his crusade to Luke Cage’s, sort of like a hero for hire…or antihero in Rod’s case).
Beginning to take any jobs people might want from a big badass gator (work not being hard to find due to the rep he’d already developed…which also led to him being hired as a gigolo more than once),  he began to grow a large hoard of treasure over the course of several months…which would be amazing if it wasn’t for his poor handling of finances, as numerous parties, the services of prostitutes, and generally not having much of a clue how to handle his own accounting tending to make all of his money pretty much get flushed down the drain.
But in one trip to Japan at the age of 20, this changed.
Rod was initially just visiting Japan at the time so he could compete in a high stakes sake drinking contest against a living whiskey bottle who married a talking blunt. After the contest was over, he found a Japanese MILF and went to her place for a ‘private celebration party’.
Now as he was banging her, he’d happened to bring his PDA which contained the information on taxes and showed the numerous failures he’d made in accounting for them, which had been handled poorly, and while sex was ensuing, the then fourteen year old daughter of this woman, one Chieko Masaki, happened to find it, and turned it on out of curiosity.
By the time Rod finally finished, he walked right in on her and angrily grabbed the device back…and was awestruck when he saw that she actually succeeded in figuring out how to handle his taxes effectively enough to even get him a refund. It turned out she was a prodigy of sorts who was particularly skilled and interested in finances, but due to her mother being a bit of a bimbo and having a very poor ability to actually keep any kind of job save stuff like stripping and prostitution, Chieko wasn’t able to advance her education as far as she wanted.
Now while Rod was effectively a giant horndog, he still had a good side and was touched by her story…and also smelling an opportunity, he offered to take Chieko in and pay for an education overseas, on the condition she became his partner, handling the economic side of his business. Chieko’s mom wanted the girl to succeed, and though she would miss her, agreed to this deal…though Rod helped her get to Hetelville as well and arranged for a job at a local brothel he knew.
When Chieko and her mother moved to Hetelville, Rod immediately paid for some education to help improve her own skills, and she took to them like a fish to water.
With Chieko aiding him as his accountant (which was a very difficult job, because despite figuring out how to balance Rod’s accounts she could not curb his partying at all, which led to her instead learning how to serve as an ‘agent’ of sorts to help him find work, which turned out to work even better), and soon thereafter his ‘agent’, manager, and publicist, Rod’s adventuring began to become more frequent, and as she kept on figuring out more jobs that could take more money in for him (like raiding treasure vaults of dragons (on this and other universes), and build up his ‘rep’, Rod became a more and more prominent adventurer, and as a side effect his reputation as a sexual Godzilla began to be spread by the many, many women he banged pretty much everywhere he went.
After the years, he and Chieko developed a bond similar to that of a brother and a sister, and even when she became old enough to be ‘legal’ he never actually hit on her and the thought of banging her never even entered his mind.
By the time Rod graduated college (barely due to how much time he spent either partying, boning women, or adventuring, but he managed it) he’d already gotten known far and wide as a mighty adventurer, and when he moved out into a new house, Chieko moved in with him, turning her section of it into the nerve center for her job and a living quarters, and due to Rod still constantly partying/sleeping around she had her section soundproofed so she could sleep in peace, and Rod made sure none of his partying carried over to her side.
Over the years they’ve been going on a ton of adventures together, and though they’ve had to go through a lot of problems (which include the massive amount of paternity lawsuits he’s been on the receiving end of), Rod and Chieko both are still working together and at present are in another universe after they saved it from a giant shadow-demon, only for a situation on Earth to call them both back…

Personality and Mannerisms: Rod is a twenty-six year old, boisterous, adventure loving alligator with a large fondness for partying, fighting (plus badassery in general), and seducing attractive women.
Rod has had a massive love for adventure ever since he started working out, the stories his father told him about his own exploits having been the fuel, and helped him get the idea to go on the adventure of beating the tar out of the bullies in his neighborhood. Rod is almost always down for an adventure, and if he thinks he can get a good one (especially if he can get a good profit off of it) he’ll generally go on it pretty quick, and loves the idea of going about beating the crap out of people, granted he won’t just attack anyone, really only just the people he believes has it coming to them (including criminals, terrorists, real monsters, and assholes) which separates him from people like Dennis who love combat but have no limits on who they’ll attack, as opposed to Rod who does.
While he loves combat, Rod doesn’t particularly like the idea of shooting people or using actual weapons on a regular basis…this is less due to him being opposed to them (as mentioned below he does keep an arsenal and does find guns to be awesome) and more because he just really, really loves punching people and engaging in physical combat. He also really loves turning nearby weapons into improvised clubs (such as a streetlamp) or throwing weapons (like a dumpster or even a whole chunk of street).
Rod is also quite loudmouthed and passionate about his work, while he can be hammy he isn’t as loud as most ‘Large ham’ characters…except when he’s in a fight, he can get pretty loud when he’s in one.,yelling off at his opponents and letting one liners fly out like machine gun bullets. He’s also got an unnatural amount of tenacity that not even his other siblings can match, while they’re all equals in some way or another. He is perfectly capable of being stealthy when the situation absolutely requires it, but he mostly prefers to just punch his way through everything and everyone instead.
Due to his skills, physical abilities, and massive list of achievements (including the massive number of women he’s slept with), Rod is quite arrogant, narcissistic, and self-aggrandizing, he is completely confident in his skills too. It’s not uncommon for him to brag about his achievements (especially to impress women), and if asked he’s more than willing to tell you the stories behind them.
Don’t be fooled though, despite Rod viewing himself as being more badass than he actually is and God’s gift to women, he’s actually a pretty nice guy when you look past that.
He’s surprisingly generous, and is fully willing to share food with others if he has enough to spare despite his immense arrogance, he’s also not too adverse to giving money to people who need it if he can spare it (usually with Chieko’s advising), though for some reason he’s very reluctant to pay for child support with the women he’s impregnated.
Rod also cares a lot for his family, Chieko (who, as mentioned, he views as a sort of little sister) and those he considers friends. Though his family often is very frustrated with the more jerkish side, and doesn’t see his better qualities as much, Chieko and his friends on the other hand see it rather clearly (and Belinda too, the member of his family he gets on best with). Chieko is the person he treats the best though, and as a result is more willing to listen to her advice depending on what it is (mostly where money is concerned), and personally paid for her half of the house they share to be soundproofed so she wouldn’t be disturbed or kept up by the partying he constantly does (plus since she doesn’t want any part of that he respects this and helps keep her out of it).
When not adventuring, Rod loves to very frequently either have sex with women or hold parties at his house (sometimes combining both tendencies), these parties tend to be pretty wild, loud, full of booze and alcohol, and basically the debauched sort of things you’d expect fratboys to do when they hold a party. Rod is a large party animal who tends to have a lot of fun whenever he holds these, and generally doesn’t care for the aftereffects until after the party is over (and when whatever he does dawns on him).
While a very accomplished adventurer, Rod is in fact quite stupid and not too sensible in general. His ability to handle money is incredibly poor and tends to spend most the money he gets damned near immediately and is none too bright on various topics not related to adventuring, especially in the areas of math, art (which he knows even less about), geography, and science. Rather relying on much smarter people for this kind of information. His own arrogance also is a bigger hindrance to his own intelligence as it can make him think he’s smarter than he actually is, which can seriously backfire on him when he’s in a situation that generally requires intelligence to get out of. And one of the biggest examples of his idiocy is below.
However, even though he is a major idiot all too often, Rod (as mentioned below) can be surprisingly intelligent. When adventuring is concerned he retains a surprisingly good amount of knowledge (while not a formal medic, as he couldn’t perform too complex operations, he knows how to handle injuries and has basic medical knowledge), can remember a surprising lot about cultures (not the fine details, but more than you’d expect him to, and he’s generally very much unaware of ancient cultures he hasn’t had to deal with and run into yet (and while he doesn’t know a lot about these cultures, he does tend to remember stuff about them in case it comes in handy later) but does have a surprisingly good memory, but as he doesn’t actively study these things the stuff he knows is either what he remembers in hearing about a place he’s visiting, and what he’s learned firsthand.
Rod has a large appetite and loves to eat a lot, particularly in high calorie meals that involve lots of meat or junk food. This isn’t as big a problem for him as he is both an alligator (who generally eat a lot as a species) and exceptionally fit, so in a way he kind of needs to eat a lot, he also exercises a lot to keep his body in good shape both for adventuring and his more hedonistic interests, he is also a very big fan of the Youtube show Epic Meal Time, and has watched every single episode and those of its spinoff Handle It. However, Rod actually knows how to cook, and quite well too (much to the surprise of most, especially those who think he’s just an idiot), however as you may expect his cooking skills are based mostly around just him emulating Epic Meal Time, both in terms of making the food seen on the show, and high-calorie, junk food based meals of his own. He generally does this when he’s not ordering out food or getting Chieko to make him something. Though unlike the guys from Epic Meal Time he does eat fruit and vegetables, he just doesn’t eat them anywhere near as much as he does meat.
But the best example of his surprising intelligence are his incredible fighting abilities (explained in detail below), he is a martial artist of great skill despite being mostly self-taught, to the point where he got even better than his parents at fighting (though Belinda is the best martial artist out of all her siblings), and has a surprising cunning when it comes to battle, while not a tactical commander by any means, in a fight when it’s just him he can be surprising clever in fighting enemies. Exploiting weaknesses, taking advantage of terrain, and sometimes figuring out some surprisingly clever methods of attack, even Chieko is willing to take his advice in this (provided it actually does make sense) and as she’s lived and worked with him for a long time she knows more about Rod’s idiocy than anyone on Earth, which should say something about his surprisingly sharp knowledge of fighting. Humorously enough though aside from these abovementioned talents and his incredible skill at seduction, Rod is a moron…it’s just that these are his strong points, smarts wise.
Rod has a massive libido and really, really loves to have sex often (the exact number of the ‘partners’ he’s had is unknown, but it’s believed to be a five digit number.) As I have mentioned repeatedly (but figured that as a part of his personality it needed explanation), ever since he was fifteen he’d been sleeping around with as many women as he could, and had over years developed a keen sense of charisma and charm that he uses in addition to experience gained over an eleven year period of constant seductions, his body, the reputation he developed and his knowledge of how to appeal to women as his means of being able to constantly get laid. This is the last of the skills where he is surprisingly intelligent.
Despite being a casanova, Rod is determined to give pretty much any women he sleeps with the best sex he can, and does know that there’s more to women than just their bodies as he actually respects some of them for a lot more than just their bodies (especially Chieko) and is willing to respect that…however, Rod is just more interested in the physical aspects they have instead hence why he prefers to just sleep with them. He does have several female friends though, most just friends with benefits.
However, despite his perpetually horny nature, he has several limits. He absolutely refuses to have sex with any girl younger than eighteen, and will not have sex with women he doesn’t find attractive (if he finds a woman at all attractive he’s willing to have sex, but whether or not he chooses to do it is another matter), two other factors come in the form of how he won’t do it if he feels he can’t really spend any time on it (which is a situation that tends to vary depending on what he’s doing at the time and how attractive the woman in question is…while a horndog, he’s not made out of time after all) and the other is simply respect, sometimes he’ll respect a woman so much he’ll not sleep with her because ‘it wouldn’t feel right’ if he did so, such women generally prove to be so strong and badass that in his opinion they’ve well earned it. Badassery is one of the best ways to impress him.
Despite his immense skill though, Rod has ran into women he actually cannot seduce, while some women can take a while for him to woo, these ones he actually can’t convince to sleep with him no matter what he tries, despite this he will generally still try to hit on them, either just to tease them or in some hope of getting lucky. Some of the women he respects also fall under this category.
One other thing about his seduction tendencies is that Rod has little problems with the idea of seducing other people’s wives or girlfriends…but this is less due to jerkassery and more due to him simply being a huge idiot, the only reason he tries to seduce them is nothing personal, it’s all just for physical reasons, his mistake is in assuming that they’re doing it for the same reason, he also usually isn’t around to see the aftermath of these encounters, hence why he doesn’t realize how his sleeping around causes them trouble. So he’s not being malicious when he does this, it’s more because somehow he doesn’t honestly find anything wrong with doing so, this being a flaw in his personality. He also is very reluctant to help raise any of the illegitimate children he’s sired, the reason he generally gives is because it’d slow him down, but the real reason (which very, very few people know) is because he actually thinks he wouldn’t make a good Dad at all, and is actually a bit uneasy about the idea of failing to raise one right, believing it’d be better if he didn’t…this fear is one he’ll have to confront someday, whether he realizes it or not.) Now this could be more solved if he used condoms…but unfortunately enough, Rod has a large aversion to using them, plus as an alligator he can’t catch STDs so he doesn’t actually need to practice safe sex, but this aversion to them is generally why he has to deal with more child support lawsuits than anyone in history (in fact he made the Guinness book of World Records for it).
While Rod is more interested in doing ‘adult’ activities, he does have a soft spot for children (despite his unwillingness to pay for child support payments…the reason for this being a spoiler of the story itself, so I won’t explain it here for obvious reasons, save that it’s actually not as bad as one would expect from doing something like this) and is quite nice to them. He also particularly likes his nephew Gagnesh and likes to offer him advice when he can. He also tends to get really, really angry when somebody abuses or attacks kids, and even more so when someone does this to a woman (attractive or otherwise, but attacking a beautiful woman pisses him off even more than either…and KILLING a beautiful woman pisses him off even more than that), though for evil women he generally doesn’t get as angry for, despite being a horndog he knows right from wrong, and knows the difference very well.
However, even if a woman is evil Rod absolutely refuses to hit women at all, save under the very biggest, absolutely gargantuan circumstances…so that’s why he usually has Chieko deal with the female villains.
When not adventuring, fighting, screwing, or partying, he often likes to hang out with Chieko, family members (when he can, this opportunity isn’t too often), and friends. And when he isn’t doing any of that he loves to kick back and relax, sometimes performing some other activity to entertain himself (such as watch TV or a movie…or sometimes play a videogame, which he’s got some interest in but generally because of Chieko’s interest in it, and he does enjoy playing them with her) or just napping.

Powers, Skills, and Equipment: Rod, as mentioned above, is a seasoned adventurer. As such he has a set of skills that both help him perform badassery and actually succeed all the time.
While most alligators are rather strong, Rod is really, really strong, having worked out and honed his body so he has incredible strength, and endurance that reaches superhuman levels, granted he’s not strong enough to juggle buildings but he can crush cars and smash boulders with little difficulty at all. He’s also pretty fast but not at superhuman levels at all, and his leg muscles are quite strong, capable of leaping pretty far too. Rod is also a pretty fast healer, though not to Wolverine levels, it’s just that he heals from injuries a bit faster than most.
Like most alligators he has a real good, superhuman (by human standards) sense of taste and smell, he’s also got some pretty good eyesight. And like other alligators he’s got an insanely good immune system.
While alligators are generally very good swimmers Rod is exceptionally good, able to fight underwater as easily as on land (in fact in the water he’s even faster), and out of his whole family is actually the best swimmer, and can stay underwater a long time, up to fifty minutes maximum (a skill he developed from fucking mermaids…a lot of them).
For fighting skills he’s got some real good skill but is mostly self-trained through experience and actual self-training (when he was younger, he got some help from his parents), his skills are mostly based in boxing and wrestling moves, his fighting style however is a totally confusing hodgepodge that incorporates many different moves from many different fighting styles, based after what he just picks up, taught himself, and what he sees his opponents doing. As a result, it’s very hard to predict and keep up with because of how random it can be at times.
Despite being a moron, Rod is far from stupid, you wouldn’t think of it at first glance, when you witness his rather hedonistic and shallow lifestyle you’d assume he was generally a complete moron, but in truth he is actually very cunning when he really needs to be, mostly where fighting is concerned, in fights he can prove a crafty opponent due to him knowing quite a lot about fighting, and how to exploit weaknesses in his enemies, his cunning isn’t on the level of a master strategist but it’s still cunning enough to make him very dangerous in a fight, especially since his aforementioned womanizing and partying tends to make people underestimate him. Rod also knows and remembers a lot from the many adventures he’s been on, and this knowledge can prove useful in the many situations he’s wound up in over the course of his life. However, this ability of cunning is mostly limited to just adventuring, fighting, cooking, and the ability to seduce and pleasure women, he isn’t as intelligent in a lot of other matters as you may see above.
While Rod is a big of a moron where a lot of things are concerned, he is surprisingly good as a cook, these skills however were developed from his being a huge fan…of Epic Meal Time. As a result most the things he cooks involve a lot of meat, and are high in calories (that is when he isn’t ordering his food or having Chieko make him a meal), this isn’t as big of a deal for him due both to how fit he is and the fact that he does a lot of activity (such as exercise, fighting, and sex. To name some examples) and is a big eater already, so this really doesn’t harm his health that much.
Rod is highly, highly skilled in the art of seduction, as mentioned he has had sex with so many women the exact number isn’t known but it is known to be within five digit numbers. He has a level of charm and charisma that he’s honed over many years to borderline superhuman levels, he can talk pretty much any woman he’s interested in to sleep with him, sometimes it can take a while to actually do though, and sometimes he can fail, but it doesn’t deny the fact that he’s very good at seduction, he’s also learned (through some actual research but mostly through experience) how to pleasure the women he’s with very, very well, which has allowed him to develop the ‘reputation’ he has among the women he’s been with.  However his constant sleeping around can also be a hindrance to him and Chieko sometimes, in addition to a weakness as you can see above.
Unlike most other characters, Rod doesn’t really have any particular equipment, preferring to punch up enemies and engage in physical combat (and for melee weapons he prefers doing stuff like uplifting street signs, trees, or lampposts and using them as clubs, and throwing heavy objects like dumpsters and boulders for projectile weapons), but he does keep a large assortment of weapons at his house, but they all are insanely badass and manly, like miniguns, double barrel miniguns, bazookas that fire exploding drill rockets, buzzsaw launchers, chainsaw rifles, and stuff like that. And even then he only uses them when he feels he really has to, this is (as expected) due to how he very much prefers to beat the shit out of people instead of just shooting them.

Appearance: Rod is a tall, muscular, handsome, male alligator of twenty-six years of age. The build his body has being comparable to characters like
As an alligator, Rod has a snout, his being roughly about the same length as his brother’s at nine inches long, and about seven inches wide. His tail is also rather developed and strong, having the largest tail of his four siblings both in terms of size (pretty fit) and is about four feet long as well.
As mentioned, Rod’s body, while quite large, is also very developed and quite muscular, he’s perfectly fit and has some large arms and legs with great biceps and muscles, in addition to a firm butt, an excellent six-pack, and a broad chest (as he’s not only just in great physical condition, but his muscles are quite attractive to women). He’s also got a large dick (about nine inches long to be precise).
For his head, Rod is bald but thinks nothing of this, and is quite handsome, his eyes being green. Like every alligator his teeth are quite sharp, though through years of experience and practice he can be incredibly precise with them if he needs to, for similar reasons sometimes his smile can be quite charming (especially when he wants to woo a woman) or very threatening (when he’s fighting, he particularly enjoys flashing what can be a very menacing grin). His scale tone is similar to that of his own siblings, though his scales are darker than theirs and he has a more rough and rugged feel to him.
The clothes he likes to wear are a brown leather jacket, a white undershirt, a pair of black pants and sometimes some black aviator sunglasses.

Other: Rod was loosely inspired by Shred Wolf, the creation of artist ShoNuff44, a badass humanoid wolf who is very skilled at bedding women, not unlike Rod (though there are a lot of differences between the two, especially in terms of personalities).
My ideal voice actor for him is Jon St. John (the voice of Duke Nukem...and I’d want him in the Duke Nukem voice).
Death Valet: Rod Garth
And now, after a long while of writing, here's the profile for Rod Garth, Alistair's manly horndog of a brother.
After him, there'll be two extra additions to the Second Wave of character bios. One of them being Chieko Masaki (who as you may notice is mentioned repeatedly here), and a new OC named Alejandro Montoya. This being in addition to Jason Garth.
Chieko's profile will be the next one published. And I'm in the process of writing it now.
Happy Birthday Dan! by A-Fox-of-Fanfiction
Happy Birthday Dan!
This here is a fruit platter I arranged for my younger brother's birthday (this year he didn't want a cake.) Contained on it are grapes, cantaloupe, apples, oranges, pineapple and some chopped banana, with some lemon juice on a few of these fruit pieces and honey drizzled on it.
I'm quite proud of the arrangement, hence why I posted it up here.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
“Come on salmon breath, you can hold it longer than that!”
Everything was ‘relatively’ back to normal with Lucy, and she was back at her job.
Which currently involved standing atop Monica while she was performing the ‘Planking exercise’.
“C-can’t you quit the insults?”
“Can’t quit ‘em, you know a drill sergeant would be harsher than me.”
Well actually they wouldn’t be, given Lucy here is a world class killer and can, at times, be much colder than the most frigid of icebergs.
But still, she was at her current job again and happy that she had her daughters back, and Blackie was enjoying himself too…


“Oh yeah!” Blackie moaned with relief “Why the Hell didn’t I try this sooner?!”
Jiayang giggled as her talented hands rubbed and massaged Blackie’s back. She could tell he was going to be making some return visits for sure.
Blackie had been hearing from Monica and her friends about Jiayang’s massage parlor and wanted to try it out for himself.
Turned out her damned near supernatural massage skills were not exaggerated at all.
The bear was currently laying on her massage bed with a towel wrapped around his waist, and Jiayang was just about finished with his back and shoulders.
“Are you enjoying my hands Blackie?” The masseuse asked him.
“Yeah” the bear replied “Honestly, my back has never felt better.”
“Speaking of which, I am almost finished…now I’ll do your legs.”
She moved back down to the towel and removed it, but as she was about to start, her eyes caught sight of something that just took her breath away.
Jiayang had never slept with Blackie, but she had been ‘around the block’ with a few guys in the past, including Dante and Blackie’s friend Whitey. She’d also heard from several of the town’s lusty female residents many stories about the great lover Blackie Bear, and his sizable penis.
And right now, she was looking at it, and she could tell: Those women weren’t exaggerating.
It wasn’t erect but she could see with her own two eyes it was still pretty big, and she couldn’t help but imagine just what it’d feel like inside-
She shook her head to make these thoughts vanish. What was she thinking? She wasn’t supposed to fuck him, just give a massage, and besides, she had other clients that day.
Jiayang turned her gaze down to Blackie’s legs and began to rub them with her hands, acting as if everything was normal.
And things were going along like that for a few minutes, but the sensual feeling of a sexy feline’s hands (who’s been giving your back pretty much Heavenly pleasure) rubbing your legs, ass, and feet can cause some very…interesting reactions, especially in someone like Blackie.
And thus Jiayang was greatly surprised to see Blackie’s pecker gain a sizable erection.
She stopped rubbing him and gazed down at him in surprise, she was just wondering whether or not to turn her massage room into a love nest, and now Blackie was very much aroused by her handiwork (no pun intended).
Blackie himself was a bit surprised at the fact she stopped, and turned his head around to see why…and a smirk grew on his mouth as he noticed her line of sight.
In truth, Blackie never intended to get laid today but on the other hand, he’d only gotten a ‘Happy Ending’ massage once, and he had a lot of fun that day.
“You know” Blackie said, snapping Jiayang out of her staring match with his one eyed wonder weasel “If you want to give a ‘special’ massage, you can do it.”
Jiayang’s face grew red as a beet and she turned to look right into Blackie’s eyes, seeing that he was serious, but did he mean what she thought he meant? “I-I don’t get it. What kind of massage are you looking for?”
He chuckled a little “I think you know what kind. You’ve made my body feel like it was ten years younger…let’s see what you can do with the one thing you haven’t touched.”
Jiayang was still blushing, but looked down at Blackie’s dong expectantly. She could fuck him now, he outright said so, all that awaited was finally doing it.
Jiayang slowly reached a hand down to it, gently touching it, and feeling a sense of pride from the low moan she could hear coming from Blackie as she did so.
The Chinese cat began to slowly rub Blackie’s shaft, it wasn’t rock hard, but it was still pretty hard, she could feel the softness of its skin and a shiver of anticipation rose through her body as she started her new massage with her right hand.
Her left hand rose up to start fondling Blackie’s testicles, the bear groaning more with delight “Oh baby. Your hands are even better on my rocks.”
Jiayang chuckled to herself, she was quickly getting the hand of using her hands to make Blackie’s weiner feel like it’d died and gone to Heaven, her hands rubbing both his nutsack and his stick with the same incredible skill as she did his back.
After five minutes of her hand-pleasure, she quit touching on his balls, moving her right hand right down around Blackie’s dick and started an actual handjob.
The black bear moaned more now as she started out slow, and gradually increased the speed.
“Ah! Jiayang!” He moaned as the feline continued the foreplay.
She felt great, Blackie was very obviously attracted to her, and here she was, giving one of the best lovers in town a handjob.
The masseuse began to find the idea of just stroking Blackie to not be enough, she wanted to try something else instead.
Jiayang let go of Blackie’s dick and walked over to his side “And now for something even better” she said, a sultry smirk on her face and a seductive tone in her voice “A tongue massage.”
Blackie got the message immediately “Hell yeah!” He yelled out, beginning to get up so he could position himself on his back.
Jiayang marveled at Blackie’s chiseled abs for a second before turning to his dick, which was sticking up like a flagpole.
She slowly brought herself right down to his penis, opening up her mouth and carefully closing it around the tip of Blackie’s penis.
The bear moaned himself as the feline began to provide him some lip service. While cats are generally known to have rough tongues, Jiayang’s might have been no exception but she was so good she was pleasuring Blackie just as well as someone who didn’t have such a tongue.
Jiayang began to bob her head up and down as she worked the shaft with her gifted tongue, she was getting into a good rhythm and marveling at how great his dick felt and tasted, the cat was having a good day, and she was about to have a better one as soon as they were done with foreplay.
“Shit!” Blackie grunted as Jiayang began to deep throat him “I’m gonna cum!”
Jiayang was having a ton of fun, she really needed to start giving these out to more clients, she was certainly enjoying Blackie’s company.
Blackie came with a mighty volcano; his seed gushing from his penis and into Jiayang’s mouth, the cat having shortly before pulled it out a little so that while it was still in her mouth, she wouldn’t stand any risk of choking on his semen.
Despite this precaution, as the bear’s face bore a look of joy she found herself with a mouth full of semen.
Jiayang withdrew her mouth and then casually swallowed his load, it took about two gulps, but it went down easily enough.
She stood up again and looked down at the blissful bear, he was grinning up at her, very pleased with what she’d just done. “Jiayang baby…forget magic hands, you oughta advertise that magic tongue of yours, you’d get business from every man in town.”
The kitty giggled “Good advise Blackie, but could you do something for me now?”
Blackie’s grin grew wider, he had a feeling where this was going “I can do anything you want, girl.”
“Most excellent” Jiayang purred, turning around and walking away from Blackie in a manner that made her hips swing more and began to make ‘little Blackie’ begin to rise up again.
When she was several feet away, she stopped and reached her hands up to the straps of her dress.
Jiayang fiddled with it, removing the strap…and then proceeding to do the same for her dress, letting it hit the floor and expose her nude body for Blackie’s viewing pleasure.
She turned her head to the bear and flashed him a sultry smile, her back (and by extension her backside) clearly visible to the ursine “So Blackie? How do they say in those movies?”
“You love me long time?” The bear replied.
“Ah yes…well will you?”
Jiayang began to crouch down so she was on her hands and knees, Blackie could see where she was going “Doggy style huh?”
The bear got off the massage couch, his dick standing up like a streetlight, and boy was she going to enjoy the ‘light’ coming out of this ‘lamp’, anyways, he walked right over to her and laid a hand on her butt, stroking it and sending a shiver of anticipation through her body like electricity. “Ready for an internal massage?” He joked.
Jiayang purred with delight “Send it through, Blackie!”
“Alright! Here we go!” Blackie bellowed as he crouched down and slowly began to insert his dick.
Jiayang gasped as she felt him begin to thrust into her, his sex was only just starting but already she could tell he was amazing, all the women who’d told her about him and his amazingly good endowments were telling the truth, and she was in for the ride of her life.

/Meanwhile, back at Monica’s place/

Monica had her doubts about Lucy to begin with, she’d thought she was just another one of Blackie’s little flings, a piece of ass that he’d picked up over the weekend…but looking back, she realized how wrong she was.
Especially in thinking she wouldn’t be able to help her at all. Boy that was a mistake.
The bear grunted as she finally let up after forty minutes of continuous planking.
Lucy, as you might have guessed, had gotten off Monica’s back just as she fell “Sorry for your back, you may need to pay a chiropractor for services rendered pretty soon.”
“Oh good!” Monica groaned “And you had to stand on my back, why?”
Lucy grumbled a little “I was under the impression you’d plank better if you had something trying to force you down, in hindsight I probably should have just put weights on your back.”
“Yeah that’d work out much better.” The bear groaned “Still, that was an effective exercise. I should have tried it years ago.”
Monica finally picked herself off the floor and began to head off to her bathroom. “Anyways, that’s enough exercise for today. Or for now at least. I kinda promised a friend of mine I’d go to her massage parlor.”
Lucy’s eyebrow rose “Well that could certainly help with a sore back. Who’s the friend anyways?”
Yes dear readers, you can see what kind of trouble Blackie’s about to get into…or not as the situation will show, because outside the first example of a new and volatile partnership was about to reveal itself.
Or at least it did in one ocean, but in this one things happened a little differently…


“…and you listen you flea bitten honey dump” Sandra growled, her sharp teeth not fazing the frizzy haired bear at all “I told you before, fucking up Monica’s car is just what we gotta do.”
“But my family’s rich!” Hannah growled back “All we gotta do is wait for that septic truck to get here and we can cover her whole house in shit!”
“Why Blackie ever fucked you I’ll never know.”
Hannah gasped and glared back at her “You take that back!”
“I won’t, you fucking moron. Monica could leave this house at any time and then our window of opportunity is ruined. Now you get that damn chain on her damn axel so we can get this over with!”
The bear typically refused and the two continued arguing quietly, getting so absorbed in their fighting they didn’t notice Monica actually getting into her car and leave simple as that, or even see Lucy as she left to go over to Blackie’s house as her job was over.
And as the two arguing partners began to try and figure out just what they were going to do, and Lucy went home thinking everything was okay, Blackie was about to have a very poor change in his destiny…


Blackie Bear and Jiayang were still going hot and heavy on the floor, though the position had changed, currently the bear had the beautiful feline on her back and moaning as he fucked her harder and harder.
“Blackie!” She moaned, enjoying the feeling of Blackie’s meat, but a new concern appearing in her head: “What *Oh!* if someone finds us like this?”
“Nah” the bear reassured her, using his hands to spread her legs apart farther “You’re just being paranoid.”
“But I…have more appointments to attend to, what if-”
She was cut off by the sound of a door opening, and that was when one of said ‘appointments’ showed up.
Monica stood right there, with jaw slack and eyes widened as she saw Blackie drilling Jiayang’s pussy from behind.
To say the Chinese pussycat and the American bear were surprised too was an understatement, granted Monica had found out Blackie cheated on her a couple of times but they were nothing compared to the massive, MASSIVE number of times Blackie’d actually done it, and she was especially peeved at the idea of him cheating on her at present.
What was she going to do? He was banging one of her friends, and he knew she’d be pissed, and all she was doing was standing there slack-jawed. What-
Blackie looked a bit surprised and rather disturbed at Monica, instead of a look of pure rage like he expected, she was…laughing?
“I knew it!” She cackled “I knew you were cheating on me! All I needed to do was catch you in the act, you little bastard!”
“Monica, honey I’m so sorry. It’s just-”
“What? She tripped and you fell? Nice try jackass, you’re banging her and only a blind idiot could possibly think otherwise!”
“But look, do you think it’s easy resisting the urge to bang hot chicks like-”
“Oh don’t bother arguing cheater, you’ve just done me a real favor. Now I know for sure you’re a stupid cheating asshole, I’m finally free to do what I always wanted!”
Blackie could feel like…someone just punched a large hole in his stomach. Always wanted? Was Monica saying she didn’t love him? Sure he might have cheated on her, but in a town full of such hot and horny women resisting that urge was damn near impossible for someone like him. But no matter what, he still loved Monica all the same…was she seeing people behind his back too?
“Wh-what do you mean?”
“I mean that I’ll finally go to a man who actually does care about me and isn’t very keen on cheating…Dante!”
“Oh God no!” Blackie yelled in horror “Are you serious?!”
“Very. You had your chance with me and you blew it, I’m leaving you for good, moron. So goodbye, and good riddance.”
Monica turned around and began to leave “Wait!” Jiayang cried out, finally getting up from her position on the floor, standing up and facing her friend. Monica turned around.
“Yes Jiayang?”
The Chinese cat took a deep breath, this whole thing was her fault and it was up to her to try and fix it.
“Look Monica, this was my fault. I was just giving him a massage, but then I sorta removed his towel, and when I saw his dick-”
“No need to explain yourself. My only gripe is with” she pointed at Blackie, who was still overcome with shock “Him!
“Thank you for finally helping me break up with that two-timer once and for all! I’ll be seeing you later, right now I’ve got a date to make!”
And with the slam of a door, Monica Brown Bear left, and went right out of her own relationship.
Jiayang stood there with a slack jaw now, she couldn’t believe it, all she wanted was some fun, but now she brought an end to Blackie and Monica’s relationship. What had she done?!
As she stood  there horrified, she suddenly began to hear Blackie crying, pure sadness was contained in his voice.
“Monica” he sobbed “Monica…”
Jiayang turned and saw Blackie, the bear was still on his knees as he was before, but now he had his head in his hands and was sobbing uncontrollably, the woman he’d loved had finally left him, and he just…didn’t know what to do.
What happened today? How did everything turn out so terribly wrong?
A Stranger I Remained... Chapter 1
Here's a brand new project that spins off of Black and White. An AU story where Monica breaks up with Blackie Bear after she catches him sleeping around...and how his and Lucy's relationship changes in a way neither of them expected at all.
This chapter is a rewritten version of one Black and White chapter, mostly so I can show just when in the story the timelines diverge. The title is a shout out to the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST, specifically the song ‘A Stranger I Remain’ which my and my best friend both agree would be a fitting theme for Lucy.
The OCs that aren’t Lucy and her kids belong to Neroursus. Lucy Katt however, as me and him have lately realized, is more my OC in terms of characterization and development, though at first I considered her a grown up version of Lucy from Bittersweet Candy Bowl. So now she’s more like an OC of mine that’s based off of her. Hope Taeshi don’t mind this.


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